Stanislav Abramovich Rayagev (Russian: Станислав Абрамович Раягев) (October 4, 1848 - September 14, 1917) was an Alaskan statesman, military leader and public figure in the late 19th century and early 20th century. As a general in the Alaskan-American War and Governor-General of Aleksandrgrad and later Chancellor of the Empire and Deputy Premier, he was an enormously influential leader during the early years of the Dmitrov dynasty and the Age of Anasenko. He is regarded as a national hero amongst Alaskan conservatives and as the most prominent figure in Alaska's Jewish community.

As a military commander, Rayagev was known as the "Mighty Jew" and was one of Boris Anasenko's most trusted confidants and officers within the Army of the Pacific, earning accolades and promotions due to his bravery at Burrard, Bellingham and Snohomish.

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