Saint Iakonos
Patron Saint of the Gepid Republic
St-Iakonos of Dacia

St-Iakonos of Gepid

Greek depiction of St-Iakonos
Archbishop of Buteridava
Time in office 572-581
Predecessor Title created
Successor Aldaric Gunic
Bishop of Buteirdava
time in office 566-572
Predecessor Title created
Successor turned into archbishop of Buteridava
Missionary in Byzantine Dacia
Active time 542-581
Beatification 585
Canonization 602
Feast October 17
Birth Name Iakonos Nogopolos
House Nogopolos
Born 518
Adrianople, Byzantine Thrace, Byzantine Empire
Died 581 (aged 63)
Buteridava, Byzantine Dacia, Byzantine Empire
Religion Christianism
Occupation Priesthood
Saint Iakonos (born Iakonos Nogopolos), known as Saint Iakonos of Dacia in Greece and Saint Iakonos of Gepid in Gepid, is a Greek saint of the Christianism and Patron Saint of the Gepid Republic, famous for his role in the conversion of the Gepids during their time under the Byzantine Empire.

St-Iakonos frequent dispute with the Byzantine Basileus (Emperor) would make him popular among the Gepid, and his patience and kindness would help him to convert the Gepid to the Christ's Faith. For his efforts in Dacia, he would subsequently be named by the pope bishop, then archbishop of Buteridava. Stories said that he died during a Mass as Jesus appeared from Heaven in front of his eyes to take Iakonos with him.

In 602, in hope of avoiding a Gepid rebellion, the Byzantine Basileus influenced the actual Pope to canonize Iakonos as St-Iakonos. Although it was well received in Dacia, it didn't stop the rebellion, which ended with Gepid independence and the foundation of the Gepid Republic.

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