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Stacy Silverman

Stacy Silverman 1
Portrait of Stacy Silverman

Prime Minister of England
May 2015-present

Predecessor: Tony Miller
Successor: Incumbent

Prime Minister of England
February 15, 2006 - January 15, 2008

Predecessor: Richard Palmer
Successor: Felix Trevelyan

Energy Secretary

Predecessor: TBD
Successor: TBD

Education Secretary

Predecessor: TBD
Successor: TBD

International Development Secretary

Successor: TBD
Born: December 5, 1961
Spouse: Joshua Hamilton-Dawlish
Political Party: National Party
Profession: Economist, Politician

Stacy Eloise Silverman (born December 5, 1961) is an English politician and current Prime Minister of England. When she became Prime Minister in 2006 she was the youngest Prime Minister since 1884 (a record since surpassed by Tony Miller).

She graduated from the Birmingham School of Economics in 1986, working initially for the investment bank Winton Chequers. In 1989 she began working at the Institute for Market Reform, a think-tank closely associated with Megan Taylor. She became closely associated with the group, becoming the institute's director in 1994. She was elected to Parliament in 1996 as the National Party MP for Billericay, and entered cabinet in 2001.

She served in several cabinet positions under Richard Palmer, including International Development Secretary (2001-2002), Education Secretary (2002-2005) and Energy Secretary (2005-2006). She challenged Palmer for the leadership of the National Party in February 2006, defeating him. As Prime Minister she shifted government policy back towards the right, and was widely regarded as the ideological heir to Megan Taylor.

Early Life

Stacy Silverman was born on December 5, 1961 in Chelmsford, Essex. She attended Chelmsford Grammar School for Girls from 1978 to 1983. She then studied Economic Theory and Practice at the Birmingham School of Economics, graduating in 1986.

Political Career

Silverman was selected for the safe National Party seat of Billericay in June 1995, however she was unable to spend much time actively campaigning due to her role as director of the Institute for Market Reform. She was easily elected, but with a substantially reduced majority.

Member of Parliament 1996-2001

Cabinet 2001-2006

Following the sucession of Richard Palmer to the premiership Silverman entered cabinet as International Development Secretary.

National Party Leadership Election



Foreign Affairs

Post Premiership

Personal Life

Silverman first married Alexander Kane on July 3rd 1988.

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