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FTBW Star Trek

The logo of the original series

The Star Trek franchise is an English television and film franchise devised by the Sorelist-controlled English Telecommunications Corporation in response to the American film Star Wars. The film Star Trek was released in 1978 starring Michael Gambon, Malcolm McDowell, Peter Cushing, Michael Caine, Jimmy Wang Yu, John Hurt, Judi Dench, and Christopher Lee. It was a box office success, with entertainment value and subtle Sorelist themes. A TV show was launched the following year with the same cast, although with Christopher Lee becoming a recurring character. It ran until 1989, when it was cancelled to make room for other shows. Three movies were in made between 1990 and 1995. In 1996, Star Trek Enterprise was launched in an effort to create a new but similar show that would influence the new generation. Rowan Atkinson, Dennis Quaid, Timothy Dalton, Margaret Thatcher, and Helena Bonham Carter. It ran into 2001, after which the franchise seemed dead for good. However, the ETC sold the rights to insert film corporation here and a new film, Star Trek, was released in 2004. It starred Christopher Eccleston, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Ken Watanabe, and Daniel Craig in a remake of the original film. It was also a success and spawned three sequels, Deep Space (2007), Star Trek Voyager (2010), and Next Frontier (2013). 

Star Trek (1978)

The original film was created in response to the American Star Wars. It depicted a future where the Sorelists won the Tri-Nation Conflict and expanded their reign into space. The Union of Sorelist Systems ruled Earth and several neighboring star systems. The other major nations of the galaxy were the Bacchans and Grecomans. 

The SSS Enterprise is a research ship that travels the galaxy cataloging new species and other important scientific discoveries while also attempting to spread the Sorelist influence of the USS. The aging Captain Pike (Christopher Lee) leads the ship on a diplomatic mission to Bacchus, the home planet of Lead Scientific Officer Spock (John Hurt). The Bacchans are facing major internal strife between Sorelist activists and the Bacchan government. Hot-headed First Mate James Achilles Kirk (Malcolm McDowell) insists that they should force the Bacchans to recognize the Sorelists and give them spots in the Bacchan government. However, Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy (Peter Cushing) insists that they must convince the government of the USS to start a war with the Bacchans. Helmsman Huang Chao (Jimmy Wang Yu) and Communications Officer Helen Burbank (Judi Dench) insist that they stick to their original orders.

However, en route to Bacchus, they are captured by pirate and scientist Khan Noonien Singh (Michael Caine), who intends to sell the crew to Grecomans and use the ship as his personal flagship. He demands that Pike be brought aboard his ship lest he annihilate them all. Pike reluctantly agrees, travelling alone to speak with Khan. However, Kirk and Spock object to his going, and he insists that they remain behind, with both being promoted to acting command positions. Once he boards Khan's ship, he realizes that they are the only life forms on board, and assumes he can overpower Khan. They engage in a fight, which Pike loses due to Khan having super strength. He mocks the captain for his foolishness and boasts about his perfect genetic base.

Khan holds Pike hostage and demands that the crew surrender the ship lest he kill Pike and then all of them. Spock insists that they surrender the ship to Khan and flee to Bacchus. However, Kirk insists that Starfleet cannot afford to lose an important ship such as the Enterprise and orders the crew to remain at their positions. Spock and Kirk engage in a fistfight which implies that Spock is not truly Bacchan, as a Bacchan does not have and does not act upon emotion. It is revealed that he is half human, which Kirk tries to take advantage of. An angered Spock has Kirk beamed down to nearby isolated planet and then has the crew evacuate the ship and gives it to Khan. However, Khan does not go through with his deal and captures the crew as well as Kirk, planning to use them as leverage against the USS.

to be continued

Star Trek: The Original Series (1979 - 1989)

Star Trek trilogy (1990 - 1995)

Star Trek Enterprise (1996 - 2001)

Reboot and subsequent films (2005 - present)

Christopher Eccleston Spock

Christian Bale Kirk

Tom Hardy Charron (French Chekov)

Benedict Cumberbatch Bones

Martin Freeman Pike

Keira Knightley Burbank

Ken Watanabe Sulu

Daniel Craig Khan

John Hurt Old Spock

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