Welcome to Spread of Communism Revised. The first game kinda died because all the mods left, so, the new game!

The year is 1955. The US and USSR are at each other's throats. Meanwhile, countries across the globe are taking sides - to join the Warsaw Pact or NATO?

Let the Cold War begin.

We will start on the 10th of July (2012).

The Game has begun!


1. Implausibility is obviously outlawed. You get three strikes, on the third a vote is held to kick you off and then on every subsequent offense.

2. Mods word is law, unless proven wrong.

3. Only mods may play as the US or USSR, and only approved players (they do not have to be mods) can play as China, the UK, or France.

4. In a game like this nukes are a real quandary, as the whole game is about nukes, so just try to not use them.

5. No playing as colonies.

6. Turns in half years.

7. Mod events can and will occur.

8. NPC countries will be controlled by mods if the need arises.

9. Mods negotiate treaties.

10. Only one nation per player.

11. New turn will start at 0:00 PST everyday.

12. Names can only change under government change or Unification of the area (i e, Finland calls itself Scandinavia after conquering the whole region).

13. Flags change only under Rule 12.

14. Mods can strike out Implausibility but the player accused can defend his point and if he is proved right, then it doesn't count as a strike.

15. Three Strikes also counts for breaking of any of these rules.

16. Any nation on one side (Ex: UK in NATO) cannot switch to the other unless the government is replaced. However, neutral nations can join any side they want as long as it is plausible and good reason is given.

17. In the event that a player of the UK, US, USSR, France, or China leaves the mods will elect a new player for that position (he can refuse, though.)

18. There will be a nation power and Warfare algorithm. For Nation power we will use the States of America 5 algorithm (you do not need a nation page). The mods will invent a warfare algorithm.

19. Only a mod's interpretation of the algorithms will count.

20. Any nuclear programs done by a non-nuclear program must be developed by the aid of nuclear nations. With the exception of first-world nations, they cannot develop nukes and can only possess them if a nuclear power gives them that.

21. No assassinations or spy networks as no one has capable knowledge of the consequences.




The Algorithm

Nation Power

  • Urbanization (in past twp years): +150 (Loads) +100 (Some) +50 (Little) +0 (None)
  • Resources (in your country): +150 (Lots) +75 (Some) 0 (Almost None)
  • Technology: +500 (Best) +375 (Good) +250 (Decent) +125 (Lacking) 0 (Almost None)
  • Alliances (Number <#x5> of Allies): +#x5
  • Infrastructure: +100 (Great) +75 (Good) +50 (Fair) +25 (Poor) 0 (Non-existent)
  • Military Tech/ Tactics: +100 (Great) +75 (Good) +50 (Fair) +25 (Poor) +5 (Practically non-existent)
  • Population: (Number <#x5> of zeros in population) +#x5


Global Union of Democracies

North America

South America

  • Flag of Brazil Brazil-AP (talk) 00:40, July 8, 2012 (UTC)


  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom- Guns (talk) 04:59, July 7, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of France France- RandomWriterGuy (talk) 05:07, July 7, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark-
  • Flag of Norway Norway-
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland-
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands-
  • Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg-
  • Flag of Belgium (civil) Belgium-
  • Flag of the Republic of Italy Italy - Sasafred12 (talk) 22:41, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden-
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland-
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary- Stewdio333 (talk) 09:56, July 22, 2012 (UTC)


Warsaw Pact/ Union of the Hammer and Sickle


  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics-AP (talk) 22:08, August 2, 2012 (UTC) (until we find another player, if you are interested contact me)
  • Poland.flag Poland-warman
  • Flag of the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia-Vommack (talk) 16:24, July 21, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Romania-Rdv65 (talk) 20:36, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967) Bulgaria- Mapmaker023 (talk) 15:18, May 24, 2014 (UTC)
  • 30px Albania-




  • Flag of Mexico Mexico- Ianian58 (talk) 23:34, July 7, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba-
  • Flag of the Bahamas Bahamas-
  • Flag of Panama Panama
  • Flag of Haiti Haiti
  • Flag of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic-
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina-



  • Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) Ethiopia-
  • Flag of Tunisia Tunisia-
  • Flag of Libya Libya-
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan-

Add the other nations, please?


Must have at least 500 edits.

Must have a good record on Map Games.

Must have been here for at least one month.

Bolded means approved:

1. Guns (talk)

2. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 05:01, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

3. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 05:08, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

4. AP (talk) 06:00, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

5. Stewdio333 (talk) 10:51, August 6, 2012 (UTC) (If you don't want me to be a mod, just remove my name from this list, no hard feelings.)

Map makers

1. "Truth fears no questions..." 22:01, July 21, 2012 (UTC)




BTW When will map be updated? --RandomWriterGuy (talk) 20:37, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

First off. Now :P. Second, if there are any player nations I didn't add, let me know and I'll get to it immediately. --"Truth fears no questions..." 22:14, July 21, 2012 (UTC)





Two turns per year.

Surprised no mod events. I'll make some.

  1. Jose Guizado becomes president of Panama.
  2. The USA begins researching ICBMs.
  3. The USA begins supporting Taiwan against China.
  4. Chinese Communists seize the Yijiangshan Islands from the Republic of China (aka Taiwan).
  5. The Baghdad Pact between Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and the UK is signed.
  6. The Richard Riot sprouts in Montreal.
  7. EOKA revolts against British rule in Cyprus.
  8. Winston Churchill resigns as UK Prime Minister.
  9. The Middle Eastern Treaty Organization is established.
  10. Asia-African Conference held in Indonesia.
  11. The Warsaw Pact is established.
  12. West Germany and Austria once again become sovereign nations.
  • UK: Withdraws the last troops from Korea. In a surprising turn of events Labour wins the election, which were called early. The newly Queened Elizabeth II makes a public speech about the new age of the world, in which technology shall make a larger difference than manpower. Independence movements in Africa are quelled.
    • Woah woah woah. That cannot be done in just one short moment.
    • French Diplomacy: It persuades Britain to led Egypt also share the control of the Suez Canal in order to gain the government's support.
  • South Korea (SK): Continues its fortification of the DMZ. A massive drive for recruitment occurs to make up for the removal of UN forces. A request is sent to the USA asking for a loan to aid reconstruction/industrialisation and to keep some US troops permanently stationed in case of further hostilities from the north.
    • The United States agrees to South Korea's requests. And South Korea is invited to the GUD.
    • French Diplomacy (secret): It begins aiding South Korea in case of war.
  • Egypt: Begins plans for the nationalization and acquisition of the Suez Canal, after it was discovered that British and French interests are going to supporting Israel. Military forces are being built up and being moved to positions near the Canal Zone.
    • Romanian diplomacy: We support Egypt's move. An alliance is proposed with a trade pact.
    • UK Dip: Warns Egypt that any such plan would be met with full UK military force.
    • I crossed it out for a reason. Implausibility. Egypt would never know anything about supporters of Israel yet.
    • Who cares about that? I just don't want them acquiring and nationalizing the canal!
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The Soviet Union offers Egypt aid in the acquisition of the Suez Canal.
    • French Diplomacy: It persuades the government that they are pressuring Britain to let Egypt share the power with them so it wouldn't start another war.
  • Ethiopia: The Emperor orders the construction of a new railway system following his grandfather's refusal to build one following European escapades in the region. He plans to modernize the country, and does so by requesting new agricultural techniques be introduced into the farmlands of Ethiopia. Also, he funds the construction of a modern navy.
    • French Diplomacy: It asks for an alliance and trade agreements.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: Ethiopia is offered an alliance and trade agreements by the USSR and its allies.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: Ethiopia agrees.
  • Greece: Decides to outlaw the Communist Party to prevent another civil war. Communists are arrested and thrown into prison. Parliament also begins working on several anti-Communist laws.
    • The United States keeps some troops in Greece, to prevent another civil war, but they will be moved in 1957.
  • Indonesia: A coup d'etat removes Sukarno from power and an interim military junta is placed into power until the nation is stabilized, the military begins cracking down on dissent and resistance to the new regime. Plans are put forward to modernize the Indonesian economy to pull it out of the massive debt collected from the independence war and from Sukarno's government. roads and train lines are put into construction and western goods are allowed in the country again, a member of the junta approaches NATO to improve relations between the west and Indonesia.
    • French Diplomacy: It asks it for an alliance and trade agreements.
  • Romania: The military budget is slightly increase and research to develop a more modern tank begun, an anti-capitalist propaganda is created and the Romanian are encourage to join the military force, the navy begun the construction of three small warship. The colonial repression is denounced and we would be happy to welcome the Greek Communists. The Soviet Union is asked if it could sell us some equipment.
    • They're being jailed/executed/put to community service. Like Greece would send them up to ya.
    • It was worth the try ;)
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The Soviet Union agrees to sell equipment to its comrades in Romania.
  • The United States invites Greece and Indonesia to join the Global Union of Democracy, which will have all the NATO members in it. (Problem: Y'all can't join NATO, cause the A stands for Atlantic and neither of ya borders the Atlantic so I had to create the GUD.)
    • Greece joined NATO in 1952.
    • Indonesian Diplomacy: the government will accept an alliance with the usa and any other capitalist nations but it will think about joining the GUD. (BTW, Greece is a member of NATO in OTL. So are Turkey, Croatia and Italy none of which is connected to the Atlantic but yeah, it's only for western nations I think. just heads up)
    • OK, then. I'm still defunctioning NATO and forming the GUD.
  • Saudi Arabia: The Saudi King makes an statement that Saudi Arabia will remain neutral in the Cold War. Meanwhile, construction on an rail system across the country to help transport goods easier and not worry about trucks running out gas in the middle of the desert. The Saudi King asks for ANY country to help modernize its military.
    • South Korean Diplomacy: We have recently had a war and have several thousand servicemen though unfit for front line combat can train your troops. Will this be sufficient? In return we will to have favoured nation status when trading with you.
    • Saudi Arabian Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia thanks South Korea and agrees to South Korea's request for favoured nation status.
    • The United States agrees to aid Arabia if Arabia gives equal rights to everyone and outlaws the Communists and joins the GUD.
      • Saudi Diplomacy: We agree to outlaw Communism, but can we join as an observer of the GUD.
        • Erm -- Saudi Arabia doesn't have equal rights now. It's a bit implausible for them to get them now without a change in government. I thought you mods were meant to be checking for implausibility?
        • Fixed my response.
        • Doesn't really matter. Look up the Blood telegram. The US didn't give a rats assets about civil rights, as long as they were anti-Communist.
        • I mean men and women, not whites and coloreds. I'm USA, we're Republican right about now, so we don't give a crap about whites and colored sharing rights, that'll happen when the Dems come in.
      • The United States agrees to let Saudi be an observer.
    • Indonesian Diplomacy: The Indonesian government offers to help Saudi Arabia as a fellow Islamic nation despite the difference in culture in the two nations and despite Indonesian secularism. it also offers that a strong trading deal be made between them.
      • Saudi Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia agrees to Indonesia's offer.
    • French Diplomacy: It thanks Saudi Arabia for taking an anti-Communist stance. It secretly asks it to send oil to ONLY anti-Communist and neutral states.
  • Israel: The nation amps up its military in a new large scale modernization programme, and more houses are built for Jewish immigrants to try to get them out of the Ma'abarot camps. Food production is stepped up in an effort to stop the rationing and imports increase too. Entrepreneurship is encouraged in the country to reduce unemployment, and Israel also start secret talks with the UK and France to stop Egypt if they make a move to take over the Suez.
    • French Diplomacy: France suggests that in order to gain Egypt's support, it persuades Britain and Egypt share the canal together. Hopefully, this means no war.
  • Brazil: Brazil improves its already powerful military and navy, adding to our edge as the leading power in South America. Infrastructure improves and the economy does exceedingly well at this point. Brazil's Congress and the President are currently discussing the possibility of a Brazilian nuclear program for both energy and (secretly) weapons. Brazil is also considering joining NATO.
    • The United States offers Brazil an alliance and limited aid in its nuke program is it joins the GUD, NATO successor.
    • Brazil: accepts all terms.
    • French Diplomacy: It asks it for an alliance and trade agreements.
  • Mexico: Mexico enters the Mexican Miracle Period (OTL) as it now has modern roads and a booming economy, with three percent growth annually. It focuses on peacekeeping.
    • America will help Mexico turn into a developed nation if it joins the GUD.
    • Mexico: Mexico will stay on its non-aligned side for the time being.
    • French Diplomacy: It asks the country for an alliance and trade agreements.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The USSR respects Mexico's neutrality, considering its close proximity to the United States, and, if it wishes to remain neutral, at least it could have a trade agreement?
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Mexico is a nation of free trade. Any corporation wishing to trade with Mexico is allowed to by the law of liberal trading. It accepts to allow USSR commerce through Mexico. (Due to the USSR having tight trade laws I believe.) Meaning every nation can trade with Mexico. It thanks the USSR for understanding their neutrality policy.
  • West Germany: West Germany continues strong economic growth, combined with increased support of the West German state after West Germany's victory against Hungary in the 1954 World Cup, showed that non-Communists were supportive of the Bundesrepublik. Government officials consider the restarting of the military, instead under the name Bundeswehr, to defend the country against possible attacks from East Germany and the Warsaw states. However, West Germany wants to align with NATO, with the permission of the other 14 members of NATO. In return, we wish to return to developing arms, but we are willing to make a deal, that a lion's share of arms will be sent to the Allies (including former enemies, the U.K., France and the United States).
    • French Diplomacy: Your wish.
    • German Response: Although there may be a miscommunication, or mix up in translation, we aren't sure if that meant, "Okay, West Germany can join." ("Your wish."), or if it means, "No. We can't trust you after what happened in World War II." ("You wish.")
    • West Germany was already part of NATO after it was formed, although that NATO has become GUD (Global Union of Democracy) to fit in global members.
  • France begins to experience colonial problems in Algeria, as a rebellion has popped up aiming for independence. Realizing that they have the USSR in their hands, they would rather negotiate with the rebels than fight them. France asks that Algeria can be a dominion of the country if they cease to stop fighting. But due to complaints from French settlers, a separate area for them would be established. It begins to redevelop the economy from the ashes of WWII by developing strong industries (steel, textiles, weapons, military hardware, vehicles, etc.) to gain support from their colonial subjects, they begin to promote certain rights and semi-self rule. France begins exploitation of the colonies in order to feed the economy, but allows a fair portion of the resources to be used by the colonials. With the Korean War over, it secretly begins to aid South Korea to prepare against another invasion. It secretly begins a nuke program of their own, asking the United States for assistance.
    • US agrees to aid France in a nuke program and says that France should allow Algeria to slide before this elevates into real violence.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: Brazil agrees to the alliance and trade agreements (but we are both part of GUD, aren't we?) Brazil also proposes a joint nuclear weapons/energy program. It already started in Brazil and if we both work together it'll finish much earlier in both of our countries.
    • French Diplomacy: OK.
    • South Korean Diplomacy: Thank you for the assistance. We would also like to join this energy program. It should annoy NK.
  • USSR begins to manufacture more weapons (including those of the nuclear persuasion) and ships them to it's allies. Any nations that wish for support or allies are extended an formal alliance and trade agreement proposal. The Soviet Union creates the Union of the Hammer and the Sickle (the UHR), a national Communist organization, partially to rival the GUD, and partially to promote Communist values in weakened or developing countries. Pro-Communism propaganda is being shipped to several countries, mainly in South America and Africa.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: Join the UHR (all the Warsaw pact should not have joined him at its creation?)
  • Italy: Italy sends more troops to their colonies in Africa. Italy also puts more forts in the Alps. Italy manufactures more weapons to supply the soldiers. An alliance offer is sent to Greece and Switzerland.
    • Switzerland: staunchly refuses, maintaining its neutrality.
    • Greece: accepts.
  • Vietnam: Elections are held this year, when the Emperor closes the parliament for elections. Ho Chi Minh and his Socialist Democratic Party stand up for the election, and they easily win it with overwhelming majority. They continue the slightly Socialist policies, and revise and make a new and better suited constitution for Vietnam. Tanks have also successfully been manufactured and the army begins receiving them in small number. More rice paddies are established, but the first major industries begin construction in Saigon and Hanoi. These begin to employ thousands of unemployed people, and international aid is sought for Vietnamese industrialization.


In Europe, an Austrian plane heading to Israel is shot over Bulgaria but Austria declares neutrality in the Cold War., while anti-French riots occur in Morocco and Algeria. This is not all as uprisings begin in the British Empire.

Hurricane Diane strikes the northeastern US while Hurricane Hilda strikes Mexico. As well as this, US President Eisenhower suffers coronary thrombosis while in Denver, Colorado. In Montgomery, USA, Martin Luther declares boycott of bus rides for blacks.

Argentinian president Juan Peron is deposed by a military coup.

Ngo Dinh Diem declares himself president of the Vietnamese Republic and establishes the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. The Vietnam War begins when the North Vietnamese Viet Cong declares war on the Republic of Vietnam.

Read the Vietnamese posts from the other game before making mod events like this. There is no Viet Cong and Ho Chi Minh is right now President of a democratic and united Vietnam.

But even then, Communism would still exist because of the poor condition of the country and maybe some inexperience governmental officials (which lead to corruption).

I do have a plan for that, just keep looking out for my posts.

Britain, France, and Israel and Egypt go on a crash-course when they begin quarreling over the Suez Canal.

Sukarno's loyalists declare a rebellion in the eastern part of Indonesia.

Greek Communists declare a government-in-exile in Romania. They ask the government to train them so they can retake their country in a war.

  • ​France: France sends its condolences for the people who died in the riots. It promises self-rule for Morocco to appease the people living there. The economy begins expansion, as it undergoes its own Industrial Revolution. They begin to raise the standard of living in its African colonies to ensure people's support. They persuade Egypt and Britain to share the canal together in order to prevent a catastrophe. They send aid to Greece to hopefully rid the Communist government. They pressure the United States to end racial inequality. It supports Indonesia against Sukarno.
  • UK: Quells uprisings using massive economic stimuli to satisfy the population. Meanwhile, threatens to use military force in Egypt if it continues with nationalization. Sends aid to the US and Mexico after the Hurricanes. Urges France to let go of Algeria, Morocco, etc. Sends aid to the Greek government to aid them fighting off the Communists. Declares support against Sukarno. Urges USA to give in to MLK's demands.
    • French Response: Please how about you and Egypt share control over the canal? A war will not give us a good look in the Middle East.
  • Saudi Arabia: Due to the high level of tension in the region, the King of Saudi Arabia asks to join the GUD completely. Meanwhile, the rail system from Mecca to Riyadh is completed, and begins to connect the seaports on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Drilling for oil in the Arabian desert continues, and searching for new deposits in the area begins. The military begins to modernize with the foreign instructors, but continues to lag behind the European or North American nation. Construction on the country's first naval warship begins, even though its only an cruiser.
    • First off, America already said that unless civil rights, etc are enforced you're not joining (the hypocrites:, note the sections on the blood telegram, not to mention that MLK is currently still protesting, but hey, America can do that!) and you're not changing anything until a change of government occurs, so you can't become a full member (yet).
    • So I'm stuck at observer for now. Right.
    • That was a messy sentence =D
    • I did not say civil rights, I said equal rights, men and women - not whites and coloreds. Besides, the Republicans ain't gonna do nothing about the protestors.
    • What? That was 1920s. Basically, the call for equal rights says that, though there are separate documents saying that women can vote, etc, even though they can do everything men can, there is no document stating that they are equal. There are no cries for equal rights, but rather civil rights.
    • Wait. So I could join the GUD the next turn, if I stop let's say: Mistreatment of Women, but not allowing them to vote, as that is how I believe it is in modern Saudi Arabia.
  • Brazil: Intercepts any and all Communist propaganda and destroys it to ensure the Soviets don't influence the developing nations of South America. To counter the propaganda, Brazil sends pro-Capitalism and anti-Communist propaganda to show the horrors of Communism (gulags, etc) to prove to the other nations that Communism is not the way to go. Brazil also uses its good relations with the other South American nations to block Soviet influence. The nuclear program with France continues steady and is expected to finish earlier than scheduled because the French jumped on board last turn and the American aid in the weapons/energy program (I need a finish date here). Brazil sends portions of its professional army to Vietnam and Greece to fight the Communists there. Brazil announces its intentions to be the leading GUD member of South America (since our economy, military,etc is better than the other countries, we'll take a leading role).
  • West Germany: As our eastern enemies officially join the Warsaw Pact, we re-arm, hopefully with permission of the GUD (I believe they've replaced the NATO). We order much equipment for the development of the Bundeswehr, along with plans to start developing weaponry after the military is restarted. We will buy infantry weapons (assault rifles, handguns) from the Allies for now.
    • Heer: For the Army, we wish to buy 800 Panhard EBR armoured cars from the French Army, along with 350 AMX-13 light tanks. along with 300 M48 Patton medium tanks from the US Army, and 150 Centurion tanks from the British Army.
    • Marine: For the Navy, we wish to buy three Salisbury-class frigates from the British Royal Navy, 1 Leopard-class frigate and 25 Amphion-class submarines. (All were cancelled OTL, but maybe being bought might bring them into existence.) There are preliminary plans for warships to possibly be built on the Schleswig-Holstein coastline, to guard both West Germany (and Denmark and the rest of Europe) from potential East German attacks.
    • Luftwaffe: For the Air Force, there is an order for 80 Saab 32 Lansen fighters from Sweden and 100 Supermarine Swift fighters from the United Kingdom.
    • Alongside these deals, we wish to sign a Permanent Alliance Pact with the U.K., France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, in case the GUD breaks down.
      • UK Diplomacy: Agrees.
      • US Diplomacy: Agrees as well.
      • Well, technically you weren't asked ... unless you're talking about the GUD thing ... but even then the UK agreed, and they are a senior member so ...
      • We're agreeing to sell you our stuff.
      • French Diplomacy: OK.
  • South Korea: Continues reconstruction of cities. New designs are used due to better defensive layouts in case of more city battles. New companies are formed with government funding in order to bring in money. The companies begin to design cheap household objects that can be sold abroad and undercut the prices of other corporations. Also South Korea applies for a place in the GUD.
    • The United States welcomes the South Koreans into the GUD.
  • Romania: Send supplies to support North Vietnam, we also recognise the Communist government in the northwest and begin to send them weapons and form their troops in case of a capitalist aggression (the troop formation is secret). The natives of the colonies are called to revolt as the capitalist take their resources without sharing anything, a small quantities of weapon is send in secret to some African colony to prepare a revolt. Egypt is invited to become a Warsaw Pact ally for further protection. Romania offer its moral support to the Sukarno uprising.
    • There is no North Vietnam, read my caption under the mod post.
    • OK.
  • Greece: Sends troops to retake the Communist parts of the country. Parliament passes the Anti-Communist Initiative (AΠ) to ensure by all means Greece remains a free capitalist nation. It asks all GUD members to spare some troops in order to end this uprising quickly.
    • South Korea: Our country knows how it is to be threatened by the Communists. Because of this we offer you a division of our finest troops.
  • USSR: The USSR sends soldiers and supplies to Communist Greece, North Vietnam, and supporters of the Sukarno uprising. The USSR also offers support to Communist China to take back Taiwan and to North Korea for future use. All members of the Warsaw Pact are offered admittance into the UHR. Diplomats are sent to French territories in Africa to stir up uneasiness and rebellious feelings. A new propaganda campaign is shipped out, this time featuring a small orphan who is starving, symbolising the obvious flaws of Capitalism.
    • Greece part has been overturned, and America has got Sukarno on their side, trade agreement.
    • So who is the one I should be supporting here? Sukarno or the people he's rebelling against?
    • Neither.
    • Crap.
    • WTH?? This is getting a little ridiculous. Make up your mind so I can post without half of it getting crossed out!
  • Mexico: The 1956 elections are called to be more challenging for the PRI. Communist, Fascist, Liberal, Conservatives and Independents, challenging the socialist rule of the PRI. Though, many predict it to be another PRI victory as it has been for the last decade. It thanks British Aid for the hurricane, and helps any victims.
  • The United States begins cleanup in the North. President Eisenhower ignores protests for equal rights. Meanwhile he starts to recuperate from his illness. Many do not see the likelihood of a Republican victory in 1956. Meanwhile, another propaganda campaign is sent out, and it shows a group of toddlers playing in a field when Communist (cough Soviet cough) soldiers march past, killing them. Troops are sent to fight in Vietnam on the Republic of Vietnam's side.
    • Romania D: denounces the American imperialism and send some agents to the United States disguised as refugees to promote Communism to the black and in the poorest quarter of the southern United States.
    • That's not happening. A) What refugees?, B) The US propaganda has ensured that. That's just going to get your agents lynched, and C) Denounce American imperialism? Before sending in agents? So C) The above is BS and isn't happening.
    • A) Refugee from the Communist oppression, B) they were undercover C) I was not planning a full revolution, just cause some minor trouble. I was really not sure about that and did I must only understand that I can`t cause minor Communist agitation in the United States? just a question, no offence against you.
    • First of all, that was not me. I am America, I don't know who's arguing with you, Romania. A: Refugees would not come all the way to America, they would go to the nearest GUD nation or a neutral nation. So they would end up in Switzerland, Austria or West Germany. Also B: McCarthyism is widespread, any pro-commies would be lynched indeed, and C: What imperialism? My whole post was about repairing my internal matters: talking about the elections, the prez, and the hurricane cleanup.
    • Just wondering, Scraw, what's the initial message behind the propaganda?
    • To show that commies, Soviets specifically, have no mercy.
    • <Strokes imaginary beard> very interesting...
    • I think it was the UK, I think someone could had go to West Germany and then fly to the USA but the McCarthyism point is very convincing, the imperialist part was strange I admit it. forget the post, I saw the light there but don't forget that the American Communist Party still exists in the 21st century. Even in the America, it is not completely dead.
  • Israel: The nation amps up its military as the modernization programme continues, and more houses continue to be built for Jewish immigrants to try to get them out of the Ma'abarot camps. Food production is stepped up in an effort to stop the rationing and imports increase too. Unemployment begins to fall as more people are employed in the construction industry, food industry, military forces, and manufacturing as more factories are built in the country. Skirmishes continue near the Gaza strip as Palestinian Fedayeen attack Israel from the Egyptian occupied Gaza strip. Israel ask to join the GUD (Global Union of Democracy) mostly to help protect Israel from further aggression by the Arabs, and to give the GUD a base of operations in the middle east.
  • Ethiopia: Retraining of the military forces, chiefly the army and the air force, is complete. Equipping the military with modern equipment begins at once, and the construction for four new destroyers at Massawa is underway. The railroad network is extended to include the cities of Jijija and Aksum. The modernization of the cities is quick, as the influx of citizens into the urban centres provides the government with plenty of manpower to push ahead with the construction projects throughout the country.
  • Indonesia: the military junta declares a state of emergency and the army begins cracking down on pro-Sukarno rebels along with forcing them out of the cities, rebels are rounded up and entire groups are executed without mercy be them Sukarno supporters or Communist agitators. (By the way, Sukarno was an anti-western figure and also anti-socialist. The USA wanted him out of power and so did the USSR). The government continues pushing forward the industrialization program and the improvement of infrastructure. The Indonesian currency is put under a regulation to control prices and to improve the inflation that Sukarno left the nation in. A cultural revival and education program to help bring back traditions and culture that was twisted and destroyed during the dutch colonization period and the Japanese occupation.
    • So is Indonesia socialist?
    • Indonesia under Sukarno was something of an authoritarian socialist state with bad management The junta is pro capitalist pro right wing so no, it's not socialist. It is a pro-NATO or pro-western regime.
    • So why would the USSR want him out of power?
    • He openly attacked the USSR and also hated Communists. He was socialist in his economic policies but was anti-Warsaw Pact while in power - something like China after the Sino-Russian split and like Yugoslavia under the rule of Tito and USSR.
    • He's like another Hitler. We both hate him and he hates us both.
    • Good to know.
  • Egypt: Egypt, despite the threats from Great Britain and attempts of a peaceful negotiation, continues to build up their forces with Soviet aid. The government declares that it will listen to negotiation if it is to be also mediated by the members of the UN as well as the Soviet Union. However, in the meantime, Egypt begins moving to secure allies in the Middle East against Israel, and after accepting the trade deal and alliance with Romania, begins to ask for an alliance with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria.
    • French Response: It is outraged that it is letting the USSR gaining influence in Egypt. All France wants with Egypt and the UK is to share control of the canal.
  • Vietnam: The constitution continues to be drawn up. More Tanks are manufactured and the army begins receiving more in small number. More rice paddies are established, and the first major industries continue construction in Saigon and Hanoi.


