St. Pierre and Miquelon

Language: French

Currency: Franc


The tiny islands of St. Pierre, Miquelon, and Little Miquelon, located off the southern coast of Newfoundland, are the last remnants of the French colonial empire in North America. Essentially a small settlement of French-speaking subsistence fishermen, the islands are an after thought in the international politics of North America.


St. Pierre and Miquelon is ruled by a commissioner appointed by the French republican government, based on the principal island of St. Pierre.


The islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon are inhabited by the descendents of the French fisherman who first settled there in the early days of French colonisation in North America.


The economy of St. Pierre and Miquelon is based entirely on cod fishing. Excess cod is exported to France, and imported manufactured goods are entirely French in origin. Gardening fleshes out the colony's diet, dominated by various manifestation of salted cod.


France maintains no military presence in St. Pierre and Miquelon. Law and order is maintained by a small force of colonial gendarmes based at the commissioner's headquarters in St. Pierre. Their visits to the other settlements, as well as those of the commissioner and his aides, are entirely by boat.

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