Most stadiums, arenas, and other sports facilities in the Northern Hemisphere were lost due to Doomsday, either directly in the nuclear attacks or in the chaotic aftermath. Some facilities, however, survived because they were located in regions far from targeted areas, and where organized societies survived.




Alpine Confederation

  • Letzigrund - Zürich, Zürich canton - Central venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics
  • Hardturm - Zürich, Zürich canton

Celtic Alliance


  • Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough - Middlesbrough FC
  • Feethams, Darlington - Darlington FC
  • Victoria Park, Hartlepool - Hartlepool FC
  • Norton Park, Norton-on-Tees - Norton and Stockton Ancients
  • King George V Ground, Guisborough - Guisborough Town FC
  • Paradise ground, Nunthorpe - used by Ironopolis FC

Nordic Union


Olympiastadion, Berlin


North America

Most of the surviving pre-Doomsday stadiums and arenas in North America were in colleges and universities.

Blue Ridge

More to come


Cougar Stadium - Provo - Football

Marriott Center - Provo - Basketball

East Tennessee

Neyland Stadium - Knoxville - Football

Stokely Center - Knoxville - Basketball


More to come


Commonwealth Stadium - Lexington - Football

Memorial Coliseum - Lexington - Basketball

Rupp Arena - Lexington - Basketball

Sportscenter - Owensboro - Basketball

Ellis Park - Henderson - Horse Racing


Memorial Stadium - Lincoln - Football


More to come

Municipal States of the Pacific

More to come

North American Union

Taylor Field - Saskatoon - Football

Saskatoon Arena - Saskatoon - Ice Hockey

Moby Arena - Fort Collins - Basketball

Hughes Stadium - Fort Collins - Football

Dornblaser Field - Missoula - Football

Dahlberg Arena - Missoula - Basketball

Broncos Stadium - Billings - Football

Cobb Field - Billings - Baseball

MetraPark Arena - Billings - Ice Hockey

Piedmont Republic

Greenville Municipal Stadium - Baseball. Finished in the fall of 1983, this field could not "go to waste"! After establishing a government, the first order of business was to begin building the area sports programs up. Some of the players of the Atlanta Braves farm team, in fact, had already moved into town in anticipation for the spring season in 1984. By 1986, the Greenville Braves were the first professional team in the new Piedmont Baseball Association.

Memorial Stadium - Clemson - Football

Littlejohn Coliseum - Clemson - Basketball

State College

More to come


Lambeau Field - Green Bay - Football

Robert E. Stowe Stadium - Stowe - Football

Texas (incl. West Texas, eastern Texas, South Texas, Rio Grande Valley)

West Texas Stadium - Odessa - Football, Soccer, Track

Midland Stadium - Midland - Football, Soccer (opened 2002)

Capital Park - Midland - Baseball (opened 2006)

Kyle Field - College Station - Football, Soccer, Track

G. Rollie White Coliseum - College Station - Basketball

Pan American University Fieldhouse - Edinburg - Basketball

Harlingen Field - Harlingen - Baseball

Homer Bryce Stadium - Nacogdoches - Football

William R. Johnson Coliseum - Nacogdoches - Basketball


Memorial Field - Dartmouth - Football/Track and Field/Soccer

Snively Arena - Manchester - Ice Hockey, Basketball

Virginian Republic

new Americana Games stadium - New Richmond - Athletics, Soccer, Football


Camp Randall Stadium - Madison - Football

Dane County Coliseum - Madison - Ice Hockey, Basketball

South America

As the one continent least affected by Doomsday, the entire sports infrastructure went virtually unscathed.


Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

York Park, Launceston

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