  1. Five US Christian missionaries in Ecuador are killed by native Indians.
  2. Nasser in Egypt leads a revolution calling for the end of the monarchy. He also calls for elimination of the Jewish state and Egyptian control over the Suez Canal.
  3. The civil war in Indonesia still rages on.
  4. Morocco and Algeria accept the dominion offer, while a separate region in Algeria for French settlers has been established.
  5. East Germany responds to West Germany by doing the similar thing that it is doing.
  6. Jews across the Arab world are persecuted by their Arab brethren.
  7. There are calls from USA's allies to eliminate segregation.
  8. North Korea begins a massive arms build-up to counteract the South Korean efforts.
  • Greece: Forms the Mediterranean Union for nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea in order to strengthen relations. It specifically invites France, Italy, and Israel to the alliance and any other Mediterranean nation is invited. Meanwhile, the AΠ is going well, with many left-wing parties, even moderate ones, being imprisoned. However, widespread criticism over how Parliament is setting up a "right-wing state" has come up. The Speaker stated that this is far from the truth and that this is all part of eliminating Communism from Greece.
  • West Germany: Continues placing all the bought weaponry in place to defend the free West German state. Wants to build massive defense fortifications throughout the eastern borders, to protect the country, along with rest of Western Europe, from the Communists. Plans to build an 800 km steel wall at the border of West Germany, for protection from East Germany and Czechoslovakia. We would help fund an Anti-Communist Wall to be built in Austria and Italy. Meanwhile, we send a defensive pact with Austria, while we respect their neutrality, should the Warsaw Pact states invade Austria, Bundeswehr troops will be sent immediately to protect Austria. Meanwhile, secret radio reports are sent through shortwave radio services of Deutsche Welle, calling for any non-Communists in East Germany to immediately come to West Germany, or at least West Berlin, before the Communist government retaliates.
  • France is glad that the situation in Algeria and Morocco is finally over and can now let it slide. They send their condolences to the murdered missionaries in Ecuador and hopes that the government can do something about it. They condemn the persecutions of the Jews and begin spreading order to anti-Semitic riots in French North Africa. They begin housing Jews in their country as refugees. They continue to support Indonesia against Sukarno. They begin helping West Germany in its defense fortifications.
    • Greek Dip: We invite you to join the Mediterranean Union, an international organization promoting peace across Europe.
    • French Diplomacy: Yes.
  • USSR: The USSR continues shipping arms to North Korea and Egypt. The USSR calls on East Germany to lock down it's borders with capitalist and/or GUD states.
  • UK: (That was me with the Romania thing, sorry, forgot to sign) Sends a fire team of Spec Ops soldiers into Egypt. Nasser is found and quickly assassinated, along with several others of his revolution. Meanwhile, UK ships move into the Med. to quickly react if war breaks out over the canal. The program of economic stimuli is continued, especially in the colonies and Commonwealth. Sends a battalion of 800 soldiers as peacekeepers to Indonesia (somewhat like what they did in Sierra Leone), mainly to protect foreign nationals but they end up also protecting the Indonesians themselves (again, like Sierra Leone). All British citizens are advised to leave Egypt and Indonesia.
    • Egyptian People Response: They begin rioting all across Egypt to avenge the death of their beloved leader.
    • USSR Diplomacy (sort of): The USSR is outraged by this act of aggression towards Egypt and publicly denounces the assassination and demands that the UK pay some sort of reparations to Egypt immediately, or face the consequences.
    • French Response: Oh, well done. You just made the situation worse. You just ruined the last chance for peace.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: Oh, Great. I guess war is just around the corner.
    • Ahem, people. Assassins don't tend to shout out who they are working for before leaving. You don not know that it was the UK, only that the guy was assassinated. But, since I didn't explicitly say, it, I'll live with the consequences. The Royal Guns (talk) 06:00, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
    • UK D: Mortified that the assassination got out, several ministers are kicked up to Lords, a few generals are fired, a public speech is made, blaming a few ministers- scapegoats, reparations are paid to Egypt, the fire team are given new names and sent off to Australia, and the USSR is informed exactly what it can go and do to itself.
    • LOL - that's freaking funny CourageousLife (talk) 19:34, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • Saudi Arabia: The rail system across Saudi Arabia is finished, and improvement of the road infrastructure begins. Meanwhile, the Saudi Army continues to modernize, and asks to purchase 40 M41 Walker Bulldog tanks from the United States, as well as fifty P-51 Mustangs. The first naval vessel is launched by Saudi Arabia, although small, can still protect Saudi interests until an bigger navy could be developed.
  • East Germany: Locks down all borders with the West and locks down all broadcasts, effectively sealing the West out. East Germany begins re-arming the Wehrmacht with the help of the USSR. East Germany asks the USSR for developmental aid and troops to help secure the border with the decadent capitalists. East Germany supports Communist China. East Germany sends military funding to North Korea to help counter South Korea.
  • South Korea: Using US funding, the economy begins to recover. In response to North Korea's buildup, more advanced weapons are issued to the armed forces, regardless of cost. The DMZ continues to be fortifies. The President of SK announces on live television and radio that he is willing to talk to Kim Il Sung face to face in the middle of the DMZ to negotiate before matters get out of hand. He also states that the US funding to being used to rebuild the country North Korea almost destroyed, the USSR is funding it second attempt.
  • Indonesia: the military junta continues forcing the Sukarno supporters into isolated locations in the eastern island, due to the armies efficiency in jungle war fare and guerrilla tactics due to its experience in the war against the dutch it is able to fight the rebel forces effectively, Sukarno is put under house arrest within the reaches of a highly defended Jakarta so that the rebels cant free him with plans to execute him to cut off the leadership of the rebels. the government continues pushing forward the modernization and industrialization process, it decides to begin selling oil at relatively cheap prices to the USA, France, and The U.k. in exchange for firearms and aid in building up its industry. The cultural revival continues with relatively goof results bringing back some national pride and sense of unity in diversity is started to be felt amongst the different island cultures.
    • South Korean Diplomacy: We are modernising and need trading partners that we can rely on. We offer aid in your industrialization in return for trade agreements and an alliance to show North Korea we are not going to back down from their threats.
    • Indonesian Diplomacy: The government accepts the South Korean proposal.
    • French Diplomacy: Absolutely.
  • Israel: The nation amps up its military as the modernization programme continues, and borders are fortified especially the Israeli-Egyptian border. Even more Jewish immigrants arrive in Israel following the increased Arab persecution. The building of homes for the immigrants, refugees and Ma'abarot residents is stepped up as Israel's cities expand outwards greatly. Food production is stepped up in an effort to stop the rationing. Unemployment rises a bit this year as more immigrants enter the country but the increase isn't as sharp as in previous years, mostly thanks to the growing construction and food industries, growing military forces, and more factories being built in the country. Skirmishes continue near the Gaza strip as Palestinian Fedayeen attack Israel from the Egyptian occupied Gaza strip. Israel ask to join the GUD (Global Union of Democracy) mostly to help protect Israel from further aggression by the Arabs, and to give the GUD a base of operations in the middle east. Israel also accept Greece's offer to join the Mediterranean Union.
  • Ethiopia: Following the end of the modernization program in the nation, Ethiopia begins to stock up weapons which are produced at the Gafat Armament Engineering Complex, and the production of light to medium tanks begins at once. 350 tanks of all sizes are expected to enter service by the end of the year. Additionally, the economy begins to expand with the steady industrialization of the nation with the introduction of new laws that allow for easier business growth in the cities. This has allowed the nation to finally begin clawing its way to first world status.
    • Romanian diplomacy: We offer to establish diplomatic relation and a trade pact, we are also ready to send you an advisor to help you to develop your nation until its complete modernisation,
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: We're happy to accept Romania's generous offer of support.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: A counteroffer: Ethiopia can join the GUD and it'll get help from most GUD members to modernize and become a strong ally in Africa, don't accept Romania's offer. They're pitiful Communist nations that don't advance because Communism won't promote growth especially in developing nations like yours(and besides Ethiopia always leaned towards the West)
    • USSR Diplomacy: The USSR offers diplomatic relations and a trade pact in conjunction with Romania, as well as developmental advisors.
  • WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH. You cannot even think of that yet. A one year modernization program doesn't make you ANYWHERE close to even starting the ascent to FWN. Also, America today OTL doesn't produce 350 tanks a year. You need a full war economy in a heavily developed nation. You need some 20 factories all concentrating on building tanks for an entire year. A) your government doesn't have that kind of money, and B) what few private investors you have as of yet aren't going to fund that kind of thing. They'll help with your modernization plan, but hell, you won't have more than 5, and they'll all be fairly small. The Royal Guns (talk) 15:24, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • Fair enough.
  • Romania: Diplomats are send in Jordan, Syria, Libya and Lebanon to convince them to join Egypt in its revolution as the West steal your oil by buying it at a cheap price, they are also ask in secret to join Egypt if Egypt attack the state of Israel. Saudi Arabia is secretly contact as well with the same offer. The military are build up and modernise with the Soviet Union help and it is ask if we can buy 35 MiG-29's and received the permission to use one or two place in their black sea shipyard(we will pay of course) to build 30 cruisers and 20 frigates, the project is thought to take six years with Soviet help. Propaganda against the west is increase to increase the support of the government and the number of people who join the military. We respond to the Greek Communist that we accept to form the troop of the real Greek government (the Communist) we give them weapons and even try to form some Greek commando units.
    • USSR Diplomacy: Accepts all terms.
    • French Response: It tells the Arabian countries that they should not listen to Romania, as France is trying to get Britain and Egypt to resolve their issue and that war should be unnecessary.
    • East Germany: asks the Arabian nations to ignore the Westerners because all they want is your oil.
  • Egypt: Despite Nasser's death, the Revolution continues unhindered, but is split in three, between the few remnants of the pro-Nasser movement who wish to continue Nasser's policies, which is the Nationalization of the canal and the destruction of Israel. A more extremist party built along the lines of Communism with some Nasser tendencies, and sought to establish a Proletariat State, and the Monarchy, who wish to restore the Mohammad Ali Dynasty as Kings of Egypt. Rioting continues in the streets of Cairo as the military is called in to quell the violence. (It should be noted that at the time when the Map Game started [1955] the monarchy was already abolished, and was at the time a Republic.)
    • East Germany: We are willing to provide aid to the Proletariat cause. The People must be free, Long Live Socialism!. We are sending military and financial aid immediately.
    • USSR Diplomacy: We will back the Communist revolutionaries.
    • French Diplomacy:We back all non-Communists.
  • Brazil: Nuclear research goes along very well, with the aid of France and the United States. Communist propaganda throughout South America is destroyed and replaced with capitalist propaganda. Brasilia continues construction.
    • South Korean D: We would like to join in your nuclear program.
    • Brazilian D: As in, getting weapons/energy or just helping out?
    • SK: Both.
  • Vietnam: The constitution continues to be drawn up, and more input is put into it. More Tanks are manufactured and the army begins receiving more in a slightly larger number. More rice paddies are established, and the first major industries continue construction in Saigon and Hanoi.


(Can we go by years? It seems people have a hard time realistically doing things in their nations by half-years) if not feel free to put it as 1956.5)

I suggest that we do 1956.5 first, then we start doing by years.

I agree with him.


  1. Rioting continues all across Egypt. Of all the sides, the supports of Nasser still make up a majority.
  2. Sukarno's loyalists continue to lose the war.
  3. Jewish refugees continue to swarm in Israel.
  4. The minamata disease is discovered.
  5. The Asian flu pandemic originates in China.
  6. Fidel Castro leads a Communist revolution in Cuba.
  7. Hungarians rise up against their Communist government.
  8. Dictator Anastasio Garcia of Nicaragua is assassinated.
  • USSR: More support is shipped off to Egypt. Weapons and supplies are also shipped to Cuba and the Hungarian Government to put down the insurgents. Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Libya are offered trade pacts and alliances. Unemployment is steadily lowering due to the large amount of exports being produced for comrades in other countries.
    • East Germany: We request permission to house or make our own nuclear weapons to combat the West German's move.
  • West Germany: Sets up the Bundesnachrichtendienst, an Intelligence Agency to counter East Germany's Stasi, which has secret bases in West Berlin. A secret division of the BND is set up in Vienna, as spies are recruited to spy on the ongoings of East Germany and other UHS members, under claims that they are refugees "running from the Fascism of the West". Are openly disgusted that the East would restart the notorious Wehrmacht, and heavily criticize the movement on Deustche Welle', hoping to guilt the citizens on the other side. Meanwhile, we wish to form a secret defense pact with Israel, along with an extra reparation of ten billion DM to further jump start the Israeli economy, hoping to atone for the actions of our Nazi past, and to form a partnership. Also, despite a clause in the Treaty of Brussels, we want to change that agreement, with the permission to develop Nuclear weapons alongside the U.K. and France, though we will ask for permission from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and U.K. if they are all right with this. (Mods, could they take the place of Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands, since they have no players?)
    • Luxembourg: (0-4, yes, 5-9, no. Got a 7) No
    • 'Belgium: '(0-4, yes, 5-9, no. Got a 3) Yes
    • 'Netherlands: '(0-4, yes, 5-9, no. Got a 9) No
    • UK: Reluctantly agrees if and only if UK observers can monitor said nukes at all times.
    • 'West German Diplomacy:' We accept British observers to monitor our nuclear program at all times, as this is meant as defense for any potential nuclear attacks by the Soviet states. We will also need French approval, which will decide if we can form our Nuclear Defense. (I'll rely on the majority rules for the fate of West Germany's nuclear program, it's France's choice for the closest defense to the Soviet threat)
    • If France agrees then you can build, if not ...
  • East Germany: The Stasi begins to penetrate farther into West Germany to gather intelligence. The Chairman dismisses the imperial fascists claims of the West stating that Germany will rise again and will bring the benevolent light of Socialism and Prosperity to the West. The government continues to support the Communists in Egypt and has begun a secret plan to infiltrate Mossad and take down Israel from within. The Chairman endorses Fidel Castro and sends aid to the freedom fighters there in hopes of toppling the decadent Western regime in place. East Germany decries the Hungarian uprisings. More financial aid is requested from the USSR to fund an extensive espionage ring in England, West Germany and France.
    • USSR Diplomacy: Grants the requested funding, but will deny any involvement should the espionage ring be discovered.
    • West German Diplomacy: Amid unnamed reports that the East Germans are becoming hostile, and upon rumours that they are planning for "a re-unification under Communist rule", the Bundeswehr immediately bulks up defense near the East German border, and sends 150,000 Heer soldiers to the border as a precaution.
    • East Germany: There is no need to build up on our border, the report you saw is just a war game scenario. We only want peace. In response to Western aggression, East Germany locks down all ports of entry and trains the Stasi to look out for West German and any other non Warsaw Pact spies. The Stasi increase protection over government files and are locked away for safekeeping.
    • West German Diplomacy: Our move was not meant as aggression, but meant to protect the "free" Germany from Soviet puppet state. As a response to being claimed as an aggressor and a warmongerer, the Wehrmauer (Defense Wall), gets 1.5 Billion DM (five times the original cost) extra funding, to seal most of the West from the East Germans, and speed up the wall's production to the end of the year, and to mount two machine guns for every km (giving a prediction of 1500 Machine Guns), to be put on top of the wall.
    • French Diplomacy: I agree with West Germany on all terms. After WW-II, the Eastern countries under Soviet influence had the right to chose their own path, and instead the USSR did it for them. That is aggression!
  • Saudi Arabia: The construction of Arabia's second warship begins, after the first one was launched last turn. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia asks the United States and United Kingdom to purchase some surplus tanks and jets to help modernize the army and air force, and asks for a license to construct more of these tanks within Saudi borders. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia declares no support for either side, as we are focusing on the interior problems of our country. Construction on oil derricks and oil wells across Saudi Arabia and its territory in the Persian Gulf continues. An non-aggression pact is sent to Iran, Iraq, and Syria (can a mod do an RNG, please?)
    • UK Diplomacy: Agrees.
    • Iran: (0-4, yes, 5-9, no. Got a 1) Yes
    • Iraq: (0-4, yes, 5-9, no. Got a 1) Yes
    • Syria: (0-4, yes, 5-9, no. Got a 1) Yes
    • (That was purely coincidence that all were 1's, feel free to do it over to check me.)
    • WO WO WO, Iran and Saudi Arabia hate each other! Shia vs Sunni!
    • Okay, just doing what he asked. I'm not very well versed in Islam.
    • Don't feel bad, I'm not good at Islam, or ethnics in the Middle East for that matter, so I just put the countries bordering me. Enclavehunter (talk) 03:57, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
    • Sorry if I came over a little harsh.
  • UK: Discovers extensive East German spy ring, roots out five spies and offers to trade them back in return for East Germany to stop funding Nasser. Pulls troops out of Med. and sends them to Indonesia. Begins a project to build a Hydrogen bomb (guys, you know we can't use these right?).
    • No We haven't even shipped them yet. So We refuse because you do not have any East Germans. We asked the USSR SECRETLY to fund us in the future. We did not do it yet
    • ??? What are you talking about? USSR? I do not understand.
    • OHH just read your post. Didn't even see that part, lol.
    • You got it?
    • Yep.
  • The United States blockades the coast of Cuba. Rebel Che Guevara is captured (RNG, 1-4 Yes, 5-11 No, 3) and jailed. The US personally asks all of the GUD members to give some aid in ending Cuba's revolution. By referendum Puerto Rico gains statehood.
    • UK Response: Sends 1000 soldiers to Cuba to aid the Americans.
    • West German Diplomacy: Sends 500 soldiers to Cuba to aid the Americans.
    • West German Diplomacy (Again): We wish to buy 2000 M2 Browning machine guns from the Americans, to step up defense against potential attackers in the east.
  • Brazil: Sends aid to the US in Cuba. Nuclear program continues strongly, with a test scheduled in 1960 and a final product around 1961.5. Specialized Brazilian spies enter East Germany for a scheduled espionage mission.
  • France joins the United States against the attempted Cuban Communist revolution. It sends troops to aid the Americans against the Americans. It declares support for the Hungarians, secretly sending them weapons and supplies. It holds a secret meeting with NATO, calling all members to help the Hungarians as much as possible. It tells Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Libya that if they agree to peace and not listen to the USSR, France will help aid their modernization programs.
    • West German Diplomacy: We sneak 1000 covert elite soldiers of the Heer into Hungary through Austria, along with 10,000 FN FAL battle rifles and 8000 kg of food for Hungarian rebels and their families. We would also like to ask France's permission to allow a nuclear program to start in West Germany, for the defense of Europe.
    • French Diplomacy: As long as it is under NATO scrutiny, yes.
  • South Korea: The buildup of troops continues. With no answer from the north, scouts are dropped on the North Korean coast to discover what the North is doing.
  • Current shape of Vietnam &#039;65 (SoCr)
    The constitution is finally finished, in August this year, and is implemented. The nation is overjoyed at Vietnam becoming a full republic in the complete sense, and Minh's approval rates skyrocket. Even north Vietnamese provinces agree with the constitution, the ones which could have broken away when Minh was the Communist party leader. However, it seems that a couple of provinces in Vietnam and many in Laos are illegally under the Viet Cong's control. The army begins to be mobilized to deal with this, and the populace supports this action. In response, more Tanks are manufactured and the army receives a significant number of tanks this year, the largest it has ever received, 35. More rice paddies are established, and many factories have been completed in Saigon and Hanoi. It asks for Japanese industrial help, to which they say yes (seeing as Japan agreed to aid my industrial development when I asked them to help).


On this year in OTL, the USSR launched the Sputnik satellite. People should have their space programs going now.

From now on, we go on turns by years, has half years take too long.

  1. In Bishop, Virginia, an explosion in a coal mine kills 37 men. Cameroon, Louisiana is struck by a hurricane. Crisis in Little Rock occurs, as nine black students attempt to get into an all-white school.
  2. The Cuban rebels begin to lose the revolution with the death of Che Guevara after the US intervened. 175 people die in Jamaica's worst train disaster.
  3. The chaos in Egypt continues. War is near , yet not yet inevitable.The Egyptian chaos causes ships to avoid the Suez Canal, causing an economic crisis worldwide.
  4. Isahya, Japan sees heavy rains, killing 992 people while Sukarno loyalists in Indonesia surrender after many defeats.
  5. Acapulco and Mexico City are shaken by an earthquake. The Africanized bee is accidentally released into Brazil.
  6. Malaysia, Ghana, Senegal, and Tunisia request independence.
  7. Kyshytm, USSR suffers a nuclear disaster. The Hungarian Revolution continues. There is a possibility it can transfer to civil war due to the ensuring chaos.
  8. Gordon Gould invents the laser.
  9. Due to recent events, an arms and nuclear race is happening in Germany. Iran, fearful of increasing Saudi influence in the Middle East, begins an arm race with it.

Yeah, it's pretty much inevitable by now <guilty look> The Royal Guns (talk) 06:55, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

I want everyone to know that the US space programs are proceeding as OTL unless I says so. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 17:35, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

