Stanislav Feodorovitch Mergeyev (Russian: Станислав Фёдорович Мергеев) (April 30, 1912 - October 8, 2006) was an Alaskan conservative politician, best known for serving as the Premier of Alaska from 1968 until 1973, a period in which he also served as Leader of the Conservative Party. Mergeyev, while enjoying a robust national economy during his term, in particular in Kialgory and Evgenigrad, suffered from the lingering effects of the Great Alaskan Earthquake and the economic disadvantages along the coasts, as well as increasing calls for anti-corruption legislation. Narrowly surviving the 1969 general election, Mergeyev proposed what was referred to as the "Noble Society," an ambitious array of social programs uncharacteristic of the conservative government of the day. His failures in implementing these programs, along with his widespread unpopularity amongst the various factions of the conservative coalition, resulted in him barely surviving a leadership challenge in 1972 that, while not causing an immediate rift such as in 1965, permanently weakened the First Conservative Coalition and paved the way for the liberal landslide in 1973.

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