The Staffords were a dynasty reigning in England, Britain and later New Albion. It started when Edmund / Edmond de Stafford was made the 1st Baron Stafford by the king.

Their true rise to fame, however, came in the 17th century, when after the fall of king Henry VI they fought the first English Civil War during the years 1633-47. The war also was called "War of the 'fords", because their main opponents were the Cliffords under William of Clifford. At the end, Humphrey I became the new king.

Stafford kings

List of Stafford kings of England (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Humphrey I 1647-82
Humphrey II 1682-93
Humphrey III 1693/94 conquered and annexed Scotland
Stafford kings of Britain
Humphrey III 1694-1766
Humphrey IV 1766/67
Humphrey V 1767-1825 Dragged the country into the French Republican Wars
Philip 1825-38 Toppled and killed in the Second English Civil War
Declaration of the republic

For further development see: List of Kings and Queens of New Albion

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