  • UK: Sends aid to Japan aafter the heavy rains. Now that the Cuban rebels are starting to lose, withdraws troops from there and covertly sends them to Hungary to aid the rebellion. Fearing that war is inevitable, begins a SECRET meeting with France and Israel to ask if we should attack immediately, before the USSR gets control. Suggests in the GUD that no more countries be allowed to start nuclear programs, those that do have them should be allowed to finish though. The laser throws research for the hydrogen bomb forward as they realize they can get the necessary heat from the laser. However, this will take an estimated 5- 10 years. Shocked by the launching of Sputnik, begins working on Operation Apollo, essentially the same thing as Sputnik, though.
  • Please do not do stuff like this. European space programs should begin around 1963 or so.
  • I think developed nations (US, USSR and their European allies or those that are either highly developed or somewhat of a great power) should have that right. However, I still believe the sentence should still be crossed because the USSR's player has yet to mention the Sputnik and the Apollo Project is an AMERICAN TRADEMARK. Try to figure out something on your imagination.
  • I assumed Sputnik would launch without my having to say so. Just assume that it launched and I will mention it in future posts. CourageousLife (talk) 22:08, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • No because you did not mention it. You can mention that the next turn, which should begin soon.
  • West Germany: With the Arms Race building up between the West and the East, and with the permission of Treaty of Brussels' signatories, West Germany starts work on the Letztesmittel (Last Resort), as it obviously says, the nuclear weapons that are to be developed are only to be used as a last resort, and with the permission of the United Kingdom, France and the United States. British observers remain on the nuclear development. The first nuclear bomb is set to take a number of years to develop, a number not released to the public, in case the Stasi or the KGB picks up the news. Meanwhile, the West German government brings together all the extra terrestrial institutes to form a new space division: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (German Aerospace Center, only much earlier than OTL). We would like to help fund Operation Apollo in the U.K., as a mutual partnership. We also continue accepting any space partnerships with anyone of GUD. Meanwhile, in order to keep up with reported Soviet advances in weaponry, the R&D of the Bundeswehr , there are plans to introduce the first German-developed weapon since World War II, the Leopard 1, however, we want to collaborate with France to build this state-of-the-art tank. (Any other countries are free to join the project) There are further plans for Firearm and Aerotechnology development. Meanwhile, about 2,500 newly-trained stealth soldiers are being prepared to go to Hungary, should the Revolution get hotter.
  • South Korea: The scouts report a massive buildup of North Korean troops, looking like preparations to an invasion. The President of the South decides to wait to see the Norths reaction as he does not want to start another war despite his generals advice. The Korean companies continues to bring in money to the economy. The loan to the USA begins to be paid off.
  • Indonesia: with the fall of the Sukarno revolters the government declares and end to martial law and continues pushing forward reforms. the economy will start picking up in a few years hopefully, with trade skyrocketing due to the new influx of trade thanks to opening the market to western countries, and the construction of infrastructure and industry continues. the government funds the building of several shipyards, and docks for better access to the other islands by water and to also boost transport earnings. the military is put on high alert but is relatively relaxed now with only Communist rebels around a few islands but the hold little support. the need to start being self sufficient in arms production is seen by the junta and plans to have a small arms industry by the 1960's is set. Funding into medicine, biology, and engineering begins to bring up Indonesian standards to world standards.
  • Israel accepts West Germany's extra reparation payments and we're both in the GUD so I think we already have a defence pact anyway. The public protest at the government for this, as they are angered at the idea that Israel could accept monetary compensation for the Holocaust; but the government tell them that the money is much needed and they aren't forgiving Germany either. The construction industry continues to boom as more houses are built to house the Jewish immigrants. More troops are stationed on the Egyptian border in case of war, and Israel tells the UK and France that they agree with the plan of a pre-emptive strike against Egypt, and installing a new GUD friendly government. Israel really pushes for the strike as they fear Egypt gaining more power and trying to destroy Israel again. Plus Israel wants to take back the Gaza strip and then take the Sinai peninsula too, so there is more living space for the Israelis, and so the GUD can station troops near-by to the Suez canal in order to defend it. Seeing the threat of war, Israel pours more money into the military to build it up.
  • Egypt: As the crisis continues, the pro-Nasser movement gains ground, but effectively only controls Cairo, Alexandria and the Nile River Delta, whereas the Socialists and Monarchists retain control of tracts of Egyptian land. The pro-Monarchist supporters attempt to reconcile with Israel and the UK, in exchange for recognition of Israel, and any territorial gains, they wish to gain their assistance in the restoration of the Monarchy. This act, seen as a betrayal to most Egyptians commences military operations to crush the Monarchists once and for all.
    • UK D: Agrees and sends 40,000 troops to Egypt immediately, and urges France and Israel to emulate them. A further 50,000 troops are held back, but will be sent soon.
    • USSR Dip: Sends 50,000 troops to Egypt to aid the Socialists.
    • French Diplomacy: It agrees to help the pro-monarchist side.
    • The US supports the Monarchist side.
    • Romania D: we send 15,000 troops for the moments and more are prepare just in case
    • Israel will send 3000 troops in return for recognising Israel as a nation, and if you give Israel Sinai a further 75,000 troops will be sent in as well as the air force.
  • Romania: send troops in Hungary to support the government. With Saudi Arabia remaining neutral, Iran and Iraq are approach by a Romanian diplomat to join the ¨friendly zone¨ and the other Muslim nations as a whole are ask to take their distance from the west to protest against Israel enter in the GUD, though we don't think that it will be accepted everywhere. The USSR is ask what to do about the South Korean nuclear threat as it will give the capitalist in the region an advantage against North Korea, support is send to the Egyptian Communist.
    • USSR Diplomacy: The USSR is beginning a nuclear weapons program for North Korea, should the need ever arise.
  • USSR: The USSR sends 50,000 troops to Cuba to help the Communists, as well as an armored tank division. Troops are sent across the border to aid the Hungarian government in restoring order. Weapons researchers are sent to Iran to aid in it's arms race against Saudi Arabia. A draft in instated, and the economy is gearing towards wartime production.
  • East Germany: begins with Russian permission its own nuclear program and begins to build up the military. The East German government places an order for 30 new MiG's and more weapons to match the Western buildup. Troops are sent to Egypt to support the Communists. The 7th Armoured Division is deployed in Cuba to support the rebellions. Fearing a South Korean attack into North Korea, EG sends money, troops, and supplies to help bolster North Korean forces. The government issues a draft and declare compulsory military service for 18 months. East German spymaster Heu Knibtz discovers a small Brazilian spy ring, but before it could be broken they disappeared. (IN SECRET) EG begins to deploy spy units deep into NATO territory in France and West Germany.
  • France secretly continues to support the Cuban and Hungarian rebels. They establish their space organization, known as the FAASM (French Aeronautics, Astronomy, and Space Ministry). The French economy goes on somewhat of a downturn due to the closure of the Suez Canal. They begin to develop space craft that will one day reach outer space. They secretly ship nuclear weapons to South Korea just in case the North Koreans attack. They also establish the FSM (French Security Ministry) and tightens security in all areas to eliminate any Communist spies. The Communist Party in France is outlawed and all of its members sent to jail. They spread propaganda, encouraging the people to fight for democracy and their country. Suspecting East Germany or the USSR have sent spy rings to the country, they begin a program to take them down. They secretly sent spy rings to East Germany and the USSR. Thanks to Gordon, they begin to experiment with laser technology, to see what good can come out of it. They establish the European Nuclear Ministry, made up of UK, France and West Germany, who are working on a joint nuclear program. They begin to have a powerful economy due to the Cold War, with strong industries producing war products to any nation who needs it against the cause of Communism. It sends help to Jamaica, Japan, America and Mexico after their disasters. They politely decline Senegal and Tunisian independence, stating that a dominion is the closest they can get.
  • Helping Cuban rebels? Commies? Seriously? Also, support them openly. The whole GUD is right behind you.
  • The United States, concerned about the crisis in the middle east, proposes the Bryan Plan. A: Israel will no longer be associated with Judaism and will change into a states that is both Jewish and Muslim. B: Egypt's monarchy will take over and join the GUD. C: The Suez Canal should go to Egypt. D: Hostilities between Israel, therefore on known as Palestine (this name accommodates the Jews and Muslims), and Egypt will cease. Meanwhile several more Cuban rebels and their leaders are captured and jailed. Only Castro and a small band of his supporters remain. A referendum is planned in Cuba for 1960 to see if Cuba will become a states. President Eisenhower is re-inaugurated for a second and final term.
  • Ethiopia: The Ethiopian government begins seeking investment into the nation, and allots a large budget toward the industrialization of the economy, and expanding the military. The economic focus is centered on Addis Ababa, and plans to expand the city with modern services and functioning utilities is now underway.
    • USSR Dip: The USSR offers to invest in the nation's economy and military.
    • Romania: also offer to invest in the nation economy and send military advisor to help to train your troops with modern equipments.
    • Ethiopia: Ethiopia accepts the offers of the USSR and Romania to aid us in our development. Please be reminded that this is a business transaction, one of no political value or meaning. Thank you for your help.
    • USSR Dip: Of course. There's no reason we can't be professional about this.
    • Just thought you should know that Ethiopia was a non-aligned nation.
    • In 1956 I offer to help it to modernise its nationRdv65 (talk) 19:25, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
    • Your point? What, you're saying that Soviets can't be nice without serving their own nefarious purposes? Lol CourageousLife (talk) 19:44, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
    • Now yo got me all jumping with accepting their help! --"Truth fears no questions ..." 21:42, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
    • French Response: France persuades Ethiopia that they should not have taken the Commies' offer. It persuades them to accept its offer to invest in the nation and send advisors for modernizing the economy and military. It will also SECRETLY send them a few nukes.
      • Ethiopia: We have no doubts that the USSR will try anything foolish, an we are very well aware of the military presence France maintains in Africa. We will allow both nations to operate in our nation, BUT, we want Djibouti. We will allow France to maintain a small presence in the country to watch Soviet o. Any fighting between the two will not be tolerated in the empire.
      • French Diplomacy: If we give you Djibouti, will you side with us?
      • Ethiopia: Give us a few days to consider the proposals from both sides.
      • French Diplomacy: If you choose us, we can give you models of some of our finest military technology SECRETLY.
      • USSR Dip: Since you are not a first world nation, the USSR can fund building projects to modernize your nation and bring you up to par with other nations. We will not try to persuade you to join our side and abandon your neutrality, only wish to be trading partners in exchange.
    • East Germany: East Germany states that a nation is allowed to invest for humanitarian purposes if it wishes. The USSR is not attempting to "convert" Ethiopia to Communism. As sovereign nations we are allowed to help. EG asks Ethiopia to consider the French's egotistical response and continue aid from the Warsaw Pact nations. We are not trying to spread Communism.
    • Ethiopian Response to all sides: His Imperial Majesty plans to build a larger Ethiopian nation. However, we need the aid of the industrialized nations. Our only issue is; Which of you are best suited to aid us in that endeavour? We shall side with whoever's offer is the most worthwhile to pursue.
    • Romania D: we would help you to form your troops and fund your nation development, some technologies would also be given to you in the military and civilian domain and we could respond to some of your demand in addition of expanding our trade deal, (SECRETLY Maybe that we could help you to make your large Ethiopian nation, the Africans around could join your nation if you have a good social system and some European colonies only ask to be free. END OF THE SECRET). This is Romania, the USSR could offer much MORE
    • French Response: We will help your military, your economy, and your building projects. We can also cover all costs of the program. Also, we will hand you Djibouti for free, though we keep our naval base there. We can SECRETLY give you the models for the latest military technology, develop your own nuclear program, and give you a few nukes.
    • Ethiopia: We have made up our mind. France and NATO appear to be in the best position to aid Ethiopia. We shall align ourselves with them. End of story.
    • You know that choosing NATO/GUD nations to help you is much better than whatever they offer you. Any worthwhile offer will only come from the Soviet Union. I mean come on? Romania can't help you a lot, they're weak and essentially a puppet of Communism. All the NATO/GUD permanent members (US, UK, France, etc) are MAJOR world powers and they will all help you. NATO has three major powers helping you while the Warsaw Pact only has one: the Soviet Union. Just consider that.
      • Hey, hey, constructive criticism only, please. I don't enjoy being bashed, even if it is true. CourageousLife (talk) 23:46, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
    • Another reminder to all: PEOPLE WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAMS IN ALL OF THESE COUNTRIES? The Koreas and the Germanys will NOT have nuclear weapons, that's crazy. And Ethiopia having nuclear weapons, that's even crazier! Even with help, they will not have the capacity to do so until the 2000s (Koreas) and the Germanys I'm pretty sure they're not even allowed to do that.
    • I offer few as I know what Romania couldn`t offer much, I proposed a few tech and extended trade BUT I tell that the Soviet Union could offer MUCH more and that we, mostly the USSR, could maybe support expansion of Ethiopia while the west would not, some people would be seduced by that. for the nuclear weapon we only respond to the west. By the way, I`m not that weak, I have made great thing for the Communist cause. :) 22:58, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
    • Look. The Koreas, Germanys and Ethiopia can do nuclear programs. Yet they cannot do it on their own and must depend on another nuclear power for it. How about that? RandomWriterGuy (talk) 23:09, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
      • The chances of the Koreas and Germanys creating nuclear weapons in the 2000s is slim, and the chances of doing so in the 1950s/60s is almost impossible. After all they were protected by allies with nuclear weapons (e.g. the USSR or USA). I mean look at the Cuban missile crisis, now imagine if the Korea's got nuclear weapons during the cold war. This stuff would never happen. Plus as part of the accession negotiations of West Germany to the Western European Union at the London and Paris Conferences, the country was forbidden (by Protocol No III to the revised Treaty of Brussels of 23 October 1954) to possess Nuclear, Biological or Chemical weapons. This should not happen. ~VON.
      • you could only place your missile there and there like in the reality when both Germany receive nuclear weapons in their territory from NATO and the Warsaw pact. no need to have all nations gaining nuclear weaponsRdv65 (talk) 23:34, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
      • OK. Maybe that are not capibale of producing nuclear weapons, but at least harnessing nuclear energy for peacetime purposes. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 23:40, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • Brazil: Brasilia shows great signs of progress, with the city's inauguration planned for 1961. A nuclear test will be carried out in three years time with a final product in 1961. Communist propaganda has been annihilated from the continent thanks to Brazilian efforts to purge the disgusting ideologies from the developing nations of South America.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia begins to manufacture the new tanks and aircraft from the British with an license to manafacture such items - it was part of the diplomacy last turn. Manufacturing takes place in small amounts, while small arms are constructed at an constant rate. Modernization of the military continues, and construction on oil wells and derricks across the country. Meanwhile, construction on the country's second warship continues, while smaller attack and patrol boats are constructed. There purpose is to swarm an enemy and cause confusion among the group. The King of Saudi Arabia orders the direction of all Saudi ships to go around Africa to reach Europe and North America instead of going through the Suez Canal.
    • French Diplomacy:France begins to send support the country by sending them military arms against Iran. Also, it SECRETLY meets with military generals to plan a plot to send ships to defend the Suez Canal and try to open it back to international use.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia thanks France for its support.


Since China and Taiwan do not have players, it has been strongly suggested a mod should do so for either of them. I am Taiwan, BTW. Also, can approved players/mods can fill this role as well? RandomWriterGuy (talk) 23:16, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

  1. The Space Race begins as both sides attempt to reach to outer space and the planets.
  2. The Tybee Bomb goes missing out of Savannah, Georgia.
  3. 29 are dead in Prestonburg, Kentucky by a bus accident.
  4. Cuban rebels continues to fail, though progress is slow thanks to USSR efforts to keep the Communists alive.
  5. The Hungarian Revolution rages on, and is starting to be more like a civil war.
  6. Riots against the pro-Western government in Lebanon occur.
  7. Tibetans begin a resistance movement for independence.
  8. Race riots occur in Notting Hill, London.
  9. A Cod War rises between Britain and Iceland over fishing rights in the Atlantic.
  10. Jakck Kilbry invents the integrated circuit.
  11. Guinea requests dominion status.
  12. Pope Pius XII dies. Pope John XXIII succeeds him.
  13. The Persian Gulf Cold War (the name for the Saudi Arabia-Iran conflict) continues on, with an arms race from both countries.
  14. Laser research begins in Britain, USA and France.
  15. Indonesia begins reconstruction, though it continues to search for Sukarno loyalists.
  16. A border incident between the Koreas occur after a South Korea is shot by North Korean gunmen.
  17. The monarchists and Communists in Egypt make up the majority of the rioters. Pro-Nasserists dwindle as they abandon to both sides.


  • France begins to support Ethiopia's economy, military, and its building projects in order to gain the country's support and favor of Western and democratic nations. They SECRETLY meet with Saudi Arabia to see how the plan to forcibly open the Suze Canal should go. It continues to support Cuba against the Communist rebels and help Hungarian rebels against the government. The Fifth Republic is proclaimed after a new constitution is approved. They continue to support the pro-monarchists to prevent Soviet influence in the country. They SECRETLY send support for the Tibetan separatist movement. It agrees to give Guinea a dominion status. They begin to fund the research into the FAASM in order to gain access of the knowledge of space and the building of the aircraft. They SECRETLY continue laser research for military use such as making them detonating nuclear bombs, help guns make accurate aims, and many others. They begin drilling for oil and mining for uranium in their African colonies to fund its economy and nuclear program. They give away Djibouti to Ethiopia as part of the deal. They begin to research more on the integrated circuit to find any good use for it. They send diplomats to Iceland and Britain to resolve the Cold War. They support South Korea in the border dispute. They dispatch troops to Beirut, Lebanon to protect the pro-Western government there. SECRETLY, their spy rings in East Germany manage to come back home and pick up what they have so far, though no action is proposed.
  • Damn it RWG, you're gonna start World War 3 if they find out! Stop and use your head please. TO ALL: NO MORE ASSASSINATIONS OR SECRET SPY NETWORKS
  • FIXED.
  • Taiwan (NOTE: I AM FRANCE'S SAME PLAYER, YET I DID THIS SINCE THERE WAS NO ONE THERE BUT FORGIVE ME IF THIS IS ILLEGAL (AND IF IT IS, DON'T BE TOO ANGRY!): Taiwan begins a program to defend itself from China. They begin to develop a strong military and economy. They ask USA and its allies for support. They also ask to join the Union of Democracies as well.
  • West Germany: Two Uranium mines are found in Eliweiler and St. Bastien, and are bought by the government. France once suggested a joint nuclear union between West Germany, U.K. and France, as we could supply the Uranium to the two countries to develop, in return, we request some nuclear WMD's for our protection. Meanwhile, the Leopard 1 begins construction for the first batch of 100 at a new factory in Munich. (Thanks to much higher military funding than OTL, the Leopard 1 is built much earlier). We offer pre-orders for any GUD or Ally of GUD, including a free shipment of the first five developed to the United Kingdom and France each. Heckler and Koch GmbH also starts work on a new selective-fire battle rifle for the Bundeswehr, called the Heckler and Koch G3, with the first quarter-million expected to be ready by 1960, which will replace the Belgian-made FN FAL (which will be donated to Hungarian rebels to fight back against Communists). There are plans to send troops to Taiwan, to assist them against the Chinese. There are also plans for something to be done with Cuba, to prevent Soviets from assisting the Communists.
  • You are violating Protocol III of the revised Treaty of Brussels. You AND East Germany. You both have limitations regarding armaments.
    • West German Diplomacy: As long as East Germany doesn't keep a nuclear program running, or gets Soviets secretly giving them nuclear weapons, then we'll shut down our now-secret Letztesmittel project. However, with the continued treatment of East German citizens, there will be no reduction of border defense soldiers.
  • Ethiopia: With the influx of French economical aid, and a new port in Djibouti, Ethiopia is able to expand with other nations, and receive modern equipment needed to industrialize its economy. Using the modern technology, Ethiopia is finally able to build efficient factories and road transportation. Also, many of the old airports are finally paved as the government can pay the right people to do the job. Also, a railway system, allowing for better transportation of industrial goods, is set up between Addis Ababa, and the cities of Bahir Dar, Harer and Gondar, where the first industrial sectors are planned. The military receives new French weaponry and vehicles, allowing for it to make much more of an impact in regional conflict. The development of a navy is now underway to protect the growing merchant marine of the empire.
  • Romania: Following the terrorist who kill the German government, the security is re-enforced all across the nation to prevent spy or terrorist to reach the important place, troops are also send to be sure that the thing stay calm during the transition. The USSR is ask to release some tension to its European allies to prevent revolt similar to Hungary and a possible one in East Germany, the exportation of all dissident in Siberia is proposed to the USSR in order to maintain peace. Many joint projects are proposed to all the Communist members to improve our technology faster. The military grow up and help is send to the Communist in Egypt, Lebanon and Hungary under the form of troops and supplies is send to Cuba. The Greek Communists in exile are almost fully formed and some spies are send in Greece to make terrorist attacks in the Thrace's regions to draw some Greek troops before introducing the Greek Communists. By he way did the Hammer and sickle organisation grow since its creation?
    • Who killed what government? What's going on?
  • What happened to my post??? East Germany: East Germany supports North Korea and begins to send funding and aid to the Koreans. After a careful look at Protocol III, East Germany discontinues its weaponization network and focuses in stead on conventional weaponry. The East Germans begin to patrol the borders even tighter after the French spies left East Germany(with false information) Riots break out near the Berlin wall between citizens and the German border patrol. Many people are crying for more freedom. The Stasi responds by rounding up dissenters and deporting them to several Siberian Gulags. The rebel leaders are all shot. Marshall law is declared in East Berlin amid the riots. The EG gov't sends more aid to the Communists in Egypt.
  • WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH EVERYONE CALM DOWN. First of all, AwesomePeruvian has made a new rule: NO MORE ASSASSINATIONS OR SPY NETWORKS. In fact, this event has been eliminated from the timeline. Let us present this event did not happen.
  • Mexico: The PRI (?) wins re-elections with 92 percent, letting the socialist party to a smooth victory. Communist Parliament Members take to the senate to aid Cuban Communist Rebels, though denied, Mexico has publicly stated their support for the Cuban rebels, pointing out that US has dominated Cuba and the majority of the population is poor due to the U.S's economy and Cuba's corrupt government. Though it takes no action.
    • East German congratulates Mexico on its socialist stance and sends financial aid to Mexico. EG also extends an offer of alliance (PEACEFUL PURPOSES ONLY, I SWEAR ...)
    • French Diplomacy: France condemns Mexico for betraying the cause of democracy and its promise to be a neutral nation.\
    • UK: As long as it is a democracy, let the people try out the failure of Communism. They will return to us fast enough, surely.
  • UK: Sends another 160,000 troops to Egypt. All nukes are put on standby. 50,000 more troops in the Med. Starts STAR 1 program to send a ship into space. Economic stimulus campaign enters its third year. Support in colonies is very high.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia begins to construct its first naval destroyer, which is step up from regular cruisers. Meanwhile, construction on small natural gas plants across Saudi Arabia begins. Meanwhile, the Saudi's R&D begin to research into wind power and solar power (PLEASE CROSS OUT IF NOT POSSIBLE) which Arabia has enough sun to go around. Meanwhile, the military continues to modernize and asks West Germany to purchase 5 Leopard I tanks, and requests to buy an license to construct these tanks within Saudi Arabia. Air fields are constructed closer to Iran and artillery emplacements are constructed up and down the coast.
  • West German Diplomacy: We would be happy to sell 5 Leopard I tanks, and give the Saudi Army the license to build the Saudi-version, on two conditions.
    1. They are not to be used against Israeli forces, we already have a bad reputation among the Jewish state.
    2. They can not be sold to any supporter of Communism, nor anyone who is anti-GUD.
  • Saudi Diplomacy: We agree to it and thank West Germany.
  • Brazil: Nuclear program continues smoothly. Brazilian spy rings are withdrawn from East Germany after a successful mission. We now have intimate knowledge that can be useful to the GUD. (zbut there are no more spy networks). Social and healthcare reform begins. Brasilia is continuing on track for its 1961 inauguration. Doubles aid the US in putting down the Communists in Cuba. Troops are sent to the Monarchist side of the looming Egyptian Civil War. Brazil expresses dissatisfaction at the socialist regime in Mexico and begin to hatch a plan to possibly undermine the socialists and support a new capitalist regime (secretly of course)
  • All right people. No more assassinations or spy rings, clearly none of you know the full political repercussions of such a maneuver. You know who you are, this is why because there will be NO MORE ASSASSINATIONS or secret spy networks because it kind of ruins things.
  • Yeah, really. If some one adds SECRET in bold and italics and caps, don't claim your spy ring found out about it, k? And how the hell does Brazil have a nuke network? Right now, you're pushing the border into 4th world! You're cops are busy getting slaughtered in favelas, your economy is being shat upon by horses, and you're building nukes? seriously? Are you kidding?
  • Yeah. BTW, any nuclear programs done by a non-nuclear program must be developed by the aid of nuclear nations. New rule. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 06:05, July 14, 2012 (UTC)
  • 1: It's been mentioned before that France and the United States were helping the Brazilians. and 2: Whoever wrote that has absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Brazil has and always will be the leading power in S. America. It's always had a strong economy and may very well be a superpower (in our time anyway, it has the sixth strongest economy in the world, better than the United Kingdom).
  • South Korea: The President of South Korea formally denounces the actions of North Korea. He states that unless a formal apology is made and the gunman arrested, the south will be forced to take action. Troops across the border are mobilised. A request is sent to the Warsaw pact asking that they stay out of any possible conflict in the region if the GUD also remains neutral.


​We have two new rules: first of all, Spy Networks or Assassinations are know illegal as no one has the accurate knowledge of the consequences. And second of all, any nation who wants to develop nuclear programs or even build nukes (only first world nations are capable of that) must depend on nuclear powers in order to do so. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 06:12, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

Hell, more than that. If your country isn't first world, you're not getting nukes, capiche? The Royal Guns (talk) 06:29, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

I guess that can be added. Good point Guns. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 06:31, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

  1. Pope John XXIII declares the Second Vatican Council.
  2. Newfoundland suffers a massive blizzard, leading to a massive blackout.
  3. The separatist movement in Cyrpus reemerges again after several years dormant.
  4. Tibetans continue to resist Chinese rule, while China locksdown the region to search for any resistence fighters.
  5. The St. Lawrence Seaway is open.
  6. Kurdish and Communist militias rebel in southeast Turkey. Turkey deploys forces to fight them off.
  7. A Communist movement in Vietnam known as the Viet Cong emerges in the North. (Vietnam's player wasn't here so I thought it be a good time for this)
  8. Typoon Vera his central Honshu, devastating hundreds of thousands and making 5000 dead.
  9. Riots break out in Belgian Congo.
  10. Tutsi natives beat up Hutu Dominique Mbonyumutwa, leading to a rivalry between the two ethinc groups.
  11. In response to Taiwan's recent developments, it begins building missile sites and targeting them at the island.
  12. Ethiopia begins a period of economical growth thanks to the French deal.
  13. The Hungarian Revolution is now the Hungarian Civil War. The Western part is anti-Communist and the Eastern Part is pro-Communist.
  14. Cuban Communists gains some slight success, though not too influential enough to change the course of the war.
  15. The chaos in Egypt continues. Pro-Nasserists have all but gone, leaving Communists and pro-monarchists. Egypt has entered civil war.
  16. Lebanese Communists declare a small uprising thanks to Communist aid in Beirut.


  • France begins to aid Taiwan in its military and economical development and SECRETLY sends troops to island to protect it from destruction. They send aid to the people in Japan affected by the typhoon. Realizing that the Communists are now in Turkey and Vietnam, they begin aiding both countries in eliminating them, though they do persuade the Turks to find a peace deal with the Kurds. With Egypt in civil war, it declares support for the monarchist side. They SECRETLY send aid to that faction in terms of weapons and supplies. They send troops to Beirut to help Lebanon destroy the Communists. France SECRETLY sends military advisors and exports to Tibetan rebels as well as weapons and supplies in order to keep the rebellion alive. They send several thousand troops to fight the Cuban Communists and break all ties with Mexico for their support for them. They launch their first satellite, the Voyageur 1 (the Traveler in French) into space. It manages to stay in orbit and begins to take aeronautical photos from outer space of the Earth. Now that Hungary is in civil war, it SECRETLY sends troops, weapons, and supplies to the anti-Communist Hungarians.
  • West Germany: The West German government notices that Communism is becoming more and more disturbing popular in other parts of the world, and is greatly disturbed that Civil War has broken out in Hungary and Egypt. West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer speaks, during a Sunday speech in March, about the evils of Communism, and how it has taken a toll on innocents in not just East Germany and Cuba, but now Hungary and Egypt have erupted into full-out Civil War, and is starting to bring violence to Lebanon and Turkey. On the lighter side, food and supplies is sent to Japan, for the well-being of longtime friend, Japan. 2500 Covert Elite soldiers are SECRETLY sent into Hungary, along with ten disassembled Leopard I tanks, to set up at Hungarian rebel bases near Budapest, along with 10,000 kg of meat and cans for the rebels and their family. There are plans to send 10,000 soldiers to Cuba, in order to fight back the Communists who are almost about to take over Cuba. We're offering pre-orders for Heckler and Koch G3 battle rifles to GUD and Neutral states who won't support the Communists, and are willing to sell 25 Leopard I tanks to non-Communists. New tank factories are being set up in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, to allow altogether, the construction of 450-600 Leopard I tanks a year. Currently, with the birth rate increase is finally bringing the population up, bringing the military up to 300,000. (Should be higher, but World War II killed many German veterans), though half of them remain in reserve, while the other half is either defending the borders against potential East German, Czechoslovak, and any other Communist threat at the Wehrmauer, or a few thousand working covertly in Hungary. More munitions factories are also set up near the tank factories, but also in Hamburg and Mannheim, allowing for 6 factories producing about 500,000 a year.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: We would like to pre-order H&K G3 battle rifles.
    • West German Diplomacy: How many?
    • Saudi Diplomacy: I'd give them to my Special Operations Unit, so I'd say 2000. Also, I would like to offer you an special deal on Saudi oil, since you've been supplying us with weapons and vehicles. Oil from Saudi Arabia to West Germany will be lower than what it would be for normal nations, due to you and generosity of selling us weapons.
    • West German Diplomacy: All right. Deal.
    • Indonesian Diplomacy: the idonesian government requests an arms deal with west germany to start importing the G3 fire arms series for military use to replace fire arms purchased during sukarno's period.
    • West German Diplomacy: How many? (Also selling 25 Leopard I as a bonus this year)
  • Saudi Arabia: Two new tank factories are constructed in Ridyah, and produce roughly five tanks every six months, and an total of 10 tanks every year. Meanwhile, reproduction of the Leopard I begin with the Saudi license to reproduce 'em granted. Meanwhile, the cruiser is launched, and fortifications are built along the Iraq-Saudi border, due to the possibily of Iran coming across Iraq and Kuwait and entering Saudi Arabia that way. Meanwhile, calls to end the Civil War in Egypt begins across Arabia, and offers the two sides to send two representatives from each side to discuss an ceasefire. Oil and natural gas plants are constructed and improvement of the roads by placing signs and guardrails along the side begin, which should lower traffic deaths.
    • French Diplomacy (SECRET): It asks the Saudi Arabian military ministry if they are ready to try to reopen the Sues Canal by force.
  • South Korea: With no justice forthcoming from the North, anger at the Communists erupts in the south. Several units skirmish along the border leaving 30 men dead and several more wounded. The American troops are asked to remain defensive so not to antagonise the Chinese or the Soviets. Several high ranking generals demand to attack the North but the President hesitates not willing to declare war as he doesn't want North Korea to look like the victim.
    • I am sorry but this ain't happening. This would not be strike out if there was a mod event explaining that North Korea did it.
    • OK. changing now.
  • Indonesia: The junta declares full support for the anti-Communist forces in and offers the USA some indonesian units who are specialized in jungle warfare, the countries industry continues to grow and the energy indstry in particular is giving much attention.
  • Israel continues to amp up its military and they secretly send in elite covert ops stuff (Mossad) to take out the Communist rebels in Lebanon. The construction industry continues to boom as more houses are built to house the Jewish immigrants. More troops are stationed on the Egyptian & Lebanese borders in case of war, and Israel begins considering a pre-emptive strike against Egypt and Lebanon to bring the two nations into the GUD fold.
  • Romania: the heavy industry continue to be developed and Mexico is offer a trade pact and a SECRET demand is send if we can pass weapons to support the people who fight American economical dominance in latin, we would be happy to offer something in exchange, just ask. A small part of the troops in Lebannon are move to the border with Israel as we suspected that the capitalist support the rebel by there. Supplie is send to the Communist in estearn Turkey and to the remaining Kurdish rebel who do not accept the deal. Cyprus separatist are send support, some troops in Cuba are recall to be send in Hungary which becomes an important issue as we don't want to gain a frontier with the capitalist aggressor.
  • Egypt: With the Nasserist movement dead, Egypt is now divided between Lower Egypt, where the Monarchists hold sway over, proclaiming the Kingdom of Egypt in Cairo, whereas Egyptian Communists take control over Upper Egypt, proclaiming the Egyptian Socialist Democratic Republic, with their capital at Luxor. Lower Egypt welcomes the covert support from the GUD and enjoys the recognition, while Upper Egypt courts the Soviets more often than the previous Egyptian Republic. Despite the population advantage, the two states are at even deadlock along the 28th parallel.
    • Greek Dip: We invite Upper Egypt to join the Mediterranean Union to combat Communism in Mediterranean countries.
    • USSR Dip: Lower Egypt is invited to the UHR to strengthen itself against capitalism.
    • PS, Upper Egypt is south, Lower Egypt is north, you know, because the Nile runs south-north.
    • Yup, I derped all right, I'll make the changes. Razgriz 2K9 (talk) 00:27, July 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • East Germany: Supports the Communist lower Egypt and also SECRETLY sends troops into North Korea to protect EGerman interests should war erupt. The E German gov't authorizes troops and supplies to be smuggled into Hungary to aid the Communists. Riots continue in East Berlin over the alledged mistreatment of East German citizens, with many people advocating a change in leadership. The Stasi is mobilised and begins a reign of terror to subjugate the misallied forces stating These people do not understand we are doing this for their own good. The military is put on alert in East Berlin in case the West tries something. Forces are decreased slightly on the border as a gesture of good will to the West.
    • Romania Dip: If you remove troops, the West German government will send supplies through, don't send too many troops out of your nation, I think they will be useful to put down the revolts. we also offer you some police forces to help you keep order.
    • West German Diplomacy: While we appreciate that the East is reducing its border guard, we too will decrease the number of soldiers at the Wehrmauer. However, only 25,000 will be recalled, as we do not approve of the violence that East Germany is giving to its East Berlin citizens.
  • Greece: Strongly urges the UK to give Cyprus independence, citing the referendum in Cyprus earlier this year showing that over 90% of voters voted for enosis (union) with Greece. SECRETLY sends weapons and supplies to West Hungary and Cypriot separatists and attempts to convince the separatists to reject Romania's offer.
  • USSR: Sputnik is launched successfully, much to the Russian government's delight. Aid is sent to all Communist movements, including Cuba and Hungary. More troops are mobilized.


Note: America's player Scraw has not been in the game for a very long time and yet his allies need America's help. Andrew (East Germany's player) is apparently messaging him to see if he's still online. If he is not by this turn, it could be officially declared he is the player. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 23:01, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

My GUD friends, here I am. Get the pun? IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum.

About time the world's most powerful democracy stepped not the stage! --RandomWriterGuy (talk) 05:08, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

  1. France's colonies all declare independence.
  2. Sit-in protests at cafeterias, restaurants, and bars across the South pop up as a protest by African Americans for civil rights.
  3. Belgium declares Congo independence.
  4. 12 Indian troops die in the Chinese-Indian border by Chinese gunmen.
  5. Agadir, Morocco is struck by an earthquake.
  6. The Viet Cong, from its base at northern Laos, begin making attacks in north Vietnam
  7. Northwest Airlines Flight 710 crashes near Tell City, Indiana.
  8. Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes receive their first patent for a laser. Meanwhile, Theodore Maiman operates the first laser.
  9. In what is known as the April Revolution South Korean students protest, demanding democracy in the country.
  10. An American U-2 spy planes is shot down in the Soviet Union, causing worsening of relations between the two nations.
  11. The Great Chilean Earthquake, the most powerful earthquake in existence, ruptures from Talcahuano to Taitao Peninsula.
  12. A bloodless coup d'etat ousts Celal Bayar from president of Turkey and puts General Cemal Gurser in its place.
  13. Typhoon Mary kills 1,600 people in China.
  14. British Somaliland, Nigeria, and Kenya declare independence.
  15. Italian Somaliland declares independence and unites with former British Somaliland to form Somalia.
  16. Hurricane Donna strike Florida and New England.
  17. Iraq, Kuwait, and Venezuela form the OPEC.
  18. El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras declare the Central American Common Market.
  19. After the skirmish between North and South Korea, North Korean begins sending troops to the border.
  20. The Communist rebellion in Lebanon ceases.
  21. Egypt is now two states: Lower Egypt (the northern, monarchist state), and Upper Egypt (the southern, Communist state). There are calls for a cease-fire despite the division of the country.
  22. The Hungarian Civil War rages on.
  23. The Cyprus and Tibetan separatist uprisings continue.
  24. Cuban rebels are deeply demoralized when their leader Fidel Castro suffers injuries (1-3 he dies, 4-10 he lives, but gravely injured -RNG-, 3-he dies) and eventually dies. This allows the anti-Communists to take the upper hand and beat back the rebels.
  25. Iran, in order to keep Saudi Arabia's influence checked, they ask Iraq and Kuwait to forge an alliance with Iran.
  26. Violence in Turkey ceases and the Communists are beaten back. Turkey, despite French please, refuse compromise with the Kurds.

​NOW YOU CAN POST. BTW, has anyone realized an algorithm for the Hungarian Civil War and the Cuban Communist Rebellion has not been made?

  • France's economy in their colonies continues to grow as neutral resources are being harness for the dominions' and the French economy. The lives of some colonial peoples have been improved in order to match first-nation standards. The French continue to spread infrastructure, education, and health to these regions to improve their lifestyles and gain their trust. hey agree to give dominion status to French Sudan, Mauritania, Cameroon, Benin, Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, Madagascar, and Togo. They sent aid to earthquake victims in Agadir after what has happened. They persuade South Korea to let democracy improve in the country. They send troops to Vietnam to protect the country from Communists. The government SECRETLY (in extreme terms) sends a very limited amount of weapons and supplies to the East Berlin dissenters. They also SECRETLY send troops to West Berlin just in case the violence spreads. Seeing the recent news in the development of the laser, they hope it can be used for medical use to find new cures for different diseases. They sent humanitarian aid to Chile after the horrific earthquake disaster. It tries to persuade Turkey ot grant the Kurds an independent state or they will side with the Communists. They detonate their first nuclear bomb in the Sahara desert. The Voyager crashes after burning in the atmosphere much to the FAASM's dismay, but can make another one. They condemn the United States for letting that plane get shot by the Soviets and making matters worse. They sent aid to all American hurricane victims. They pull troops out of Lebanon now that the violence has ceased. They persuade Britain to let Cyprus go, but SECRETLY continue to support to Tibetans. They SECRETLY dispatch few more thousand troops to the anti-Communist Hungarians. They recognize the new Lower Egyptian government, but not the Upper Egyptian one. They see Fidel Castro's death as a victory in the war against Cuban Communists. Seeing the OEC and the Central American Common Market to be a good excuse to get them to join the anti-Communist side. The Central American Common Market (RNG: 1-5 Yes, 6-10 No, RNG-5:Yes) agrees but the OPEC (Ring-6:No) declines. (OK for some reason when I do RNGs a majority I get my way, but I do not know why. Please, I am telling the truth I am not cheating)
  • Sorry but Belgium would never sell the Belgian Congo. They kept hold of it very aggressively because it gave them control over the world's largest supply of rubber.
  • However, in OTL, due to anti-colonial riots, Belgium was no longer capable of holding it. And it considered giving it away or independence. I decided best to take control of it.
  • No. 1: Respect the other mods' decisions, OK? No un-crossing things out in a 'I'm right, you're wrong fashion' which is something you tend to do a lot, just saying 2: Great Britain and France after WWII could not afford to keep their colonial empires which is why they let go of almost all of their colonies. 3: Having all of your RNGs working out in your favor is still sketchy, no matter what you say. They would gain independence from you in no time anyway so it wouldn't be viable but who cares? Why? because it's not happening.
  • Look. That RNG was first try. I swear!! And by the way, transforming colonies into dominions shouldn't be as bad, right? RandomWriterGuy (talk) 05:51, July 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Your African colonies will never accept dominionship. I'm pretty sure that only works with constitutional monarchies anyway,which you're not you're a republic. Dominions won't be popular in Africa the only reason they worked in Canada or Australia was because they had HUGE British white populations because they displaced natives something that didn't happen in Africa.
  • OK. I ELIMINATED THE CONGO THINGY, OK? And how about this, no dominion, just self-governing, OK? RandomWriterGuy (talk) 06:05, July 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • No. Refer to what I wrote below by Scraw's statements.
  • Indonesia: the junta decides to withdraw from the OPEC and sell oil to the capitalist nations at independent prices cheaper then those sold by the rest of the oil producing nations to boost the economy and to attract foreign investment in Indonesia. the cultural revival continues with a new policy of ethnic equality being practised to make all other ethnic groups equal to the dominant Javan group who form almost 60% of the population further strengthening the policy of unity in diversity. Promises of a new constitution and an establishment of a democratic government are made to the population once the economy is put on track and once elements of dissidents are suppressed in the island state getting some much needed support from the population for the military Junta who declare their current regime and its policies the "national Reconstruction and Stabilization" . Industrialization continues throughout the nation with Borneo, Java and Sumatra being the major industrial points of the efforts. The express to the West German government that an import of G3 weapons will be 1200 annually for now until the economy picks up and until a local arms industry can be established.
    • Romania D: By selling your oil at a cheap price, you will destroy the economy of the OPEC nations, the OPEC members are call to align itself with the Communist to protect their economy (by advantaging trade with the Communist, not become Communism.)
    • French Response: It tells OPEC that if they side with us, we promise we can get Indonesia to play fair so that your economies will suffer no more.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia asks Kuwait and Iraq not to listen to Iran, and instead offers them an alliance, trade agreement, and mutual defense (1-5 Yes, 6-10 No, RNG: 8- No). Saudi Arabia offers Yemen, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain trade agreements and alliances as well (1-5 Yes, 6-10 No, RNG: 2-Yes). Recognition of Lower Egypt is granted, but not Upper Egypt. The manufacturing of Leopard I's continue, but in small quantities. The Saudi Air Force also continues to construct aircraft in small numbers. Condolences are sent to the victims of Northwestern Airlines are sent, and Saudi Arabia condemns the U2 shoot down, stating that matters are just going to become worse.
  • East Germany: A political dissident escapes the Stasi and makes it to West Germany where he provides a gold mine of information. The E. German government is worried by this incident and immediately begins damage control. The East Berlin riots grow more violent as more East Berliners begin to fight against the government. During the Riots the East German Wehrmacht is ordered to crush the rebellions, and the death toll reaches near 100. A minor border skirmish occurred on the East/West border with Berlin that resulted in 3 West German officers dead and two wounded. Fearful of disintegration, the Soviet Union authorizes military intervention in East Germany. The government, horrified by what happened, immediately recalls those involved in the border incident, they are court martialed and sent to West Germany for trial. E. Germany supports Upper Egypt whilst refusing to recognize Lower Egypt. Supplies are still being sent to the Hungarian rebels.
  • Greece: Recognizes Lower Egypt and sends an invitation to the Mediterranean Union to fight Communism in Mediterranean countries. We continue to support West Hungary and Cypriot separatists. The government encourages Turkey to continue fighting the Communists.
  • Romania : We declare more support for the Kurd and we SECRETLY shipped them supplies through our Syrian allies. More support is send to Hungary and to East Germany after that a war industry is put into action to prevent the collapse of both governments. Some anti-American propaganda is send in the Latin America nation though little of them pass to try to gain a foothold in America. More support for he Cyprus resistance begun to be send and a diplomat is send to negotiate with their leaders about the post-war period. Saudi Arabia is asked to reconsider its position to support the west as Indonesia cheap price could hurt you economy and the Communists would be ready to buy you your oil at the regular price. The USSR is again ask to pass some minor reform to the Communists, make join research project and build more camp to host the rebellious people throughout the Communist world. The Greek Communist swho have received an advanced information for most of them are prepared to liberate the Greek from their capitalist government. and draw the Greek attention away from the other conflict they are involved.. We recognised Upper Egypt and begun to send them weapons to support their cause, if the capitalist victory become certain, the Cuban revolutionary are call to flee to safe zone in other Communist nation.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: Are you certain of this?
    • Romania Dip: It is a possibility as many trading partner shall maybe turn themselves toward Indonesia
  • With commies gone in Cuba, the United States admits Cuba as the 51st state. Aid is sent to Monarchist Egypt and any other area combating Communism. Argentina, Chile, and Colombia welcomed to GUD. (RNG: Arg, 7Yes. Chil, 2 No, Colombia, 9 Yes) Kennedy is elected President. Several blacks and coloreds and the northern and western states vote for him since he promises equal rights.
  • Absolutely no, Scraw. The next turn the Cuban rebels will be gone. And second of all, Cuba will Absolutely not take that offer! They wanted the independence status since the end of the Spanish-American War and they would not let it happen. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 05:35, July 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Oh yeah? First of all, I am tired of talking to invisible people, so identify yourself for I think you are RWG. I held a referendum a while back and no one protested then. So now is too late for you to object.
  • Oh really? Look back in time. Cuba wanted independence the entire time. Any referendum like that is implausible!!! RandomWriterGuy (talk) 05:35, July 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • What on earth are you speaking of? They sought independence from oppressive Spain, not democratic America. Also, you're one to talk about implausibility. In fact, you crossed three offenses several times. AP, Guns, I think its time for a vote on whether we should kick off RWG from the game as per the rules. Anyway, see y'all later, sleep time is now. ~ Scraw ~
    • Look. Jose Marti, the leader of the Cuban independence movement, did not want US annexation. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 06:05, July 15, 2012 (UTC)
    • Yes RWG, a lone man in his beliefs who dies over a hundred years ago.
  • I don't think we should ban him,but strip him of his mod-ship. All his events are biased. I mean he makes his colonies (French ones) want dominionship (which doesn't even make sense) but all the UK's colonies all of a sudden declare independence? He's also apparently trying to start a second Korean War. And seriously? Italian Somaliland doesn't even exist anymore at this point, it became a UN Trust territory following Italian defeat in WW-II.
  • Look. Those mod events came from Wikipedia! It is exactly what happened. Also, let all my colonies become independent, how about that? RandomWriterGuy (talk) 06:19, July 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Egypt: While Lower Egypt agrees to the idea of an armistice, Upper Egypt refuses and instead moves to begin plans for a mass invasion, with heavy focus on moving down the Nile River Valley. Utilizing Soviet and Romanian based arms, the Egyptian People's Army begins arming their soldiers, and masses troops for the invasion.
  • As of tomorrow morning, I (CourageousLife (talk)) will be offline. Please check the blog I set up for the USSR's movements.
  • Brazil: After many years of research and aid from the US and France, the Brazilian nuclear program(who has received almost 40% of the military budget) tests its first nuclear bomb on a remote island in the Atlantic. The test, although it didn't yield as much as we wanted, was a relative success. Production will begin in the next few years to establish Brazil as a nuclear power on the world stage. Social and healthcare reforms continue. The Brazilian government passes strict laws to crack down on crime everywhere, with hopes of becoming the safest nation in South America by 1966. Sweeps are planned, drug busts are beginning, and the police budget is increased. An oil importation contract is asked of Saudi Arabia and Indonesia to fuel Brazil's growing industries.
  • To resolve what happened a couple turns ago. 1: It's been mentioned before that France and the United States were helping the Brazilians. and 2: Whoever wrote that has absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Brazil has and always will be the leading power in S. America. It's always had a strong economy and may very well be a superpower (in our time anyway, it has the sixth strongest economy in the world, better than the United Kingdom). No arguing, end of story people. This can and will happen.
  • West Germany: Information about East German Landsteitkräfte bases are revealed through the information, as the dissident is being sneaked to Switzerland (RNG: Assassinated? 0-4:YES, 5-9: NO). We ask Saudi Arabia to please stay pro-GUD and not give anything to the Communists, and 10,000 Heckler and Koch G3's will be sent as a reward. For the Luftwaffe, we wish to buy 300 Fiat G.91 jet bombers from Italy, to show that we can still buy from our allies, along with a massive order of 1000 F-105 Thunderchief jet fighters from the United States, the orders are much higher than initially planned, especially after the skirmish in Berlin. However, no retaliations take place, after East Germany sent the culprits here to the West to be tried, where they will be held prisoner in West Berlin, until other members of GUD agrees on what their punishment will be. All FN FAL in the Bundeswehr are replaced with Heckler and Koch G3, where the older battle rifles are to be sent to the rebels in the Hungarian Civil War, along with extra shipments of food. On the home front, a bill passes in the Bundestag, a controversial bill, that gives those accused of treason if being called pro-Communist or Neo-Nazi tendencies, a life sentence. (The highest sentence in West Germany, since Capital Punishment was abolished in 1949.)
  • South Korea: The President points out to the students that South Korea already is a democracy. He asks them, which kind do they want? The one in the south where you have to wait until you are 18 to vote for parliament or in the north where you vote for Kim Il Sung have your family killed if you refuse? He does however mention the possibility of reforms later next year when the parliament is next voted on. Also soldiers in a raid across the border have caught an East German soldier. The South Koreans launch a formal protest at the United Nations at East German interference and support in favor of what the president describes as a "Nation of fools".
    • The East German Premier states that an off duty officer of the Wehrmacht may go where he pleases. The officer in question was with family in North Korea. Name calling is a very childish practice for a "so called" civilized people. (E. Germany SECRETLY DOUBLES DOWN ON FORCES IN THE REGION, MOVING SOME BACK TO RUSSIA AND CHINA.)
  • Ethiopia: Following the pleads of their Christian brothers and sisters in southern Sudan, and receive movement of power from the south into northern Arab Sudanese hands, the Ethiopian government decides to liberate their Christian allies. 75,000 troops enter the nation as a civil war erupts in the region. (If anyone doubts the plausibility of this action in Sudan, read this)
    • United States favors Sudan and sends troops, supplies, and all sorts of aid to the Sudanese Northerners. United States decides that Sudan should become two countries, North and South. UN troops are sent in, with the voting super majority of the UN Permanent Council members. (Since the USSR is boycotting the UN.)
    • Ethiopian Response: Do you expect us to allow our brothers and sisters to die at the hands of their oppressors? Our invasion was welcomed by the people of South Sudan, and they request to join known to all in the beginning. A wide-scale draft of men and women to fight the invaders has began, with some 80,000 additional troops conscripted to fight the enemy, bringing the total Ethiopian force to 155,000 in South Sudan, excluding the quarter of a million troops back in Ethiopia itself. Ethiopia begs France for its aid, and threatened to call on the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact for aid its fight should France refuse.
    • You cannot control other nations, even NPCs. Strike One. Just take the commies' help.
    • How can you give me a strike when you just took control of the entire UN, whih includes player nations? And women were used to fight in Ethiopian battles as well as men, so I can draft them.
    • AP asked me to post this for him: People, Ethiopia is a member of GUD! How are you attacking them, they were always historically pro-West. It's a war of irredentism. By doing them you're only giving the Communists help. You should be helping Ethiopia not Sudan--AP
    • They picked up Romania and the USSR as allies a while back, and besides, this is something Americans would not tolerate, the invading of Sudan for freeing the Christians. We could make two nations.
    • They allied with France after we told them they could enter GUD and support their modernization. They turned down alliances with the USSR and friends.
  • +UK: Furious with the Ethiopian invasion of South Sudan, invades with 20,000 paratroopers. Also, another 50,000 troops are sent to Egypt. Bringing the total up to 250,000 in Egypt. Due to widespread disapproval of Brazil's actions, offers that the UK will provide them with nukes and nuclear energy if observers can watch. Thus, they would have a fully functioning system in only six months instead of some two years (Mod notice: Frankly, anything less is kinda implausible. And if you started your bloody nuke system in 1955, it should be in 1961-ish that you test, but that's kinda pedantic so keep it.) Warns Ethiopia not to annex South Sudan, but, instead to make it its own country. In the Act of Independence, all African colonies are freed.
    • Ethiopian Response: The South Sudanese people request annexation by Ethiopia. We have proof, and attempts to prevent the will of the people will end in force.
    • No you do not have proof.
    • None that you know of.
    • Again, you have no control of other nations.
    • Never said I did.
    • You claim that the Sudanese south want you to invade. They're Sudanese, in Sudan, and you have no control of Sudan, and thus you have no proof.
    • And you claimed that you got the super majority in the UN. That's the world. You're the United States, not France, Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa, Romania, or Sudan. Thus, you can't claim to have the world's backing, only Britain's.
    • I said the permanent members. Read things right. That's all I need. US, France, Britain, China. USSR is boycotting the place. Anyway, China is boycotting, the commies, and France, what say you RWG?
    • For once, Scraw, I agree we with you. Ethiopia has pretty much false evidence. Kinda reminds me of the South Sudan Conflict in OTL.
    • Well, I may not have proof, but I have OTL and ATL (if the mod actions are really based on RL events), that Sudan is attacking the Christian majority in the south. Thus, as a Christian nation, Ethiopia will rest for nothing less than the region's annexation and protection by our forces. If you are true allies, then you will allow that region to enjoy the services provided by my nation. I have helped you in the past, and hope to continue so in the future. However, if you stand in my way, I will request the aid of the Soviet Union, and push other nations to do the same. You are my allies, yet you're not acting like them. And women were drafted by the Ethiopians to fight Scraw, in OTL and ATL, since it is my nation.
    • Solution Yoda has found. Edit this page not, for new turn Yoda is creating!
    • Israel continues to amp up its military and most of the troops on the borders are ordered to stand down as the Lebanon Communist rebellion is over and Lower Egypt is now controlled by pro-GUD Egyptian forces. The construction industry continues to boom as more houses are built to house the Jewish immigrants. Thanks to the Egyptian civil war, Israel regains control of the Gaza strip from Egypt but they promise to keep it an Arab dominant zone. Israel now looks to Jordan to re-take the West bank, and troops are sent to the west bank borders.
    • Mexico: The IRP (Institutional Revolutionary Party, OTL dominating party of Mexico, currently still holds, socialist officially but majorly centrist.) is perturbed the US annexation of Cuba. In so, Congressmen from the conservative and Communist sides attempt to pass a bill to make it harder for US companies in Mexico, raising their taxes, though the bill is struck down, a decent amount of the Mexican population did support that bill, especially the old remembering the US dominance decades ago in Mexico. It recognizes Southern and Northern Egypt, it backs the British invasion of Ethiopia. Noting the importance of Saudi-Arabia, they send an diplomat, requesting for Saudi Arabia to take a more neutral world in the current proxy war.

The 62nd Year of the 20th Century of the Second Millennium

  1. Split, Sudan is with the formation of Sudan North and South. Like this tribals and Christians do, and not to invade any more Ethiopia is told.
  2. Grow closer Ethiopia does with commies and UHRers, since like the good people do not.

There will be no invasion of Ethiopia. However, Ethiopia must return Djibouti to France. AP (talk) 02:47, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

Hmm, fine. I'll just buy nation in the future. Can't cost that much, now can it? --"Truth fears no questions..." 04:37, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

Wait! We forgot the Egyptian and Hungarian Civil Wars! (And btw, someone really needs to make algorithms) RandomWriterGuy (talk) 16:10, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

  • Brazil: With the withdrawal of France, the nuclear program was set back a little but it was quickly replaced with the aid of the United Kingdom.Nations now helping the Brazilian program are: the US and the UK. Healthcare is declared universal in Brazil and will gradually make its way through the country. Brazil's crime crack-down continues, with the scheduled finish date in 1966. Social reforms continue their route successfully. Drug busts continue. Brazil declares war on drugs by making any non-medicated forms of drugs totally illegal.(the military never took power in this tl) The second republic of Brazil is over and the modern republic is founded with Tancredo Neves becoming the First President of the Modern Republic of Brazil. The huge metropolitan new capital city of Brasilia is finished and inaugurated by President Neves. Meanwhile, the first Brazilian nuclear weapon is produced and named Brasilia I-this makes Brazil a nuclear power, the second in the Americas after the United States and the first in South America.
  • WOAH, too soon bro. You need at least another year. Or two.
  • West Germany: Mass production continues on Heckler and Koch G3 battle rifles, and Leopard I tanks. Many to go around. Atheism is declared illegal on January 1, with thousands arrested, since Atheism is seen as very pro-Communists, where Atheism will count as treason, and give the possibility of a Life Sentence, and there are initial works on getting rid of the constitution that allows Freedom of Religion, and make Roman Catholicism the state religion, though Judaism, Islam (to maintain relations with our biggest buyer, Saudi Arabia) and any other form of Christianity can be practised. Meanwhile, homosexuality and sex before marriage are grounds for arrest and 20-50 years in prison. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer asks the nations of GUD to put anti-Atheism and anti-Homosexuality rules in effect to combat Communism.
    • South Korea: I'm afraid I cannot do that. Many of my students tend to lean to the left and i'm attempting to work with them instead of letting the military handle it. I won't interfere but will allow asylum seekers into my country.
    • UK: Disgusted by the new West German laws, counter-suggests that West Germany is broken up back into its post-WWII split between France, US, and UK. Warns them to stop.
    • Romania Dip: We secretly send support to Communist remaining elements in order to spread disorder in the nation which is said by many to have a neo-nazi element for leader.
    • East German Dip: East Germany is appalled by your Neo Nazi actions and will oppose you where ever possible. West Germans seeking asylum from anti atheist law and anti-homosexual laws is granted in the newly declared EFZ (Economic Free Zone) in East Berlin. The free zone allows many non communust activities, actually the Communists have no power over that region.
    • French Response: It condemns West Germany for what it has done, stating it is betrayingly against democracy. They demand to reverse what they did right now.
  • East Germany: East Berlin is declared a Freiheit Wirtschaftszone (Economic Freedom Zone) Where all nations are allowed visit and participate in a rather capitalist atmosphere. East Germany is also more liberal in human rights, allowing the complete freedom of religion and the right to marry whom ever you want, be it man-man, woman-woman, or normal relationships. The Volkspartei Liberty Guard (Border Guard) is increased heavily over fears the Nazism is rising in the West. The government holds elections and for the first time in Communist history, the Communist Party did not win a full majority, instead the Bundestag and the Volk's Council are splir evenly between Germany's Communist Party and the Christian Social Democrats. The new Premier is Alek Wuhrmburg. The government stablizes showing the world that a democratically elected Communist nation CAN exist. Many liberalization acts are passed to keep up economically with the GUD nations. Premier Wuhrmburg congratulates South Korea and being tolerant to those displaced by our cousins. The People's Department on Planning develops plans for an advanced bullet train system linking together East Germany. Diplomats are sent to the UN to end the German Boycott against Soviet wishes. EGermany believes that it is better to participate globally vs attempting to "proxy" everywhere.
  • South Korea: The economy helps the nation become incredibly wealthy. To prevent the working class from ignorant Communist loyalties the government decides to bring in basic free health care to those who need it if they have had at least one tour in military service. Refuge is offered to German atheists in hopes of them bringing useful skills into the country. A North Korean reconnaissance plane is shot down and the pilot arrested. The foreign policy towards the north is decided to treat them as terrorists. Several more raids into the north occur with several units inflicting casualties and capturing several more prisoners for interrogation.
  • Indonesia: the industrialization process continues as cities start getting more factories and several people start heading into the worker class. Train lines are started up throughout the main islands of Indonesia to improve the transportation of goods at lower prices. the government invites Saudi Arabia to join indonesia in the oil pricing game to strengthing our economies and dominate the market, a similar invate is sent to Venezuela (RNG, someone please) the economic growth of indonesia continues to stabilize and grow due to the junta's policies. The cultural revival continues with the new generation now being brought up in an environment where several national traditions and cultural heritages have been restored. Research into engineering, medicine and biology continues.Religion in politics is declared obsolete and the government adopts a secularised government making religion completely separate from the government and the state's running and a law is passed to allow freedom of religion.
  • UK: Having pulled its troops out of Ethiopia and Sudan, sends them to Egypt. The total there is now an amazing 300,000 soldiers, and the war is thus going heavily in their favor as they outnumber the others. Disgusted at West Germany, cuts off relations and arrests the ambassadors. The Mark I Laser is tested in Colchester. It os thought that by 1965, the first hydrogen bombs should be in production. The space progrm continues. First man should enter space by 1964.
    • Indonesian Diplomacy: The Indonesian government requests British aid with technological research.
  • Romania: After the popular demand, the government begun to modernise the coutry, Ethiopia is offer an arms trade deal. The build up of the navy is almost over with four year passed and two left. We are shock to see the radical change in west Germany and denounce the growing religious influence in the government. We continue to send supplies and troops in Hungary and northern Egypt, supplies is also send to the Cyprus separatists and the negotiation continue. Mexico position is welcome, a trade deal is offer and secretly, a limited alliance is propose in which we could secretly support Mexico to free latin America from American influence through the support of the guerrilla movement. We are impressed by the internal division in the GUD and the hypocrite stance of some of its members and the arrogance of the west who pretended that everyone is free to think like they want but someone having only a small socialist though is arrested for being a ¨Communism threat¨. The Greek rebel release is push for next year in order to trained them with hit and run tactic as it was discovered that their chance to win a conventionnal war are weak.
  • Ethiopia: Following the withdrawal of British forces in Sudan, Ethiopian forces are the only forces left in South Sudan. The Emperor orders the annexation of the country, and th 115,000 troops left the region are ordered to begin digging in, while Ethiopia develops the region and interlinks the economies of the two. Djibouti is returned to France, but not the Ethiopian military forces strip the entire region of its wealth, weapons, and anything else that might look important, as "reparation" for the failed alliance. The railroad network in Ethiopiais expanded to some 1250 miles of rail, and the military is expanded once again to include an addtional 35,000 troops. A new industrial sector is opened outside of Bahir Dar, and puts several thousands of Ethiopians to work.
    • UK: Shocked (but quietly impressed) at Ethiopian gall, resends 250,000 troops from Egypt through Sudan into South Sudan to liberate the country (HEY! I thought we had an Agreement!) The other 50,000 are divided up, 20,000 being sent home, 10,000 remaining in Egypt, and 20,000 being pulled back to the Med.
    • Romania D: offer Ethiopia the protection of the Warsaw pact and we begun to secretly send weapons, supplies and troops to protest against the British aggression.
    • French Response: Excuse me?! Romania, Eiopia is the real aggressor here! It invaded the Sudan. All Britain was doing is defending that poor country.
  • France decides that Ethiopia is misuing its "gifts", and decides to withdraw them from Ethiopia in order to protest their actions. They decie to help Brazil in its nuclear program (NO NUKES THOUGH I SWEAR). In order to make up for their loss of their colonies in Africa and Indochina, they form the France and Foreign Union, made out of former colonies and France itself. The organization aims to strengthen ties between one another, ressolve conflicts, improve the standard of living, economies, and governments of one another, and protect each other from Communism. They SECRETLY send troops, supplies, and weapons to Lower Egypt in case of an attack by Upper Egypt. They also SECRETLY send the same things to West Hungary to defend itself from East Hungary.
    • Ethiopian Response: Misuse? You turned your backs on us when we trusted you to help us. Sudan is killing our brothers and sisters of th fate, and you, as a Christian naton, turn your backs on them. We did our part are spiritual family, while you let them die. You are no longer welcome in this country.
    • East Germany Dip: We will send aid to fellow Christians in your region. We will not force Communism on you as our nation now has a majority Christian stance, it is only fair to help our brothers in the faith
    • Ethiopian Response: That is agreeable.
    • Dude, East Germany is Communist, they oppose religion.
    • But that doesn't mean I can't ally with them.
    • French Response: You were the one who invaded!
    • Actually a Communist country can have religion. China has a Christian Church, it is government regulated but it IS THERE. Don't cross a post without verifying a possibility
    • Deleted this argument. This is for making the page look nicer, as arguments deter people from playing and only kill map games.
    • Romania Dip: We offer our help to help you finish your modernisation program by completing the work already made by the French with some socialist stance, not Communism. We would like to said to France that South Sudan would be better under Ethiopian rule as they have no ressouces to build themselve even a small economy, Ethiopia could at least help them by creating job.
    • French Response: But Ethiopia will need to prove that. Besides, they came as conqueros, not liberators!
    • Romania Dip: I proposed a referendum in South Sudan to choose if 1 - it stay fully independent. 2 - join Ethiopia as a whole. or 3 - stay independent but closely align with Ethiopia (economic deal, military protection and pass joint politic) I need the French and Ethiopian agreement for this situation.
    • Ethiopian Response: Ethiopia is in agreement with option two. If not that, they we wish to go with option three. We freed our brothers of the faith, and the fact that France, a nation we trusted as both common allies and fellow believers, was opposed to our attempt to place oppress Christians under the umbrella of a powerful ally is disgraceful. You need not look further than the growth of our railroad system and the new Bahir Dar industrial sector we opened recently for proof we can provide lasting jobs. And our ability to protect the South Sudanese people has already been proven by the fact we maintain 115,000 troops there.
    • French Response: Then in that case, why can;t you at least give us evidence? (AND NOT FALSE ONES).
    • Ethiopian Response: Are you blind and deaf? You can SEE our troops in South Sudan. You can SEE our factories in Bahir Dar. Do we need to drag the box full of contracts, notices, and reports to prove people are working? You want to read a train on one of the new railroad we built so you can see the progress here in the capital? Or do you want to sit in your office and ignore the proof that any man can see, hear, smell, and feel?
    • Romania Dip: I was thinking about a referendum in the South Sudan to let the people take there decision and see if you come as liberator of conqueror, Secret D: the people there will surely at least align themselve with you if you promise them help and could annex them later or immediately if the second option pass.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi continues to construct Leopard I tanks and aircraft in small quantities. Meanwhile, the navy constructs one cruiser, and begins to construct its first submarine. Saudi Arabia tells Indonesia that it would think about its proposal and get back to you next turn. The King of Arabia asks any major nuclear power to help the Saudis research into nuclear power (NO NUKES THOUGH, ONLY NUCLEAR POWER). Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia assures West Germany that no matter what, we will still buy weapons and equipment from you. Arabia, discussed by Great Britain's actions, cut off relations with the island nation, and arrests the ambassadors. They are immeaditly deported to one of Britain's colonies in the area.
  • Egypt: Upper Egypt begins their invasion, attacking Lower Egyptian forces along their border at the 28th Parallel. Despite initial successes, the Royal Egyptian forces keep the Communists from advancing up the Nile, forcing the Communists to travel through scorching hot desert to the west.
    • Romania Dip: We send supplies and vehicles to northern Egypt. to make the desert travel less hard for the Communist troops and be sure they will fight well.
    • Frenhpch Response: It SECRETLY sends several thousand troops, supplies, and weaponry to Lower Egypt.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: We send humanitarian aid to the civilians caught in the middle of the War.


  • West Germany: After Chancellor Konrad Adenauer makes his career-defining move, he is removed from office, for tarnishing West Germany's image, bringing national popularity to it's lowest since World War II. Former Vice Chancellor, Ludwig Erhard, and the one mainly responsible for the economic miracle, is brought into power, and is made Second Chancellor of the German Republic. He deeply apologizes for the actions of Adenaeur (who due to East German stressing out the West, went a little overboard in this Timeline. I probably should've mentioned that before everyone went insane, but hey, stirred up emotions in this game, didn't I. :P) The changes that the former Chancellor made are removed, along with allowing Freedom of Religion, including Atheism, and not only is homosexuality made legal, but despite that Erhard is super-conservative and religious, in order to save the nation's face, West Germany will become the first nation to officially legalize gay marriage, and asks for many atheists and LGBT citizens to return to West Germany, where they will be compensated for last year's incident. We also ask that France, UK and the United States do not break West Germany into Post-WWII status, and try to rebuild diplomatic relations to the three countries to apologize, and wishes to remain a member of GUD.
    • East Germany D: We are pleased to hear your new stance. And FYI East Germany legalized gay mariage in the EFZ(Economic Freedom Zone) last turn.
    • South Korea: Pleased that West German leadership has changed, we offer you several lucrative trade deals to help raise your economy above your eastern rivals.
    • West German Diplomacy: We would like to form a trade deal indeed.
  • Ethiopia: The military is expand again with 50,000 additional recruits. The production of tanks in Bahir Dar begins with the development of indigenous models, and expansion of the air force to complement its wing of F-86s. An agricultral project designed to diversify the crops is undertaken by th government, and another industrial sector is opened in Harer, put several thousands of unemployed Ethiopians to work. Expansion of the economy is swift, and the Emperor celebrates five years of continued economic growth. He plans to travel the nation, and visit the region of South Sudan, to strengthen the resolve of the troops there. Plans to a SAM system is planned, and Ethiopia looks to the Soviet Union for investment into the idea.
    • SECRET Romania Dip: Try to create job in South Sudan for the local population and spread your modernisation program there, you will surely gain some support for your annexation project. Also, the emperor os proposed to encountered the people of influence in South Sudan as you will gain a lot of local support.
    • SECRET Ethiopian Response: That appears to be a good idea. Ethiopia will try your plan.
  • South Korea: The economy continues to grow. To reflect this new wealth, the percentage of the GNP spent on the military is reduced (due to the large economy, this is still a huge amount of money). Several new weapons are purchased from the US military, while large scale recruitment is shutdown with the military service being stopped and the army becoming a volunteer force. Secretly several special forces units are sent into North Korea to scout defences and to assassinate any high ranking officers they can find. These are split into cells to prevent moles from giving them away. South Korea eager to show how free democracy is announces the implementation of several anti discrimination laws and allows the formation of a socialist party (while secretly keeping an eye on its members to draw any spies out).
    • Indonesian diplomacy: The junta suggests to the South Korean government an alliance for Asian nations independent of GUD for greater defence possibilities and for better co-operation.
    • South Korea: To prevent politics from getting in the way have the alliance a primarily economic one. Still, we will always regardless aid our allies.
  • Egypt: With the assistance of British and French troops, Lower Egypt manages to beat back the Upper Egyptian invasion, pushing them back to the collective border. As the lines stabilize, Royal Egyptian forces begin plans for another assault, there is talks of moving to invest in aircraft to support the troops in the ongoing conflict. The assault from the Western Desert however, sees more success and the Communist forces are within days of reaching the coastline.
  • East Germany: The Liberalization Act of 1963 is passed as a "perostoika" like measure to streamline the economy. The bullet train system is reaching 25% completion and is slated to be the fastest in the world currently. East Germany reduces defense spending slightly in order to ensure a stable budget. The Premier visits Saudi Arabia to see about a luctative trade deal involving oil and industrial capabilities. The troops in North Korea are pulled back to the USSR. This is to see how things go in the Korean Peninsula. Many citizens of the GDR (German Democratic Republic) are openingly asking for a possible re-unification as a neutral nation with West Germany, these people however remain a small minority. In accordance with the third 5-Year Plan, the EG begins manufacturing its own tanks and military equipment to help provide jobs and limit dependency on other nations. EG asks SECRETLY to meet with leading GUD and Neutral nations about the future of the GDR. (note NO META GAMING PLEASE) The Liberalization act is offically recognized in all autonomous districts.
  • Romania: We welcome the steps taken by both Germany and Korea and hope that this will allow to decrease the tension between the divided states. The modernisation of the country side and the growing industries in the cities continue and allow the unemployment to be reduce further. We send more support to the upper Egypt, Hungary Communist and Kurds rebel (when will those be over?). A propaganda campaign began to solidify the national unity and support to the government and make that the military force grow further.
  • Indonesia: The junta creates the internal peace force, a separate division of the army to deal with internal insurrections be them separatist groups or Communist aggitators, the group begins training in anti guerrilla and anti terrorist tactics. local industry starts to expand and the first national arms factory is built plans to make a native design for different types of fire arms and war machines is put forward. The revival is nearly completed and several history books are being put into fabrication to teach of history outside of the colonial impression based on the pre-imperial years before the Dutch and the Portuguese.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia continues to produce Leopard I tanks, and small amounts of aircraft. The Saudi King applauses West Germany's new chancellor. Construction on its first submarine ends and is launched. Expansion of the military continues, and humanitarian aid to the Egyptian civilians are sent. Saudi Arabia sends out an offer to its Middle Eastern allies (Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Yemen) as well as the UAE to form the Arab League (RNG please). To cripple Iraq's capabilites to fight, SECRETLY sends aid to the Kurdish rebels.
    • West German Diplomacy: We ask if you could please rebuild diplomatic relations with the UK and other GUD members, since we really, really, really, regret the actions of last year.
  • Italy: Italy gives the Pope more Security, (Hey, can i have a nuke network, or am I a scrub?)
  • Don't think so. You participated on the wrong side of WWII. I'm not totally sure though.
  • Brazil: Brasilia celebrates its 1 year anniversary as the new national capital. Crime crack down continues, with the finish date of 1965 in sight. Healthcare and social reforms continue. Submarines continue to be launched and more airplanes are ordered for the military. In accordance with the plan to make Brazil into a major power on the world stage, Brazil announces its first nuclear weapon which is state of the art for the year(1963) is officially completed and is named Brasilia I. This finally makes Brazil the 6th nuclear power in the world, 2nd in the Americas, and 1st in South America. The economy grows strongly. Troops are sent to Lower Egypt. Brazil asks Indonesia and Saudi Arabia for oil contracts to fuel growing Brazilian industries. (Note: I was supposed to finish the program in 1962, so this is the appropriate year to whoever said that last turn, also why did we skip 1961?)
    • ​Saudi Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia agrees to the oil deals. Also, we would like help from Brazil to help develope nuclear energy.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy:Agreed. It'll be a while because we ourselves have yet to produce nuclear energy for civilian purposes anyway.
  • France renames the union the French Union. It begins the investing into the economies and the development of businesses into former French colonies, hoping to establish a political, economical, and military bloc as a sub-branch of the GUD. They encourage Indonesia to develop democracy and SECRETLY asks Lower Egypt for help on its modernization and economy after this war is done.
    • West German Diplomacy: We want to rebuild diplomatic ties with France, after last years crisis, that brought up anti-German sentiment all over the world. We also have a plan, that could stop a possible World War III, but we want to share it, just with the French.
    • French Diplomacy: OK.
  • Mexico: Ambitious Mexican Polticians who wish to see Mexico become a larger power, begin plans for Mexico. Though it takes a strictly non-aligned policy.
  • And greetings Yoda gives. A break this game from take must Yoda for a new house has Yoda bought and at the house working to repair Yoda is. So miss turns Yoda will and care of America Gunsnad Glory must for Yoda. And 62nd Year is 1961 because 1900 was the first year and 1901 was second, etc etc. PEACE OUT!


This is the correct year now, people.

  • France continues research into the navy and its expansion. They begin building new naval bases in the coasts of its former African colonies. They praise Brazil for its entrance into the world stage. They continue to fight against the Upper Egyptians and its support for the anti-Communist Hungarians.
  • US: Launches an economic stimulus program to win over support in Cuba. Offers Brazil para-military forces to aid them in their anti crime war. In return, Brazil will allow the Americans to build a naval base outside Rio de Janeiro. Sends a 10,000 man expeditionary force to Upper Egypt (which, by the way, is in the south of the country). The US sends more aid to capitalist Hungarian rebels. President John F. Kennedy signs the Civil Rights Act. (Kennedy will win the 64 and get assassinated in 66.)
  • Brazilian Diplomacy: Accepts, but it'll have to be somewhere along the coast of Rio Grande Do Sul because Brasilia is deep inland!
  • US: Yeah, sorry. I meant an AFB, actually, but whatever.
  • Make that Rio de Janeiro, not Brasilia.
  • UK: Still slightly mistrustful of West Germany. withdraws 50,000 troops from Egypt. Election results come back with a heavy labour victory. Laser research is finished. First man enters space.
  • Israel continues to amp up its military and Israel launches an attack against Jordan to re-take the West bank. The construction industry continues to boom as more houses are built to house the Jewish immigrants.
    • Romania Dip: We denounce Israel aggression as it is purely territorial aim against the will of the Muslim who live there, we send a call to the Arab nations of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Iran to form a defensive alliance against Israel to prevent further expansion. (could someone make a RNG)
    • To the Romania player: OK, you seriously don't need to go around condemning everyone for everything, you play as Romania's government not as how you see it. Also the West Bank was Israeli territory. Also Arabs/Muslims hate you and Communism so they would never ally with you or the Soviets.
    • Sorry man, I am not fully integrated to the mechanism of the game, this is my first map game. For the west bank, I immediately check after and Israel was right and I withdraw what I say but I will try to make the minimal research before posting. The Muslim will not become my ally but I can support them, check on Wikipedia: Palestine-Russia relations and look history fifth paragraph.
    • Israel tells Romania not to get involved in matters which don't concern them. Jordan took the West bank from Israel as King Abdullah I of Jordan wanted to annex all of Israel into Jordan but couldn't because Jordan didn't do as well as hoped in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. Quite why a Communist state is supporting a kingdom in a war and getting involved in religious conflicts, baffles Israel.
    • The US again proposes the Middle East plan: that Israel changes from a Jewish nation to a secular nation and join up with other nations. (Lebanon, Jordan, etc.)
    • Israel is an American ally and thus, a potential enemy. Supporting its rival seem logical. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  • South Korea: The South Korean President makes a speech on how democracy is better than Communism due to the possibility of different politics existing. He also demands that North Korea be allowed a plebiscite to show if they actually want to remain controlled by a dictator. Secretly weapons and intelligence officers are sent into North Korea to set up an organised resistance movement. The navy is expanded to patrol the sea for North Korean raiders. No hostile actions occur on the border.
  • Romania: The navy expansion is complete with the 30 cruisers and 20 frigates. The industry continue to be build up and the unemployment is reduce thus making the government more popular, security is increased in the nation to protect the interest of the state. the military slightly grow with 3000 soldiers.
  • Did someone still make event? I would like to know what happen in Cyprus, Hungary and in Turkey.
  • In Cyprus, independence. In Hungary, a stalemate. In Turkey, what? Nothing's happening down in Anatolia.
  • I though there was something with the Kurd but for the event there is no more ?
  • Ethiopia: The Ethiopian government allots funds to th modernization of South Sudan, with the construction of a railroad between Bahir Dar and Juba to allow for transportation between the nations. Additionally, Ethiopia constructs factories in South Sudan to provide jobs for the locals, and provides the raw materials needed to fuel industry there. The military is expanded with the recruitment of some 45,000 troops, and purchase of 150 medium tanks and 20 jet fighters. Also, another industrial sector is opened in Jijija to encourage the rural population to move into the cities and gain an education. The Ethiopian Navy receives additional funding, and the warships are upgraded to modern military standards. The port of Massawa is expanded to handle more trade ships entering the port.
  • Damn it, you don't have South Sudan! Sudan is two nation, North and South, and they're happy now, so if you attack for conquest and annexation, your downfall will happen and thus will begin Ethiopia's collapse into anarchy and rise back into Communism.
  • Well, Ethiopia could at least try to become good friend with them and become a good ally to have the benefit of a strong trade systems. America, you could at least allow Ethiopia to help the South Sudan in their modernisation.Rdv65 (talk) 17:03, July 18, 2012 (UTC)
  • I said FUNDS, like the US FUNDED the restoration of Europe during the 1950s. And any Ethiopian company can sponsor the construction of a railroad in South Sudan from the Ethiopian side. And I can give another nation building materials as I see fit. And how will my nation collapse? Do you control it somehow? --"Truth fears no questions..." 14:36, July 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • This is what is really annoying about Vivaporius, he always plays as African nations (not the annoying part) and believes that they have all the money in the world and can go head to head with Europeans evenly. Then he thinks they can become like superpowers, or implausibly huge African empires. So stop. This is what got you banned from TE vs CP.
  • I don't always play African nations (I'm playing India in Battle for Earth but it died), but when I do, I choose them for the expansion space. Ethiopia historically had the money to fund its building projects, it just didn't have the people to pull them off. Look it up on the internet. What ticks me off is the narrow mindness. If Ethiopia could go head to head with a European nation and win twice, why not again with modern weapons they had OTL and ATL? You complaining isn't going of solve anything. And sign your name. --"Truth fears no questions..." 14:36, July 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • Indonesia: The RT63 (based on the AMD) is put into testing for deployment among the regulars. anti-guerrilla operations begin in northern Sumatra against the Aceh independence group, and along the border with Malaya in Borneo to stop any possible mergers. industry grows. An institute of biological and medical studies is put into commission to help centralize study efforts, and a national university is built in Jakarta with three more to be made in Sumatra, and Borneo. education is made compulsory to improve literacy in the population.
  • East Germany: The economy expands rapidly due to the Economic Freedom Zone, the GDR is well on its way to becoming the wealthiest Communist nation in the West. To make up for WW-II East Germany offers to provide military supplies and aid to Israel while still being technically neutral. The bullet train program is expanded to include other Warsaw Pact nations. Many people still are crying for the re-unification of East and West Germany as a peaceful neutral nation.
  • Egypt: The Communist assault on the Western Desert pays off, as Upper Egyptian tanks vehicles begins to threaten to encircle the Lower Egyptian forces massing at the border for the invasion.
    • French Response: It begins to send thousands of troops, tanks, war planes, and weapons to Egypt.
    • Romania reaction: We send more troops and equipment to the Communist.
  • Brazil: Production begins on more nuclear weapons and arsenals. Missile silos are built throughout the country one at a time. Brazil's war on crime continues stronger than ever due to US aid, with the finish date in 1965. Criminals and organized crime/drug cartels fear the wrath of the Brazilian government more than ever and the citizens feel safer. Two major drug cartels are busted and many members, including heads await trial in Brasilia.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia declares neutrality in the Israeli-Jordan conflict, due to our trade with West Germany. Meanwhile, production of tanks and jets in small numbers continues. Construction on Riyadh's first skyscraper begins.
    • Indonesian Diplomacy: An answer to the Indonesian proposal on oil prices made last year is requested.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: Yes.
    • West German Diplomacy: Our companies offer to help fund to help create massive downtown centre for Riyadh, similar to Manhattan or other massive cities.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia agrees to West Germany proposal, and also supports the reunification of East and West Germany in one neutral nation.
  • West Germany: West Germany still feels ostracized, continuing the U.K.'s lack of trust of the West Germans, despite us trying to repair Saudi-U.K. relations. While the country is still anti-Communist, the country is also becoming increasingly anti-GUD, considering the cold shoulder that the UK and France depicting the Germans in the most negative light since WWII. There are demands for a peaceful neutral re-unification with East Germany, are rapidly increasing, as the Christian Democrat Union is losing supporters, still remembering Konrad Adenauer, who died in August, reportedly from stress and regret (slightly earlier than OTL), public opinion is divided on him, who turned West Germany into Europe's richest country, but threatened not just war with the Communists, but with it's WWII foes, something that no one on either side wanted to see again. (However, right now, West Germany gets along far better with Saudi Arabia, then with anybody in Europe pretty much.) Forces at the Wehrmauer, are cut in half, and sent to bases in the west like Dusseldorf (Cutting the Wehrmauer defense to 60,000, but more for in case East Germany is forced to attack), should the U.K. try to refuse our apologies, and try to split us up. Talks are being considered to go to the SEZ in East Berlin, and make the first published announcements between each other for the first time since the Cold War started.
    • East German D: The East German Premier invites his Western counterpart to the German Economic Symposium located near the Alexanderplatz in the newly built Rottenger Building. The Symposium is a neutral ground area where the two Germanys can lay the ground work for a strong European free trade between nations without government restrictions. The Premier also offers to extend the Deutsche Bahn into West Germany. The meeting will also determine the course of economic relations between the two of us.


  • Mexico: Mexico declares their support for closer relationships with Western Germany and the West, as it would bring balance to the two sides. The main political party, the PRI (IPR?) carries the elections once again, liberal and Communist group claim the government is becoming totolitarian. The government applauds the United States passing the Civil Rights Act.
  • France, realizing they need to protect Egypt from Communism, SECRETLY asks Brazil to give support for the anti-Communists, warning them that if Communists control the Suez Canal, the whole non-Communist European economy will be on the decline. They send more troops to anti-Communist Egypt to combat the Egyptian Communists. They send at least 40,000 troops.
  • West Germany: Talks are going on, between the Bundestag, for a peaceful re-unification of Germany. However, we SECRETLY send about 50,000 soldiers to Egypt, to stop the Communists from taking over the Suez Canal, despite our future-neutral stance, this move will threaten the European economy, and could lead to further conflicts. We praise the Americans for passing the Civil Rights Act, and hopes that in the future, that regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, that everyone will have equal rights.
  • East Germany: The nations economy continues to grow. The GDR gov't continues to talk about possible re-unifcation, which has become extremely popular among the citizens of EGermany. The Stasi is downsized and is now regulated by the newly formed German Safety Defense Board, which now requires the Stasi to report to the People's gov't before attempting arrests. The death penalty is banned. The East German Premier travels to Upper Egypt To attempt to broker a peace agreement between the two Egypts. He states that the Suez Canal should be declared a neutral area for all nations of the world instead of being fought over by the GUD and Communists. The Canal is a great economic tool for the whole world, it should be shared by all. GDR extends alliance offers to Mexico and Saudi Arabia, that remains purely neutral in nature.
  • Ethiopia: The government turns its attention toward developing the slums surrounding the capital, and begins rooting out gangs, the homeless, and the unemployed, and offers them a job in the factories or the military. Also, Ethiopia draws up plans for the invasion of Somalia, seeking to expand its power and influence in the region. An appeal to the Soviet Union for military an economical aid is made. The Emperor returns from his visit to South Sudan, and requests to sponsor the development of the region hand-in-hand with Ethiopia. The second Five Year Plan in Ethiopia begins drawing to a close, and plans to exploit the proven oil reserves near Massawa is planned for the next five years, along with developing a military industry to increase the Ethiopian military's independence from foreign arms manufacturers. Dudes I'm an oil nation now! 1
  • Sorry to break your party, but the oil in South Sudan is still unknown to the world at this time-proof
  • Uh, the oil I'm talking about is in Massawa, Eritrea, not South Sudan. I was unaware there was oil in that nation. Than you for giving me a reason to invade that dust bowl.
  • Indonesia: industrialization continues, with Jakarta becoming one of the largest industrial cities in south east asia. counter insurgency operation continue with the internal security forces being granted extreme liberties in their operations including the right to arrest without warrent the ability to use live ammunition were necessary the permission to enter private property without warrant, amongst other things. elections are announced by the junta to be held within two years time, and a constitution will be written without further delay. The army is expanded to 60,000 active members. the education expantion continues with primary and secondary levels being promoted and made obligatory to aid the population literacy levels. An effort to break down organized crime begins and is tied to the anti insurgency operations.
  • Romania: More factories are built in the cities to reduce unemployment and increase the military and civilian production. The modernisation of the countryside is seem to going well when the crops are more numerous and of better quality than from the previous years. We send more supply and soldier to the Communist in Egypt as a victory seem possible. In Hungary, we recall some troops as the situation is a stalemate and we call for a peaceful issue through negotiation, some troops are keep there to protect the government buildings. A small part of of the military budget is instead redirected to improve some civilian domains in order to improve the popularity of the government.
  • Brazil: Expansion of nuclear arsenals continue. Nuclear energy for civilian usage is undergoing some tests. The Crime War is progressing with excellence, as each year drug rings and criminal organizations fall to the forces of greater Brazilian good. Embargos all Ethiopian products. Doubles aid to Lower Egypt, which is now at 30,000 troops. Increases further the aid to capitalist rebels in Hungary, now at 20,000 troops.
  • Korea: The President comes under pressure to begin steps to attempt to deal with the threat posed by North Korea. Nuclear power stations begin to be constructed thanks to the research from Brazil. More factories are built.


  1. With increased military aid to Lower Egypt, the Communists are driven back to the division line
  2. The Hungarian Civil War rages on with the capitalists slowly gaining on the Communists, but there is still no victor in sight.
  3. The UN will meet this year regarding the necessity to cap the number of nuclear nations in the world.
  • ​France's economy becomes one of the greatest in the world due to its economic, political and military bloc of the French Union in its former African and Asian colonies. France believes that the number of nuclear weapons, for the sake of world safety, should be limited. They SECRETLY send 5000 troops to the anti-Communist Hungarians and still SECRETLY continue to support the anti-Communist Egyptians.
  • Former colonies would never join you, they hate you. Even if this whole 'French Union' came about, it wouldn't give you one of the best economies in one turn. France and its economy won't be the same after WWII.
  • Indonesia: The RT rifle is scraped after military leaders deemed it a failure and another rifle design is being made, one more closely resembling western firearms. The Internal Security forces are cleaning up several separatist organizations in Aceh and a few known crime gangs throughout Jakarta. the first elections will be held next year with a member of the junta running for the presidency, a recent enterpriser as well will be running in the newly formed liberal party, and an Imam will also run on the lines of establishing Sharia law and building an Islamic republic.
  • Romania: Continues to support Communists in Egypt with a vast amount of supplies and some additional troops. A lot of supplies begun to be send in Romania along with additional troops in order to defend the current line and SECRETLY prepare an offensive but we call for negotation between the government and the people in order to stop the civil war and keep Hungary in the Warsaw pact. The government gain more support with the help of the additional fund spend in the civilian domains.
  • For you it's a proxy war, meaning you don't actually fight or invade Hungary.
  • I take that but why did I cannot have a small navy, in 1963, I complete my fleet expansion but it was scrapped when it take six full year and some Soviet shipyards open wih the man power who go with.Rdv65 (talk) 22:30, July 20, 2012 (UTC)
  • Mexico: Mexico focuses on tourism, while stopping surging gangs in the Yucatan Peninsula to avoid them growing.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia begins oil exploitation, and seeks foreign investment into project. It is hoped the by the 1970s, the drilling of oil may reach full capacity, turning out thousands of barrels of oil from the port city of Massawa. Meanwhile, the government extends the railroad network to the Eritrea cites, connecting the new Ethiopian rails to the older Italian ones. Also, a tank factory is built in Gondar, and a munitions factories in Harer, allowing the military to begin producing its own military vehicles and weapons. The Emperor begins a project to extend modern utilities such as plumbing and electricity to the rural sectors of the empire.
    • Romania D: We would be interested to invest as we develop our industry and we in consequence need more oil than before, a trade deal is proposed
    • Ethiopian Response: We would be happy to trade our oil with you. We would like to sell the crude oil to you in exchange for wheat and other food products to combat the possibility of drought in our country.
    • Romania Dip: we agree to trade you some foods for some raw material.
    • You don't have any oil yet, it takes ten years to properly extract and begin exploitation. After that, a flow is created and won't stop unless You stop drilling or The deposit empties.
    • The oil was discovered in 1929, and the there is no timeline on the ability to drill oil. That is unless you mean building the oil rig and recruiting the crew, then that takes about a year, and then there is the drilling down until oil is hit, which is no more than four or five months. I think you should read this. It doesn't take tens years to drill and sell oil. If your speaking purely in game terms, then that to is a bit to long. In OTL, it takes a far shorter period of time. Correct me if I am wrong please.
    • It takes that long to refine it, many other processes to begin to make the oil into what people use it for. 10 years. Take it or leave it no arguments, Viva.
    • I'll leave it. And the speed of refining depends on th oil type. If from Arabia, a few weeks at most for a couple barrels. If from California, much longer. It takes a month to refine oil into the gas we put into cars. And all of this aside, I don't need to refine my oil, all I have to do is sell it and let the buyer refine it himself. And if you could provide me some proof of this ten years stuff, and I'd be happy to leave the issue be.
  • South Korea: The military begin to ease the US servicemen out of frontline duties. Secretly, a several high ranking military officers begin to plan a coup due to their belief that the President should let them invade the north before it attacks. The economy continues to be enhanced. The South Korean nuclear program comprising of the scientists which have arrived from Brazil are asked to build only a singular nuclear bomb as a deterrent, due to the belief that too many are a threat to mankind's existence.
  • Sorry, the Koreas are not allowed to have weapons. And it'll violate soon-to-be UN regulations.
  • It doesn't mean I have pay attention to the UN.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia continues to expand its infrastructure across the poor regions. Several new skyscrapers in Riyadh being to rise out of the ground, and are expected to be finished in 1969. Meanwhile, manufacturing small amount of Leopard I tanks and British fighter jets continue. Drilling for oil increases, and construction on a pipeline and port that goes to the western coast of Saudi Arabia begins, so that the oil imports from the country don't have to go by Iran and the choke point of the Strait of Hormuz.
    • An offer of alliance is sent to Saudi Arabia for the peaceful exchange of resources between Arabia and the newly formed United German Confederation. We announce that this is a neutral pact and will not effect other alliance obligations.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: Saudi Agrees to the trade resources and alliance.
  • East Germany: East Germany announces plans to reunify both Germanys next year. The government is already working on the new United German Confederation's Constitution in conjunction with West Germany. the new Germany will be a neutral-capitalist nation in which all nations of the world may meet to settle differences peacefully. The military of the two Germanys will be merged into the Deutsche Homeland Security Force, which will be similar in nature to Japan's security force. We will shun all war unless it is in the defense of the Fatherland. East Germany accepts West German troops numbering 250,000 to help secure the new borders and to establish the Defence force. The Duetsche Bahn is extended into West Germany with plans to link up with the French train lines if permitted. The Premier announces that on July 7, 1966 the two Germanys will be come one. An offer of alliance is sent from the German Provisionary Council to Israel with offers to help the Israelis in the defense of their homeland. As reparations for WWII, millions of Duetsche Marks in aid is sent to Israel. Construction begins on the Holocaust Memorial near Alexanderplatz in Berlin to memorialize the tragic loss of life caused by the cruel Nazi Regime.
  • Israel: Continues to amp up its military and Israel defeats Jordan to re-take the West bank. Israel wonders what to do with the state after the Jordanian royal family were killed in an airstrike, and begins to help lay the foundations of a secularist, peaceful republic. Israel annexes the west bank into Israel and Israel begins to wonder what to do with all the new Muslim populace, but as a preliminary Israel begins to separate the Muslim and Jewish communities. Israel is also unsure about what to do with Jordan now that the royal family have died and the nation has fell into civil war with various military leaders trying to take over Jordan in various military coups and counter coups. Israel approaches Saudi Arabia and proposes to split Jordan between the Saudis and Israelis, with most of the Muslims being sent to live in Saudi Arabia.
    • Saudi Diplomacy (NOT SURE IF PLAUSIBLE, BUT I'LL GO AHEAD AND ACCEPT!): We agree to split Jordan in the name of helping our Muslim brothers and sisters.
    • Israel is glad Saudi Arabia decided to go ahead with the plan. Now Israel has plenty of land for its people and can go about setting up a peaceful co-existence in Israel between all creeds.
  • Brazil: Nuclear arsenals expand. President Neves congratulates fellow GUD member Israel on its reconquest of the West Bank. The economy strengthens to the best point in 10 years and analysts predict that the Brazilian economy will be the best in the Americas(except the US though we're way behind them). Favelas receive increased city funding for electricity,proper plumbing,basic utilities,etc to turn them into much better areas. The Crime War goes swimmingly for the Brazilian/American paramilitary forces with more and more criminals and drug rings being crushed underfoot. President Neves meets with Congress to discuss the course of his ambitious,yet do-able plan. The plan is to turn Brazil into a "United States of South America." Basically meaning that Brazil aspires to look in every aspect, like the US. It'll be a while,but the plan has already been advancing. The Healthcare,social,and work related reforms have been enacted,, the war to eliminate high crime is about to end(with proper sweeps every three years to make sure nothing comes back), and the plans for the economy.
  1. West Germany: 'With plans to reunify Germany, Ludwig Erhard says that the German people will once again, be fully free, and orders the immediate dismantling of the Wehrmauer between West and East Germany. (The Czechoslovak Wehrmauer will still be kept up, since Czechoslovakia is still a threat). Plans are made to start building a new Bundestag (or whatever the new government's name will be) building in Berlin, that will stretch between the border of West and East Berlin. There are also plans, to build massive downtown projects in six different cities, the same people who are doing the Riyadh project. Köln (Cologne), Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munchen (Munich) in the West, and Dresden and Berlin in the East, as a sign that re-Unified Germany will have the second strongest economy in the world. (This was before Communism really slumped, so there will be no recession, that happened when the country re-unified OTL in 1990.). West German engineers also want to do a super-project with the SEZ in East Berlin, and make it even bigger than Manhattan, including a planned supertall skyscraper, named Wiedervereinigung Tower. This skyscraper will be 66 stories, and over 280 metres tall, the tallest skyscraper outside of the United States. For the Bundeswehr, which will be replaced by the re-unified Homeland Security Force, conscription will stay in place for about 10 years, or until it can be determined that Germany will remain safe, which then we will eventually turn to a volunteer-based system for our military. As previously announced, 250,000 of our troops are stationed are being kept in East Germany, to keep the country safe, in case the Communists retaliate. For the next two years, West Germany has renamed itself, The West German Confederation, before re-unification. After the next turn, when Germany re-unifies, unless something happens that requires two players, I will give control of all of Germany to Andr'3w777, and I will pick another country. (I'm thinking of Switzerland or Finland). Until then, I will play as West German Confederation.


  1. Hungarian capitalists gain on the Communists and push for Budapest.
  2. A stalemate develops in Egypt.
  3. Reunification of Germany into a neutral capitalist nation puts the Warsaw Pact on high alert.

It takes ten years for ALL processes to complete their functions in order for the oil to be ready for exportation. This is only for the initial extraction process.No arguments, i don't care what you say vivaporious. Don't respond, just post accordingly. Don't test me.

  • Ethiopia: Oil exploration begins on the coast on Eritrea, and plans to being exploiting the resource beings. All Brazilians in the country are deported, and no reason is given as to why. Those who stay are attacked by the locals. The service sector is developed to increase tourism to the nation, and to provide a safe visit, troops are ordered to root out any and all rebel activity in the nation. The Emperor lays out his plans for the empire at large, including bringing South Sudan and Somalia into the nation in the future. Using foreign aid money, plans to upgrade the mines in the highlands are laid out, and new roads to get equipment there are built.
  • No out of game vendettas are allowed to be used in games. The reason there is an embargo is because you are aligning yourself with the Communists, an actual' reason.
  • I'm targetting nations aligned with the GUD which refused to come to my aid when I needed. The Brazilians are a members, and so happen to be an enemy. You don't shelter your enemy. Another reason. I'm just not dumb enough to target Americans or Brits. But I'm willing to concede on this one.
  • Nice, yet convenient reason. That's a very thinly veiled response full of crap. You have not targetted nations like that before yet now you do specifically Brazil, my nation. You should be smart enough to know that Brazil is incredibly powerful and a nuclear nation, second behind the US in the Americas. And ha nice job the Brazilians are prideful people and would not go to of all places to go, to Ethiopia. Yes! The land of opportunity! Ethiopia! Where everything is plentiful and cities shine like beacons in the night sky! I'd suggest you stop with your implausibility or you'll be banned from your second map game you know unless there's more map games that have done so. Don't reply, you know where those get you.
  • There 5000 French citizens living in Chad right now. Very nice place to live with all the landmines. I can kick expirates out of my nations as I please, as do other OTL nation. Nothing implausible about that unless I purposely declare war on Brazil. And your abusing your power as a mod just to settle an argument? Very shameful.
  • Excuse me? We mods are here to ensure that things get under control. And so far, you are absolutely out of control. First, you think that African countries you control are prosperous lands of opportunity, FALSE. Second of all, you made a lie that South Sudanese endorsed Ethiopian annexation. FALSE. Ans finally, you think that you can outmatch the most powerful nations. FALSE. Look, the real person who should be ashamed,mis you. --RandomWriterGuy (talk) 04:37, July 21, 2012 (UTC)
  • First I'm not ashamed of myself. Second, never did I allude to the idea that I ever thought I was prosperous. I even made it clear that I sought foreign investement in my country for development. In regards to industrialization, look at Eritrea. It took old Italian traincars, and rebuilt part of its railway alone. It took ten years for me to have Ethiopia do the same. In regards to me lying, I saw a number of players (turns out they were mods) controlling other nations. That was my failing. I never said my nation could take on the Europeans, but considering that I outnumber them, and Ethiopia had better weapons at this time, I would have used attrition to win, not superior training or firepower. And I never said I could take on superior nations at any point in this game. At all. None of my moves are implausible. There is oil in Massawa. The Ethiopians can kick other nationalities from their nation (America did it with the Cubans, Germany to the Jews, the Jews to the Palestinians, and the Japanese to the Koreans). And more importantly, like all the other players here, I'm using the same tactics (adjusted of course) to build my nation. Give me one example of where I thought I had limitless funds on the game. I want to see this implausibility.
  • Ok, ok, enough arguing. You never claimed that. So only two strikes. I'm back, btw. The Royal Guns (talk) 13:49, July 21, 2012 (UTC)
  • Yes sir. But exactly did I not claim? --"Truth fears no questions..." 16:11, July 21, 2012 (UTC)
  • France sees the establishment of a united Germany a peace settlement and a hopeful way to ease Cold War tensions. They praise all who supported the German reunification movement, but reminds them it will have unexpected consequences. Knowing that the Warsaw Pact is not pleased, they SECRETLY send bodyguards to pro-reunificationist German politicians until otherwise. They SECRETLY continue to support the Hungarians as well as the Egyptians.
  • Indonesia: The first elections in indonesian history are held and capatalist Jaya Kartawijaya is elected by a very small margin over General Suharto (look up Suharto online he was the one who actually removed Sukarno from power in 1964 he ruled indonesia until the 1990's) who under the orders of the new president is appointed the position of head of the General's Directory a new council which will help run the country created by the newly instituted senate in Jakarta, both will act as balances to the other. Suppression campaigns continue against any possible separatist or Communist movements. as the nation opts to create a national navy and requests, French, British and American help in creating the navy. Due to the growing industry, newly established democracy, vibrant culture and relative stability and safety the new government decides to put forth a campaign to attract tourists to Indonesia and to attract foreign investment into its growing market.
  • West German Confederation: The final politician meeting in the Bundestag, the West German government moves from Bonn to Berlin, where the next meeting is scheduled for after reunification. Work on the massive city centres continue, which will be in the hands of a Reunifed Germany. When July 6 arrives, West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard sends East German Premeir Alek Wuhrmburg, a congratulations on doing what was thought to be impossible a decade ago, a peaceful reunification of Germany, as midnight quickly approaches. People on both sides have long since partied all night in both Berlin and near the border, including families separated for over a decade. Elections will be held to see who will be in charge of a Reunified Germany, including candidates from both sides of the country. Any Communist prisoners, arrested during the previous years, who were not pro-Soviet, but rather pro-East Germany, has been allowed to seek asylum in Berlin since the beginning of the year. The Bundeswehr are integrated into the Deutshe Homeland Security Force, where 250,000 soldiers will keep the eastern borders safe from any retaliation that the Soviets and her allies may bring. As the 1966 World Cup arrives less than a week after, it is time to show off a Reunifed German national football team. (If you saw double, my bad. By the way, I may play as the West German Confederation for one or two more turns, or more depending on the situation, and then I give control of all of Germany to Andr3w777. I will pick another country, if that's allowed)
  • East German Confederation: Premier Alek Wuhrmburg announces that he will not run as a political candidate in the Bundestag of the United German Confederation. He states that the people deserve to choose between new leaders who can lead the nation into an Era of peace and prosperity.. Berlin asks the Olympic Games Committee to be put on the ballet for the next Olympic Games. Parties run late into the night as families celebrate thr joyous Union of the the nation, something that many people said were impossible. A bill is passed in the new Senate Chambers that will authorize the construction of six large monuments dedicated to leaders of the what has been dubbed "The Great Re-Unification". Each of the six new monuments will be built as an add on to the remodling of German Cities. The Deutsch Bahn finally connects to Bonn, where a large celebration party comenses after the laying of the final gold track link, signifing the new Union. Nuetral Alliance offers are extended to Brazil, France and the UK. These neutral alliances are merely for trade and security purposes, they will not impede on a neutral Germany. The Stasi is offically disbanded, all political prisoners from GUD nations are released and sent to their respective homes. The Deutsche Homeland Security Force begins securing the borders to Warsaw Pact Poland and other Eastern nations as a pre-caution. An offer a trade and a provisionary alliance is also sent to Romania, it is stressed that it is primarily for trade. The gov't offically states that it will not participate in "proxy wars" unless forced by certain circumstances. All troops in Egypt, Hungary and North Korea arive back home. The East German Confederation issues a press release stating that it will continue to have diplomatic ties with all nations. It extends an offer of trade to the USSR as well as a pledge to stay out of Russian affairs providing Russia do the same.
  • Romania: More troops are send in Hungary to protect the government and evacuate it in the case that the nation fall to the rebels. More supplies and weapons are send in Hungary and Communist Egypt as a limited war industry is launched. Surprised by the re-unification of both Germany, the government decide to repect their neutrality as we don't want them to join the GUD and their neutrality make that they are not a threat to us. The fleet expansion is completed with 25 corvettes and 18 frigate built (It took nearly ten years and I had the support of the Soviet Union, so if you decide to cross it, I would be curious to know why you do that, thank you)
    • East German Dip: East Germany is glad to hear of Romania's position and thanks the government for understanding.
    • West German Diplomacy: We are happy too, we hope that Romania will be able to trade with a neutral Germany.
    • Romanian response: We would be happy to trade with a neutral Germany as long as you stay neutral.
  • Brazil: President Tancredo Neves proudly announces on Brazilian state television that the War on crime and drugs is over. Over 6 powerful drug cartels have been taken down, leaders and all with minor underlings remaining on the loose. Hundreds of thousands of criminals have been imprisoned by the Brazilian government, effectively ridding urban and parts of rural areas of a lot of crime. Of course crime will always be a problem for every country, but Brazil is much safer than it was ten years ago. Brazil becomes the safest Latin American nation according to a new study. The economy goes strong. President Neves' plan goes swimmingly and Brazil is on its way to its goals. Favelas continue their improvements, the reforms continue their implementation. Nuclear arsenals expand. American paramilitary troops are sent back to the US, each presented with a special medal from President Neves and any dead are given proper funerals funded by the Brazilian gov't. Nuclear energy continues its research with any advances given to Saudi Arabia. Brazil places a bid for the Olympics and accepts East Germany's offer. Brazil begins construction of two (2) 305 foot statues of Germania and Arminius with Germania holding West Germany and Arminius holding East Germany. They will be holding both map pieces up in the air together to symbolize the reunification. These pieces will finish in 1971.
  • Hey people. I'm now the mod of Olympics. Ima pick yer Olympics.
    • West Germany approves of Berlin being the place for the next Summer Olympics (whenever the next open spot is)
    • East Germany thanks Brazil for their support on Reunification. We are pleasantly surprised by the actions of the Brazilian Government. To show appreciation, The world's tallest tower currently underconstruction on the border of East and West Berlin is christened the President Tancredo Neves National Unity Building. and it is hoped that the building will be finished by 1974.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia thanks the Brazilians for their latests advancements in nuclear energy, and small amounts of research begin from these advancements, but not much. (THIS NUCLEAR ENERGY IS ONLY FOR POWER, NO NUKES). Soldiers enter its portion of Jordan to protect the Muslim population in the area. The King of Arabia acknowledges Germany's reunification, and accepts their neutrality. Brazil's increase in less crime has inspired the King of Arabia to help turn Saudi Arabia into the symbol of peace in the Middle East.
    • And Before the Mods start their act. The deal between Brazil and Saudi Arabia over Nuclear Energy was established before the United Nations Nuclear Nations Limit Talk, So It is valid. Enclavehunter (talk) 04:58, July 21, 2012 (UTC)
  • South Korea: A bomb is detonated in Souel killing the president. Though no evidence to the perpretators of this attack is found, the top generals blame the North. Immediately troops are mobilised and begin to assault the border. The spec ops teams already inside the north begin to bomb railway tracks and ambush supply covoys. General Park Chung-Hee declares himself emergency commander in chief until the emergency is over. He states that South Korea is simply avenging the attack and has ordered his men to allow any forigners in North Korea to leave the country if they wish.
    • Romania Dip: We SECRETLY send supplies to the north to help defend itself and ask the south to make a real investigation before jumping to a conclusion.
    • Indonesian Diplomacy: The Indonesian government gives their condolences to the South Korean people and offers full backing in any actions they see fit to take, including sending forces if requested to aid any South Korean military actions.
  • UK: (I'M BACK!) Due to splits with Germany's reunification, the PM goes to country (that means calling an election early). Denounces both the bombing of SKs president and their retalitory actions. All units placed in foreign countries are pulled back in anticipation. A nuclear plant is built outside Glasgow.
  • Egypt: After years of fighting, and no tangible changes in territory, Lower Egypt extends an armistice to Upper Egypt, in an attempt to end the fighting.


  1. Hungarian capitalist rebels take the city of Budapest with strong GUD support after a bloody siege and seven months of fighting. (Note: this does not mean they won; the commies have other strongholds).
  2. West Germany and East Germany have reunited officially
  3. The number of nuclear WEAPON nations has been capped at six (USA, France, UK, USSR, China, Brazil) any further nuclear weapon programs will be met with sanctions.
  • Czechoslovakia begins heavily expanding industry, especially towards the modern "Black Triangle" region. The government also begins to spend much more on its military than before, focusing on expanding the nation's comparitively small air force. The military also begins sending support to the remaining Hungarian loyalists in an attempt to tip the balance of the war.
  • Ethiopia: The Emperor of Ethiopia tours one of the new factories built in the country, applauding the recent efforts to build the nation. He continues to seek foreign investment into his nation, and given the poor aid given him by the Communists, he had declared Ethiopia completely neutral in all worldly affairs. The GUD and the Warsaw Pact are to be treated as equal forces, and their dealings with the country are not to be considered political moves on their part. The Empero announces that he will increase taxes to aid in the modernization of the capital, and to develop modern transportation for the other cities over the next five years. The military is downsized to 150,000 troops from its peak at 500,000. Plans to cut back on military expenditure is planned, and efforts to exploit the mineral rich mountains is to go ahead at the beginning of next year. The laws regulating business are loussend to allow for easier trade, and the government is reformed to root out any corruption that previous reforms missed. The Emperor provides more rights for the Eritrean, Tigray, and Amhara ethnic groups to cut back on dissension, and plans to resolve many of the justice issues of the country are planned for the future. It is hoped that this will attract more foreigners to invest, and aid the nation in its drive to build the economy.
    • Czechoslovakia Dip: Government officials, seeing a potential ally, offer to increase finacial aid and trade with Ethiopia.
    • Ethiopian Response: Ethiopia accepts, as the aid is very welcomed in this time of hard work.
    • Romania Dip: We respect your choice of neutrality and propose you oue help to help with your futur oil industry as we have some experience in the domain( we have the biggest source in eastern Europe )
    • Ethiopian R: Ethiopia thanks Romania for its respect for the nation's decision. We wish you to know that this is only a temporary solution to a short-term issue. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia continues to research into NUCLEAR POWER with the data given to them by the Brazilians, but is expected to take more time to research. Meanwhile, manafacturing of the Leopard I tanks continue, and construction on infrastructure in Saudi Jordan continues. In Riydah, the several new skyscrapers are at their midpoint, and is expected to be finished by 1970. Meanwhile, the pipeline to the new port on the other side of the country continues, while the port is at 75%.
  • United German Confederation: The Confederation hold its first national elections with the Federal Party winning over the Social Democrat Party. The new Chancellor is Erwin Ross. The redevelopment of city centres continues, along with the construction of the Great Re-unification leaders. Chancellor Ross tours the newly reunited nation before traveling to Paris, London, Rio De Janeiro, Washington and then rounding out his tour in Hamburg. Germany asks South Korea to investigate the situation more before another terrible war breaks out in the reason. The United German Confederation asks to be recognised by the UN. The Deutsche Bahn continues construction, now linking up the cities of Berlin, Dresden, Bonn, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg. Nuclear research for POWER purposes is asked form Nuclear nations. The President Tancredo Neves National Unity Building or Neves International is reaching 15% construction, at the finished height of 1700.8 ft it will mark it as the largest tower in the world. The economy begins to boom with all the consruction and modernization, it is expected the the UGC's GDP will grown by 35% in the next ten years, making it the wealthiest nation in Central Europe, and among the wealthiest in the world. the old marks are fzed out for the new Einheit Mark which stands for Unity. The offical foreign policy of the new nation will be neutrality, although we do not see the issue in joining the Western European Union or some other economic body. UGC asks for an alliance with France and the UK.
    • French Diplomacy: Sure.
  • Indonesia: The government continues fueling the industrialization process in the rest of the country. and the construction of a national navy is started to protect national waters. An offer is made to Malaysia to settle the border dispute to OTL borders (RNG, someone). National resources exploitation is put under a restriction now as some areas are granted complete permission for unrestricted exploitation while other areas considered natural treasures are made into special areas under government protection with plans to make them hunting areas in certain seasons and national parks. The national Universityof Jakarta is completed and opened with upper education being made free for those who wish to follow a higher education after high school, studies in engineering, and medicine continue. a nuclear free zone is declared across the indonesian territory with a declaration that no nation is permited to transport nuclear weapons or material save for civilian use through Indonesian territory, all nuclear weapons found in national borders will be confiscated and handed over to the U.N. for destruction, it resquests that all nuclear powers accept the Indonesian declaration.
  • Romania: We continue to support Hungary and the Communist Egypt, we have our troop in Hungary ready to evacuate the government at any moment. We offer Czechoslovakia an oil deal and to make joint military research project in order to become stronger. The industry build up and and modernisation of the country side are stop as the government judged that the job has been well done. We send more supplies in NK to protect the nation from the South Koreans.
  • France sees the victory at Budapest a sign that Hungary will emerge from its cruel, Communist regime. They still continue to support the anti-Communist Hungarians. They praise Germany for its reunification and resolving of their differences. They continue to support the anti-Communist Egyptians, yet would like it if at least a cease-fire was enabled into place. They SECRETLY ask Brazil for help in the Hungarian and Egyptian civil wars.
  • Greece: Applauds the German reunification and encourages Germany to pursue a capitalist future. Begins research into nuclear power plants and asks the USA for help.
  • Brazil: President Neves announces that, in order for Brazil to remain the safest country, sweeps will be performed by the Brazilian government every three years until 1981. His plan goes extremely well. Nuclear arsenals expand and research begins on ICBMs. Nuclear submarines begin production. The commissioned statues go great and due to expanded manpower, they will finish in 1970 instead of 1971. President Neves travels to the newly reunified Germany to meet with the Chancellor to personally accept an alliance and to tour the site of the statues in Berlin. Neves is expected to be strong contender in the elections next year and many believe that a challenger's campaign will be a joke due to Neves' immensely high approval ratings, currently at 83%.
  • South Korea: The army marches across the border, taking heavy casulties as it goes but begins to weaken the defenders down enough to breach the border in several points. The armed reserve is called to re-enforce the depleted units.


  1. The last Communist Hungarian stronghold in the east, Mariapoc, falls to the Hungarian capitalists. Since it is close to the border, the Hungarian government flees to Romania.
  2. Stalemate continues in Egypt.
  3. The new Hungarian gov't applies for membership into the GUD at the end of the year.
  • France celebrates its victory over the Hungarian Communists and hope that democracy and economic prosperity can develop in the country. Reconstruction begins as the war-torn nation is trying to get back on its feet. They immediately accept Hungsrian membership into the GUD. They withdraw most of their military force from Hungari, though keep a small part for security reasons. The reinforcements are now used to help combat Egyptian Communists, as aid the country has doubled in order to break the stalemate.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia continues its research into nuclear energy, and is expected to be finished by 1972. Meanwhile, the pipeline to the new port is finished, and the skyscrapers in Riydah are at 50% complete. Construction on Leopard I tanks continue, and designing of an indigenous machine gun with the capabilies of the Browning M2 begins.
  • Romania: The troops return from Hungary and many are assigned to keep the frontier with Hungary but most of the newly liberated troops are send in Egypt to support the Communist, all the supplies produce is send there as well. The security is re-enforced everywhere in the nation and some minor reform are passed to make the government more popular. Romania also think about starting its nuclear program for civilian purpose and invite Czechoslovakia to join us, help in ask to the USSR to speed up the research. A massive propaganda campaign begun named THE ENEMY AT THE DOOR in order to encourage the Romanian citizens to join the military or the newly civilian milita who is trained by retired officiers and soldiers, 20,000 people join the new milita in the first year.
    • Czechoslovakia Dip: Czechoslovakia gladly accepts the offer to join in the nuclear research, and applauds Romania's military efforts in Egypt. Military officials begin to schedule meetings with Romanian comanders to formulate a new strategy for the war. Top officials also accept last year's oil deal.
    • Czechoslovakia Dip (Again): Czechoslovakia requests Romania's assistance in launching an invasion of Lower Egypt to answer reinforcements from the UK and France.
    • Romania Dip: I would like but we can`t we can only support Upper Egypt with supply or weapon(I would like the confirmation of a mod for this statement)
    • You people need to understand that most of the world doesn't care about what Romania or Czechoslovakia do. They are weak and basically puppets of the Soviet Union. And no, you can't invade Lower Egypt - especially Czechoslovakia, you guys are a landlocked nation. Help yourselves out first before you go invading faraway places. They were called proxy wars for a reason.
    • 'C'zechoslovakia withdraws all remaining forces from Hungary, but hopes to return there sometime in the future. In the meantime, the military continues to fund its expansion and technological advancement. Military officials also begin sending aid to the Egyptian Communist forces in conjunction with Romania, hoping to end the stalemate and force the surrender of Lower Egypt. Increased trade with Ethiopia bodes well for the nation, helping to grow its economy along with the industrial expansion. As such, diplomats work to keep the Ethiopian relationship healthy.
  • UK: Offers a nuke reactor to the Saudis as long as observers are present (becase you can use those things to make plutonium). In exchange, Oil will be given to the UK at half normal price. Accepts German offer. Sends 50,000 troops to Egypt to combat the Hungarians.
  • Hungary: The first President of the Free Republic of Hungary, Imre Nagy, declares his intention to join the GUD, and be a free country. All attempts to establish a Neutral Capitalist (Germany) or Neutral Communist (Yugoslavia) have failed, leading to aligning with the capitalists. Free trade and Universial Rights are promoted, and we ask Germany for an economic alliance, impressed with their rank as the richest in Europe. While not a military alliance, we want to buy 500,000 Heckler and Koch G3 rifles, and 25,000 Leopard I tanks for our Honvédség from German weapon developers. To maintain the defense of Hungary, President Nagy declares a military policy similar to Israel. We become the second country in the world to enable conscription for women as well, since we need all available soldiers, in case the Communists attack. We ask for Krav Maga masters from Israel to come teach the martial art to Hungarian soldiers, impressed with footage from the Arab-Israeli War, with their self-defense. In other news, we will allow American, British, French and German companies to set up services in Budapest, to bring our country to Western European standards. Hungary plans to guarantee Freedom of Religion, and plans to become the third (second, if we count that Germany is re-unified) country to allow same-sex marriage.
    • United German Confederation Dip: We accept the economic alliance. We also sell you the H&K rifles and 25,000 Leopard I tanks.
  • United German Confederation: The Confederation works on further expanding its economy into consumer electronics, Siemens Electric begins to build computers for the US DARPA and for our own gov't use. BMW continues with the new M series luxury sedans, making them the standard of the world. The Chancellor personal greats Neves at the Berlin International Airport and begins to show President Neves the sights of the New Berlin. He even shows Neves the unfinished Neves Building, which upon completion will be the tallest in the world. The tour rounds up with a dinner in the Chancellory. The Chancellor travels to Paris for an economic summit of European nations. The Deutsche Bahn is expanded to three more German ciites with one line being built toward France. Germany declares its support for Israel and extends the offer of alliance. The city centres are advancing faster than previously thought and may be finished before 1974. The military upgrades it weaponry and immediately begins to build the new Leopard Mark II tank, which is faster and better armoured then its predecessor.
  • What talks? To the best of my knowledge, the majority of the troops there belong to the UK ... and I never said anyhing about ceasefires. In fact, pretty much said I wouldn't accept one.
  • Oh I was under the impression that it was a stalemate, there are no talks. I thought I'd start one, me being neutral I thought it would be a good idea. If not, then ignore that part. Confusion on my part.

u*Brazil: In accordance with Neves' plan, the Brazilian police and paramilitary forces begin preparations for the every three year sweeps, the first one starting next year. Brazil recognises Hungary as a capitalist nation. A medium-sized contingent remains to defend any possible attacks. With the withdrawal of troops from Hungary, Brazil doubles its troops and aid to Lower Egypt. The Brazilian Navy is sent to close off the portion of the Red Sea that belongs to Upper Egypt.

  • South Korea: Several large skirmishs occur across the frontline but other than slight differences in controlled land, no advantage is gained by either side. A large mobilisation of troops occurs at both coasts supported by a split South Korean Navy.


  1. The stalemate in Egypt is broken! Capitalist Lower Egypt advances on Upper Egypt due to huge amounts of aid from the UK, France and Brazil. (Sorry, Communists but there is no logical way to send aid to Upper Egypt -- the UK is protecting the lower Egyptian coastline, Brazil is making sure no supplies get through from the Red Sea, and Israel is on the east and they surely would not help you. And you don't have air bases nearby so no airlifts. So the only thing to do basically is to go through Libya and cross the land border with Egypt.
  • Czechoslovakia continues to expand its military and industry. Conscription levels are at an all-time high in the nation. After the end of the stalemate, most leaders have worriedly turned their eyes to the growing military of neighboring Hungary.
  • Did you not read the mod event? There is no easy way to send them aid and that's why they're losing.
  • Wow, I feel really flattered that someone map a new versions of my map game (Spread of Communism). GRSGov (talk) 17:39, July 22, 2012 (UTC)
  • It's a great game, the first one just went off the path so we made a new one. Feel free to play. AP (talk) 17:41, July 22, 2012 (UTC)
  • South Korea: A massive attack is launched to attempt to push through to Pyongyang takes place. Though the northern forces are thrown back to the hills, several miles south of the city, the attack grinds to a halt as the defence is consolidated. Meanwhile a second army group begins to roll northwards along the eastern coast.
  • France continues to send aid to Capitalist Egypt in order to defeat the Communists. To ensure Communism does not take over Hungary anymore, they spread messages to the people warning the system's dangers. They continue to aid Hungary in reconstruction. Realizing South Korea declared war on its northern neighbor, they are automatically pulled into the conflict.
  • The United German Confederation: remains neutral in any war and instead focuses on massively updating the military and private sectors. The Chancellor announces due to family issues, he will not run for re-election next year. The German City Centres reach 75% completion and are already being labeled as "technological marvels" and architectural gems. The Bundestag passes the Anti-Trust act of 1969 to ensure that the burgeoning technological landscape remains fair and equitable for all. Siemens releases the Zukunft which stands for future in English. It is a new personal computer to be used at home for any needs, making it a truly valuable asset to not just civilians but also governments. The Bundestag recognises the new Hungary's independence officially. Germany asks Brazil for aid in producing nuclear ENERGY for peaceful purposes. The Deutsche Bahn is extended to the French city of Paris. With the completion of the main portion of the Bahn, it marks it as the fastest bullet train in the world yet. The Neves Building continues construction ahead of schedule; it is possible to be done by 1972, two years before the planned date.
  • Indonesia: The Indonesian government following through with its promise offers 20,000 soldiers for the South Korean government's campaign. as more efforts are put into industrialization an effort is made to establish an electronics industry as more efforts are put into the studies of electronics and technology. The first naval ships are being constructed but they are only frigates at the moment.
  • Brazil: Agrees to Germany's proposals. Work on the statues continues, with a finish date in 1970. Brasilia begins to improve its skyscrapers and a new tower is planned. Nuclear arsenals are expanded. Nuclear submarines continue production. President Neves says that with nuclear submarines and the new ICBMs, Brazil will be able to strike anywhere in the world. Reforms continue. The planned sweeps for this year begin in April and end in November, with Brazil becoming safer each month. The government releases propaganda saying "Voce vai ser um bom cidadao ou um prisioneiro? A escolha e sua." (Will you be a good citizen or a prisoner? The choice is yours.) Brazil's economy thrives, now being the second best in the Americas and the best in South America.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia declares war on Somalia after discovering that Somali rebels in the Ogaden Region were armed and sheltered by the Somali government (based on real events at the time save the war), and a force of 80,000 men are assembled to invade the country. The Emperor swears to destroy Somalia, and bring justice to his people. Ethiopians declare it a holy war, but the Emperor calls them on it, and classifies it as a war of conquest, seeing the danger in evoking Muslim neighbors. Ethiopian businessmen are sent the world-wide to gain investment for the country, providing promising economic records of the nation's successful growth in the past 14 years. It is hoped by the government that the war will prove the country military power, and the economic success will gain foreign investment.
    • Czechoslovakia D: Czechoslovakia sends its best wishes to the Ethiopian military and increases supply trade with Ethiopia to aid the war effort.
    • Ethiopian R: Ethiopia thanks the Czechoslovakian government for its sincerity.
  • Romania: Taking advantage of the Libyan coup, Qaddafi is approached with a proposition as we have some common goal, we offer them support in their policy and ask for access in their territory in order to support the Egyptian Communist though it may be difficult. North Korea is send what supplies we can and some soldiers, Czechoslovakia is say that we will bring their supplies and soldiers in NK if they want. Some reform and propaganda are made to increased the popularity of the government and the nuclear research slowly advanced.
    • Czechoslovakia D: We accept your offer to bring our support to North Korea. We also support negotiations with Qaddafi.


  1. (RNG: 1-5 yes, 6-10 no: 7) Qaddafi denies the Communists access through his country.
  2. Somalia holds back the Ethiopian assault at the border.
  3. Luxor is sieged by the advancing capitalists.
  4. Upper Egypt suffers from a cut-off of supplies.

Discussion moved to the talk page.AP (talk) 04:28, July 23, 2012 (UTC)

  • France condemns Qaddafi's Communist takeover of Libya and cut all ties with that country. They continue to support the Egyptian Capitalists and send a part of their new and improved navy to guard Egypt's waters. They see the Ethiopain invasion of Somalia a threat as this would cut off Europe from trade and cause the economy to collapse. They demand Ethiopia pull-back or face invasion.
    • The United States also threatens invasion/war into/with Ethiopia. What Libyan coup is this? And Qaddafi rejected the Communists, so I have no idea whatcha talking about.
    • He was a Communist. Not at level of the others.
    • Qaddafi was a socialist, not a Communist.
    • Woah, Qaddafi was loved by the US, UK and France at this time because he was ANTI USSR.
    • UK Dip: To hell with threatening! Sends a 75,000 man expeditionary force once again into Ethiopia.
  • The United German Confederation: threatens involvement (supplies, since we only have a defense force) in an invasion of Ethiopia. The Neves building is almost finished. An invite is sent to President Neves so he can personally Christen the building upon completion this June.The military expands for defensive purposes. The economy slows this year but is expected to pick up. The city centres near completion. The General Elections are held with the Federalists winning again. The new Chancellor is Johann Merkle, the Federalist Candidate. The nation's healthcare system is proposed an overhaul, making it more affordable to all citizens. Critics of the bill call it socialist and Communist. However, the majority of the people polled seemed to be in favour.
    • Czechoslovakia D: Czechoslovakia offers a new trade pact with the UGC to account for the merging of West and East Germany.
  • Brazil: President Neves wins reelection by a landslide with 56% of the popular vote, the challenger being seen as a fool for campaigning against Neves who is seen as the person behind Brazil's rise to international power and recognition. Neves is elected for another four years. President Neves travels to Berlin to inaugurate the new building. The statues are completed and are like this: The two national personifications of Germany, Germania and Arminius stand side by side each holding one of the two Germanys in the air joined together to symbolize the reunification. They are both 305 feet tall and are made of fine copper and other metals designed to shine in the sunset of Berlin. Meanwhile nuclear arsenals expand, ICBMs continue production, and nuclear submarines designed to launch missiles continue production. Neves' plan to create a 'Second United States' of the World is proceeding excellently. The Economy continues its strong growth. Television becomes much more common. Favelas continue improvement.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia politely asks Ethiopia to withdrawal from Somolia, as we don't want a war in the already unstable region. The King of Arabia continues with his plans to establish Saudi Arabia as a sign of peace in the Middle East. The first of the several skyscrapers in Riydah is finished, and the others are expected to be completed by 1972. Research into nuclear power continues, and is expected to finish its first nuclear power plant by 1974 at the least. Saudi Arabia doesn't comment on the overthrow by Gadaffi.
  • UK: Invades Ethiopia again with 75,000 men. Another 10,000 are sent to Somalia itself, to aid what few forces there are. The NHS is revamped. A ship, the HMS Eagle, is moved to the Gulf of Aden in preparation to launch nuclear weapons into Ethiopia if necessary (it won't be, this is just a threat. I may launch conventional missiles though. And the HMS Eagle is a real ship.). Starts something jokingly knows as the Five-year plan. It basically is a plan for economic stimulus.
    • Ethiopian R: Mind your own damn business, cretin! You already lost your empire, don't waste the lives of your men!
  • Hungary: Continues work on the military, building up bases and defense near the borders of Romania and Czechoslovakia. We also ask, if the Deutshes Bahn can extend to Budapest, using Vienna, Austria as connection between Germany and Hungary. We congratulate German Chancellor, Johann Merkle, for his leadership, and President Nagy wishes to maintain good relations. The Magyar Légierő (Hungarian Air Force), which desperately needs new planes, we ask for 80 F-105 Thunderchief jet fighter-bomber, and ask if we could have blueprints to develop a local version of the plane. Economy continues to grow impressively, thanks to French and German help, along with connecting with Austria. In other news, best-selling biography of Soviet atrocities against Hungarians during World War II, Vérfoltos Budapesti (Bloodstained Budapest), which will be published in Hungarian, French, German, Portuguese and English first, with releases in other languages eventually. The world will finally get to hear about what the Red Army did to Hungary, after the liberation of the country.
    • UGS Dip: We agree to the expansion via Austria into Hungary, military supplies including blueprints of the F- 105 are provided as well as the rights to manufacture both the plane and the new Leopard II tank. Sells if the Bloodstained Bedapest reach a staggering high in Germany, with over 12 million units sold by December.
  • Indonesia: Another firearms design is made to replace the previous one. As stability is secured in the country and the economy is starting to boom, the government decides to hold a conference of South East Asia and its economic potential and invites all world leaders or major corporations to join the summit. Troops are sent to South Korea as promised to help balance out the efforts against North Korea.
  • Romania: war production begun while new weapons factories begun to be built to send more weapons and supplies to North Korea. We began to research new planes from the MiG-29 design and ask Czechoslovakia for help as they would receive the blueprint as well if the efforts are successful. The nuclear program continues and a little advancement is made. Ethiopia is Secretly told that the invasion that we can`t help you against the British as they are far far more powerful than we are and you will one day finish annexed by those last or stripped of your army and industry. Secretly, you should instead help pro-Ethiopian coup d`etat to peacefully annex those nations. A new way to support the Communists in Egypt is try by smuggling weapon through effective already existing network in north Africa, however, the result are not sure as the capitalist as make good progress.
    • Ethiopian R: The Somali are killing my people, they are trying slice up my nation, and force their Communist ideals on us (all happened OTL). I will not stop my invasion. My people resisted and defeated Mussolini, we can defeat Britain. Any nation willing enough to aid us can, but we will not back down.
    • Romania D: we are ready to offer you minimal support by giving you oil if Somalia becomes a semi-autonomous province and the Somali are threat well.
    • Ethiopian R: We shall agree to the offer. We can not promise that all the Somali people will survive the invasion, only that we shall try our best not to harm them.
    • Czechoslovakia Dip: Czechoslovakia continues research suppport and set their aviation scientists to work on the blueprints.
  • Ethiopia: The Emperor declares the British invasion foolish, reminding them of the last group of Europeans who tried and failed to invade Ethiopia. The invasion is declared a war of extermination by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and urges the people to take up arms for their Emperor and his realm. The force of 125,000 troops in Ethiopia are bolstered by tens of thousands of men and women, seeking to martyr themselves in defense of their homeland. The Emperor orders another 45,000 men sent into Somalia to aid the force there in fighting off the British assault. The air force (info on its capabilities and craft here) is put on high alert and any signs of the British task force are to be met with extreme prejudice. If the NMS Eagle is spotted, the IEAF is ordered to take it out.
    • Indonesian Diplomacy: The Indonesian ambassador to Ethiopia is withdrawn from the country after a statement made by the government opposing the invasion of a fellow Islamic nation, and the Ethiopian ambassador is requested to leave the nation.
    • UGC Dip: The German embassy is closed. All ambassadors to the region have been recalled to the homeland. Germany declares support for the UK and France, and begins to send military supplies and financial aid (We are not allowed to attack directly as per our reunification treaty which establsihes a home defense force)
  • Egypt: The Siege of Luxor continues as Upper Egyptian soldiers and government officials prepare for a defense against the capital city. Communist Egyptian forces prepare for a relief, albeit badly planned as allied forces close in on the capital.
  • Czechoslovakia: Czechoslovakian President Ludvick Svoboda anounces to the people that he has no intentions of invading Somalia at the present time, stating that he stands by his Ethiopian allies, but cannot risk a war with the main powers of Western Europe. Aid continues to the war effort regardless. Economic expansion continues within the nation, as well as the expansion of the military. Knowing that the Hungarian military's expansion may cause a threat if hostilities arise, Czechoslovakian diplomats attempt to keep the relationship between the nations warm. Diplomats in the UGC also attempt the same.
  • It's not like you could in the first place.


  1. A large part of the Ethiopian air force is shot down by conventional missiles.
  2. Somalia pushes into Ethiopia thanks to British help#Luxor falls to Lower Egypt. The Upper Egyptian government flees to Aswan, their last stronghold.
  3. Upper Egypt continues to suffer from a lack of supplies due to the Allies controlling any accessible routes (as well as Qaddafi's refusal to allow commies to pass through Libya.)

Once again, Qaddafi was a socialist, not a Communist. And note that all you nations that have a nuclear energy program (except Saudi Arabia) no nation is helping you so you don't have the capacity to do so.

  • Romania: In consequence of not being able to effectively gain influence by intervening in the proxy war. The interior security is increased. The military is built up and the secret police is growing up. We continue to try passing supplies via the existing blackmarket networks already existing in north Africa which we pay in order to do so( There is no Qaddafi involvement at all). The joint research to develop a plane with both the Romanians and Czechoslovaks best engineers in the domain advance well and a prototype will be ready next year. The nuclear research is forbidden even for energy purposes? I was thinking it was for weapons only.
  • Czechoslovakia: Czechoslovakia continues to move supplies into Ethiopia through their trade routes, but President Svoboda begins to question the African nation's ability to fight a war against such a powerful opposition, and encourages Ethiopia to begin peace talks. Military officials consider current drafts of the new fighter to be promising, and continue to modernize the rest of their military. Diplomats continue to attempt to make contact with Hungarian and UGC governments.
    • Romania Dip: we support Czechoslovakia proposition for peace talk as we cannot send you a lot of support.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We promise that we will not strike first, we will only retaliate if attacked.
  • France sees Luxor as a stunning victory and triples its efforts towards the capitalist Egyptians. They pursue that for the sake of stability, the monarchy NOT to go back into power. They do ask Qaddafi IN SECRET to prevent trafficking of weapons and supplies to Communists.
  • Ethiopia: Hordes of Ethiopian soldiers pour in Somali holdings, killing everyone and everything in sight. Artillery pounds the Somali capital of Mogadishu, and Ethiopian fighters bomb factories, hospitals, and urban centers. 40 Ethiopian fighters are sent to take out the HMS Eagle, and avenge their comrades. This force consists of Ethiopia's finest pilots, and a stock of F-5s jet fighters, and are deemed the "Suicide Squadron". The force of 125,000 Ethiopians in Somalia is bolstered by countless thousands of militia fighters. The Emperor finally agrees to deem the conflict a holy war, and refuses to back down from its commitment to conquer Somalia. What exactly is the point of me saying I've been upgrading my military for the last 15 years with foreign aid, if you're just going to use Somalia, who's OTL military was inferior to Ethiopia's OTL military, to invade my nation. I feel I've wasted Ethiopian money and lives for nothing now. :(
  • They are within your borders, not the other way around. Always check the mod events for updates on things.
  • Ok, it doesn't matter how much of that modernization of army you have. You are facing the third best military on earth, after America and the USSR.
  • The third greatest military in the world couldn't defeat the North Koreans. The second greatest army couldn't defeat the Afghans. The greatest military couldn't even defeat the Vietnamese. Don't think that your military is invincible. Pride comes before the fall. Stranger things have happened; such as tiny Greece and later Macedonia defeating massive Persia.
    • The United German Confederation: The UGC allows volunteer brigades in the British and Somali armies, Ethiopia is declared a state enemy. The home defense force loans several battleships to Somalia to combat the Ethiopians.
    • French Response: France begins to aid Britain in the war. However, it would be glad if Ethiopia agrees to keep the Horn of Africa completely open (Meaning they can take a small part of Somalia, but not all for the sake of the European economy).
    • Ethiopian R: We agree. But please explain, what exactly does Somalia contribute to the strength of the European pursuit? Are you not wealthy enough?
    • French Diplomacy: First of all, war in the Horn of Africa could disrupt European-Asian trade as well as hurting the European economy. And second, I cannot trust you that much in controlling this region due to your pro-Soviet relations.
    • Ethiopian R: You do know that Somalia is Communist, right?
    • That was 1976.
    • Ah, a little slow here.
  • Greece: The military stages a coup, starting an extreme right-wing government. A massive protest ends in death, causing much dissent among the populace. Many flee to other countries, causing the government to enforce strict border restrictions.
    • French Response: They would like to know who is behind it.
    • Greek Response: A group of colonels, led by Brigadier General Stylianos Pattakos and Colonels George Papadopoulos and Nikolaos Makarezos were behind it, using a plan they had first thought of using in 1967.
    • Romania reaction: Secretly, The Greeks, in exile since the defeat of the Greek Communists in the civil war, are prepared for infiltration into Greece. They have nearly all received commando formation and all of them received high level military training.
    • In 1955.5, there was an event who saw the Greek Communist form a government in exile in Romania and ask to be trained in order to retake their country, the takeover of the extreme right wing seem a good moment to intervene.Rdv65 (talk) 14:41, July 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Brazil: Brazil condemns the treatment of Somalis by Ethiopia and in response portions of the navy in the Red Sea bombard coastal Ethiopia, they should be warned as they are armed with anti-aircraft weaponry. Nuclear arsenals expand, nuclear subs and ICBMs continue their production. Reforms continue. Favelas continue their improvement. Modern appliances become much more popular. Sends another 10,000 troops to Lower Egypt for the final assault next year on Aswan.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia continues to drill for oil, and once again asks for peace in Somalia and Ethiopia. Meanwhile, the navy is expanded, and the design of the A2 Machine Gun is finished, which is pratically the same as OTL Browning M2 machine gun, but built to withstand the desert. The first skyscraper is finished and the second will be finished next year. Construction on the Burj Riydah, which is like OTL Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, begins, which the Saudi King hopes - even if not the tallest in the world, but the tallest in the Middle East.
  • Hungary: Sales of Bloodstained Budapest become the second best selling book in Hungarian history within a year, only being beaten by the Holy Bible. Arming of the nation continues, but reminds any potential threats, that this is only defensive, and that we will only attack if provoked. On the Economic front, many new factories are being built or reopened in Budapest and other major cities, which will allow for European nations to use our factories for outsourcing high-quality goods, and for building weapons, including a variation on the M-105 Thunderchief, where the Hungarian version will be called the M-72 Vihar (Hungarian for "Storm", in case you're wondering) will be produced for the Air Force. Thousands of Leopard I tanks are being placed on bases, most of them near the Romanian and Czechoslovak border. The Országház building is being renovated, to remove all traces of Communist parts, except for historic portions of the building. We will support Berlin's run for the 1976 Summer Olympics (has anyone picked a date?), and we hope, in return, that the German Olympic Committee supports Budapest's run for the 1980 Summer Olympics.
  • The United German Confederation: The UGS installs the statues given by Brazil in the new Unityplatz. The Neves building is completed, making it the tallest structure in Europe and the second tallest in the world (after Burj Riyada) The Home Defense force continues to expand and update. The economy recovers from last year's slump. The former East German Premeir Alex Wuhrburg releases his autobiography
    In Unserer Zeit (in Our Time) about the struggles of Communism and the diffult road to German Reunification. The book becomes a best seller in Germany and France. Germany asks the Olympic Council when they plan the next Olympics. Germany supports Hungary's bid for the Olympics after next. The Deutsche Bahn is expanded farther into Hungary, finally linking with the city of Budapest. The UGS requests a trade deal to purchase oil from Saudi Arabia. German efforts on nuclear energy continue.(Brazil gave us help in case you all are wondering) The Bundestag re-iterates its stance on national T.V when asked about Ethiopia. We will not get involved.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia agrees to the oil deal/trade.
  • UK: Angry at the idea of the 'Sucide Squadron', immediately mobilizes three more battleships, six cruisers, two aircraft carriers, and a nuclear submarine to rain all kinds of hell down on the Ethiopian troops and cities. In addition to 300,000 British troops being sent to Somalia, another 50,000 from Egypt is sent to Ethiopia itself. Thanks the UGS. Promises to support their run for the Olympics. Stays neutral on the Greek coup. Engineers begin work on the Sigilum Nova, a building to challenge the Burg Riyada's dominance. Will be completed in 1984. A man is put on the moon.
    • I don't know how much this matters if any, or if it can be used in the game, but you lost your empire, and your ability to field that kind of army would have been impossible. Of course, I could be wrong, and thus if that is the case, never mind me.
    • Until recent times, Britain could field an army up to 600,000 men. Plus, of course, there would be volunteers a-plenty from Canada and Australia.
  • Indonesia: The industrialization process is nearly completed and the economy is one of the largest in East Asia next to Japan and South Korea. The TFL 71 is designed and will be put for testing.
  • Egypt: Despite the impossible chance of victory, the Upper Egyptians fervently continue to resist from their last stronghold, they begin using desperate measures, including arming the populace and strapping them with bombs and guns, anything and everything possible to resist the Allied Forces.


  1. After years of civil war, Lower Egypt claims victory over the Communists as Aswan falls in late November.
  2. Somalia, with help, advances to the Mendebo mountains and seizes Dire Dawa.
  3. The HMS Eagle is heavily damaged and forced to pull back to England by the Sucide Squadron. However the entire Squadron is destroyed.
  4. An independence movement starts in Eritrea.

To Saudi Arabia: No one possesses the capabilities to build a structure like the Burj Khalifa yet.

  • All right, can I at least let be a goal or an ambition to do it? Enclavehunter (talk) 23:16, July 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Maybe in the 2000s or something because that is when people had the tech and ability to do it. So plan it out in like the 90s or very late 80s
  • France: Celebrates once again due to the victory in Egypt. They begin to aid Egypt in reconstruction and spread anti-Communist messages to prevent another civil war yet again. The Suez Canal is now reopened for business, and the European economy can finally recover from this mess. They still continue peace negotiations with Ethiopia despite its support for Somalia.
  • Hungary: The President sends his praises to Egypt for successfully kicking the Communists out of the Egyptian Government and sends supplies and workers to help reconstruct the country. We would like to make an economic alliance with Egypt.
  • UK: Announces that it will not accept a treaty unless it has the following articles: A) All land East of Dire Dawa will be ceded to Somalia; B) Ethiopia's Air Force and Navy (both by now pretty much destroyed) shall not be rebuilt; C) The land army of Ethiopia shall not have more than 10,000 soldiers at any given time; D) An occupation force of 20,000 Somalians and 3000 British shall stay for ten years, at which point it shall be gradually reduced over the next ten years; E) The state of Eritrea shall gain freedom; F) The Emperor of Ethiopia must step down and there shall be no successor; G) Ethiopia may not stay in the UHR, but doesn't have to join the GUD; and H) Any further attacks by Ethiopia will result in it being split between Egypt, Eritrea, Somalia, and Britain. (And I think Vivaporius is taking over China, right?) Expands its economic stimulus program to include Egypt, boosting the economy. Plans begin for STAR 2, a space station. Will be launched by 1980.
  • Ethiopian R: We refuse. (Shouldn't you have used the algorithm if this was a war between Ethiopia and Britain, and not use Somalia as a proxy. That and a feel the events were biased.)
  • The Algorithm has been done, look at the algorithm talkpage. And by the way, you lose anyway, so these terms get inflicted on you no matter what.
  • Romania: The defeat of the Communists in another proxy war began to seriously annoy the government who in consequence put more funds into the military and officially increased the security in the nation to protect the citizens from capitalist influence, unofficially, it is to prevent revolt. The secret police receive the order to spy on any person thought to be a rebel or have any idea of joining one. The research on a plane based on the MiG-29 with some modifications and upgraded systems lead to the creation of the nickname MiG-29B by the Romanian air force, the plane began production after a successful trial period. The production of tanks increased in case that a revolt happens in the future.
  • Ethiopia: In a last ditch effort, the Suicide Squadron is ordered to carpet bomb Dire Dawa, killing thousands of enemy troops. Guerrilla forces holed up in the city open fire on enemy positions, buying the Imperial army time needed to mass on the city and strike. This is one of several multi-faceted attacks throughout the country. The Eritrean forces enter Somalia with 80,000 men, and process toward Hargeisa, while 35,000 men of the Imperial Bodyguard, the army's best, proceed toward Somali positions in Harer. 47,000 irregular assault the British forces in the highlands, using knowledge of the land to encircle and entrap the enemy. The remnants of the air force, some 240 aircraft, are transformed into kamikaze fighters, and are sent to plow into British ships. They are stripped bare to allow for only vital functions, maximum explosive payload and max speed, permitting them to outrun hopefully the SAM missiles. Finally, a 175,000 man force, collected from most avaliable units, is assembled in the Ogaden region, and launch their offensive into Somalia. All other forces, about 536,000 men and women, are moved into the highlands to prepare setting up defense. The Emperor declares the fight total war. No man, woman or child or the enemy is to be spared.
  • Once again, they are in your territory - not the other way around. Your Air force is practically blown up. The Eritreans are rebelling against you. Try taking your own land back first.
  • There are several issues with that. First, the game is clearly biased. You invaded a nation with a modern military, and half a million troops, in terrain they know better than the Brits, and have been trained OTL by the Americans and the Brits before 1955. Second, you've refused to use the algorithm, and have been using Somalia as a proxy for your invasion of my nation. You say you've blown up most of my air force which means some of it still exists, and that happens to be my best pilots - the Suicide Squadron, which couldn't possibly have been wiped out attacking a single ship with 40 fighters. Finally, you crossed out my attacks which are IN my country. Eritrea only rebelled when the Emperor tried to dismantle the federation between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and that has happened under me. Plus, you just added the rebellion when it wasn't there. And you just crossed out my offenses to take back my country.
  • OK, first off, I'm attacking, not him (I think that's AP). Second off... you're talking about 100% recruitment - or at least 90%. After 10%, people would stop fighting for you. Germany in May 1945 didn't have even close to that. They had like 20%. And they were way worse off than you. Thirdly, what are you honestly telling me - that the Ethiopian army can defeat the British? And by the way, it isn't 'one ship' ever heard of a CARRIER GROUP? That's damn near ten top of the line fighting war ships, and I've got three of those groups raining hell on your arse. BY the way, I've got literally hundreds of fighters flying air supremacy and SEAD missions from Egypt. You think you have 40 planes? Ethiopia TODAY, OTL, has a little more than that. And mine are the second best on Earth. And as I said, there are hundreds of them. And 1955 was over 15 YEARS ago. Capisce? As for the algorithm, check the algorithm talkpage. And what are you talking about? Eritrea has always had an independence movement, and they saw you collapsing, so they took advantage.
  • I don't need a hundred fighter planes to fight. Only enough to disrupt your supplies. Eritrea's attempt to gain independence happpened when they weren't allowed to have a voice in their own government. Got to the point they simply wanted independence. Weaker armies have beaten you too, such as North Korea. The Ethiopians defeated the Italians, and managed to keep you from annexing them afterward. So yes, I do think an experienced army defending their I outnumber your guy three to one, and I'm fighting a war on my turf. I know who's playing Britain, by the way. Finally, the Ethiopians outnumber your army by the millions, and most dealt with Europeans before. Their not going to let you stay, even if you beat my main army.
  • First of all, an algorithm been done. See Talk:Algorithm (Spread of Communism Revised Map Game). Also, Ethiopia, understand that no nation deploys their whole army except in the case of World War. North Korea was pushed on by China and the Soviets. Without them, the US-led Coalition would have crushed them under their boots. Add to that that the US side failed to use its full possible force due to having China and the USSR on the PermSecCouncil. Italy was crap back then, but then Mussolini screwed you in 1935. Also there is no earthly way that you can disrupt the British supply line. They can come in from north, South, East, and West. And from above and beneath. Britain knows Somalia is a hundred times better than you. Ever hear of British Somaliland? In comparison to the British military, Ethiopia's is by no means modern. And you can't choose what part of your air force survives. Unless they were hiding in an underground bunker in some other country, they would have been destroyed - no question about it. ~ Sacarawdad.
  • UK D: Avows that it will not pull out troops. Ethiopia will be conquered, and split between South Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia.
  • Ethiopian R: You're wasting the lives of your men, hypocrite. You attacked us for trying to do exactly what you're doing now.
  • Czechoslovakia: The MiG-29B impresses Czechoslovakian military officials, and it is quickly adopted as the premier fighter of the CAF. Aerial research focus continues, and although tanks continue to pour out of the nation's factories, the old tactics relying on them are slowly phased out. An emphasis is placed on revamping the nation's AA missiles. Security tightens on the nation as nations continue to drop like flies to the proxy wars.
  • Brazil: Withdraws all troops except 5000 peacekeeping troops from Egypt. Upon return, they are presented with the Lower Egypt Medal by President Neves outside the Presidential Palace in Brasilia. The navy stationed in formerly Communist Egypt's coast is moved to the bombarding campaign in Ethiopia's coast. Once again they are warned that the navy is armed with anti-aircraft missiles. Nuclear submarines and ICBMs continue production. Favelas improve significantly after years of projects. Neves' plan continues without a hitch. Brazil can now strike anywhere in the world.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi continues its research into nuclear energy, and is expected to be finished by 1974. Meanwhile, oil imports to Great Britain and Ethiopia are cut off until both sides can make out a peace deal. To support a peaceful Middle East, Saudi Arabia turns its military into a self-defense force. Meanwhile, multi-billionaire Osama Bin Laden begins to fund improvements of infrastructure and the economies of its fellow Arab neighbors as a symbol of peace.


  1. The Eastern Africa ordeal continues.
  2. Ethiopia has lost the war, read the algorithm. The results were basically taken from that of the first Gulf war (Iraq invades Kuwait), except for the small amounts of land annexation. Seriously, that war went on WAY too long.
  • BTW, China in this game will not have nuclear weapons because the nuclear nations number was capped before their first test OTL in 1964.
  • I feel it would break the spirit of the game for China not to have nukes. It was instrumental in transforming the country into the world power, and allowed it to play the role it does today as an equal to the United States and Russia. That aside, wouldn't it a tad bit odd if Brazil, which plays a somewhat minor role in OTL only recently, has nukes, but China which played a major role since the 50s doesn't have them? I feel an exception should be made to aid China in being the up and coming power. It's too unavoidable, like Switzerland not neutral.
  • You don't need nuclear weapons to be powerful, you have worldwide influence as a UN Permanent Security Council member. Brazil actually did it in the 50s
  • Whatever, let em have it. Brazil did kinda push it a little. Let's say China did too.
  • France continues to aid Hungary and Egypt in their reconstruction. It feels the UK is being too aggressive in the Ethiopian war and demands better peace terms. They don't approve Ethiopia's works as well, but still has hopes of peace. Concerned about the recent events in Czechoslovakia, they begin to give Hungary weapons and other aid in case of a future war with that nation.
  • Czechoslovakia: Because it is based on the earlier Strela-2 missile, development of the nation's new standard SAM proceeds rapidly. Standard military tactics begin to embrace air support as tank reliance continues to be scratched out. The economy drops somewhat due to trade with Ethiopia nearing non-existence, but industry remains strong nevertheless. With the end of the war in Eastern Africa approaching inevitable defeat, Czechoslovakia continues to urge Ethiopia to begin peace negotiations while it still can.
  • United German Confederation: Sends supplies to Hungary to help bolster the economy and build up its military. The nation asks Ethiopia to please consider peace talks. Concern in regards to Czech military expansion, the Home Defense force has authorised 5000 new Leopard II tanks to be shipped to Hungary as well as the German made U-72 jet fighter (100 of them). The Economy picks up now that the city centres are finished. The trade deal with Saudi Arabia greatly increases Germany's industry. Siemens Electronics releases its first modern PC called the Kaiser I, the Kaiser boasts an extremely fast 24 bit processor with 25 bytes of RAM. Siemens also works with Abteilung der Kernenergie (Department of Nuclear Energy) to construct reliable nuclear reactors to provide for clean energy throughout Germany and the surrounding nations.
  • Romania: The war industry is increased and the crop in Romania are numerous enough to allow the surplus to be sold to the nation who need help but also to the Warsaw pact in need. The Romanian air force order 84 MiG-29B's to be built and two frigates begun to be built in the only Romanian shipyard. A SAM system also begun to be research in Romania.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia refuses to back down. We will only agree to a peace that gives us our land back, Britain pays compensation for its unjust invasion of a non-aligned country, and that punishes the British allies for their murder of Ethiopian civilians. Those are our terms. Nothing less will accepted.
    • Too late, buddy. You lost already. Three years. And no, my terms didn't get applied, but that still doesn't happen. I think you can take over China, by the way.
  • Egypt: Egypt begins the process of heavy reconstruction, rebuilding buildings, repairing monuments and reducing troop numbers to numbers permitted for the purpose of defense, rather than outright war. In a stunning move never before fathomed, Egypt recognizes Israel as a sovereign nation.
  • Mexico: Mexican "sweeps" of gangs are successful, and are planned to be made every five years, in an aim to make Mexico a tourist attraction. Worries of citizens about a growing tolitarian government begins.
  • Hungary: Sends more volunteers to help repair Egypt after the war, with diplomats supportive of Egypt's recognization of Israel. Economy grows, thanks to French and German support, and we continue to send offers to open our factories to allow GUD nations to use our factories for outsourcing electronic goods. The Hungarian government orders ten Kaiser I computers from Kaiser Electronics in Germany, to allow for a fully modern computer system to connect within the Országház, and with plans to buy more within the next few years, to all major government centres throughout Hungary.
    • We offer to construct Siemnes Electronics factories throughout Hungary as well as BMW and Volkswagen.(Kaiser is the name of the computer, not the company-that is Siemens, sorry I should have been a little more clear.
  • North Korea: Kim Il-Sung proclaims that the West's prostitution of the Korean nation will not go on without consequence. The PLA is built up and North Korea begins importing Russian made AK-47's and AK-74's. Security along the DMZ is built up and production begins on a new type of tank that will be resistant to anti-armor weapons. Work begins on a nuclear reactor. (I am just using it for power. NK having nuclear weapons is implausible). Work also begins on dams in order to create hydroelectric power. North Korean spies and Communist organizers sneak over the border in order to stir up unrest in South Korea. Kim Il-Sung names Kim Jong-Il his successor.
  • Eoguy, do not edit my post. I understand you were trying to correct some grammatical errors but you also took out some words of mine. Don't do that. CommanderOfTheFourthReich (talk) 01:00, July 27, 2012 (UTC)
    • Whoever is playing North Korea, two things. First, South Korea is a democracy. No way unrest can happen. and second of all, no spy networks allow because pretty much no one knows how to properly handle them.
    • All right. Won't happen again CommanderOfTheFourthReich (talk) 02:00, July 27, 2012 (UTC)
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia continues its research into nuclear energy, and is expected to be finished next year. Meanwhile, trade continues among its neighbors, but oil shipments to Britain continue to remain at a standstill until they and Ethiopia can settle the issue out peacefully. Meanwhile, due to the violence escalating in Ethiopia, the King of Arabia begins to THINK about withdrawing itself from the United Nations, due if they can't even handle Britain and Ethiopia, how can they handle the major states like the US, Soviet Union, or China. The fourth skyscraper is finished.
    • Germany asks if perhaps we and any neutral aligned nation form our own safety and security pact. The GUD want to use us to get at the commies, the commies want us to get at the GUD, perhaps it would be better for all neutral nations to form a security pact- it is only for our national sovereignty.
    • Saudi Arabia agrees to Germany's idea, and will probaly be better off without the GUD or the Commies.
    • UK Dip: Settled, we won the war. Ethiopia still remains a nation, but is weakened and never again will invade other nations. Resume the flow, please.
  • UK: Having won the war in Ethiopia, pulls out all troops. A new nuclear reactor is installed outside Manchester. Work begins on the foundations of the Sigilum Nova. (Guys, the Ethiopia algorithm has been done: Talk: Algorithm (Spread of Communism Revised Map Game))
  • China: The Communist Party of China condemns the UK's pointless invasion of Ethiopia. The Chinese government pledges to restore the homeland of their people, and target Taiwan for immediate invasion. Also, Mongolia is to be annexed to serve as a buffer against the Soviets in the event of an invasion. The government also opens up Shanghai to foreign markets as part of its economic program. The oil drilling process begins in the western provinces, and are expected to reach full operational capacity in ten years
  • Damn it. You don't change. Even as an Asian nation you're still expansionist. You stay where you are, no annexation of anything. And an invasion of Taiwan would start world war III. It makes no sense to annex Mongolia "as a buffer," you're only adding more bordering land with the Soviets. It is already a buffer.
  • The whole conversation here is moved to the talk page. Also Courageous said he would be back like a week ago so the Soviet Union is open, however you MUST ask me and i'll give you the go ahead.AP (talk) 00:07, July 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Yeah, but scraw is here. no one takes the US. One more time, Viva, and you're off. All your actions do is make other countries fell like nuking the sh!t out of your country. The Royal Guns (talk) 07:56, July 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • 'What in God's name are you talking about? The United States and the Soviet Union are shadows, and Britain is doing something sinister in Africa. Why aren't I allowed to reclaim parts of my 'nation?


  1. No mod events this year
  • Czechoslovakia criticizes the UN's peacekeeping abilities, sharing Saudi Arabia's view that if the Ethiopian conflict was allowed to escalate to such a level, the UN would have no effect on a conflict involving world superpowers. The 9K34 Strela-3 is put into place as a new infantry AA weapon (OTL this is when the Strela-3 was put into production) alongside the Strela-2. Research begins on an attack fighter based on the MiG. The nation continues industrial expansion and evolution alongside military research.
  • Romania: We propose to the Soviet Union and the red China to put their difference aside and focus their energy and force against the real enemy, the capitalist, divide we fall, unite we stand. The military research continue and the crop surplus is now big enough to allow some to be sold to the neutral and to the Communist nation in need. A new tank is nearly develop.
    • China R: Worry not, our Communist brothers. We shall indeed reconcile with the Soviets to aid us in rebuilding the shattered Communist brotherhood. The gross actions of the British in Ethiopia, a supposed brother in arms against us, have proven the need for such a work. Until then, we must work together to stem the tide of the greedy British imperialists.
    • Uhh ... Ethiopia was UHR leaning.
  • France criticizes the UN's lack of involvement of certain military conflicts like the one in Ethiopia recently. They call for all members to take the purpose of the orgnization more seriously, as it was made for world peace. They continue to support a Hungary band argot against Communism.
  • Mexico: Mexico offers China a mutual military alliance in response to what Mexico believes, is an unjust British intervention in Ethiopia. This move is criticized by opposing parties, which only control three percent of the senate together, and majority of civilians, especially youth, do agree with this, but a notable margin opposes this, worrying over aggressive US intervention in the Mexican Government. The government releases a statement pointing out they are not a Communist or democratic government, yet hold a more socialist based ideal, with ruling party which is in the center.
    • China R: We shall accept your generous offer. With the permission of the Mexican people, China would like to begin moving troops into the country to aid our Communist allies in Latin America from the head hog itself, America.
    • Troops for what? And there are no Communists in Latin America. Understand that Maoism and Stalinism/Marxist-Leninism are different. The Soviets and Red China hate each other and would not reconcile for anything.
    • So, I think that the eastern Europe nation could not make any alliance or any deal with China, right?Rdv65 (talk) 16:35, July 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • Saudi Arabia: The Saudi King continues to think about removing Saudi Arabia from the United Nations, unless the organization can get its act together and deal with these wars and violent country. Drilling for oil continues, and the oil flow continues to remain block, as we believe the British intervention was unjustifieable, and protests against the United Nations in Riydah begins, due to their lack of operaitons and allow conflict to escalate to dangerous heights. The fifth skyscrapers is constructed.
  • Hungary: The President Nagy gets re-elected for a second term. He agrees with France that the UN not getting involved is causing a massive problem. Strongly condemns Mexico for approving with the Communists, and if they side, we threaten to pull our diplomats out. There are plans, with the growing economy, to build Budapest's first skyscraper. (Even OTL, modern-day Budapest has almost no skyline), with the help of the same engineers who developed the skyscrapers in Germany and Saudi Arabia.
  • The United German Confederation: Continues to expand industry. New BMW and Audi plants are constructed in Germany and Hungary. Protests begin against the United Nations over the lack of response in the Ethiopia crisis. The nation holds elections, with the Christian Democrat party taking the Bundestag. The new Chancellor is Wilhelm Hess, the Federalist candidate. the new Chancellor speaks at the UN where he outlines his concern for the lack of UN action world wide. A new alliance called the United Defense Front is proposed for all neutral nations like Saudi Arabia and Germany. A requirement to be a member is to not lean too heavily on one side, moderate socialist and or Communist nations may join, ditto with GUD nations, it for mutual defense and does not supercede any other alliance pact. A new monument is being biult in Berlin, dedicated to those lives lost in Germany's worst moment, the Holocaust.
  • UK: Satisfied that Ethiopian aggression has been put down, pulls troops out of Egypt. Heavily condemns the Mexican movement. Threatens to withdraw diplomats.
  • Greece: Severely condemns Mexico for its growing Communist tendancies. Several uprisings were barely stopped, though the government grows weaker. Possible revolution encourages the government to enforce a life imprisonment policy for those responsible for the anti-junta movement. An initiative known as "Μέγιστο Πρόγραμμα Eγγύτητα" (MΠE) authorizes the Central Intelligence Service to spy on suspected protesters and uprisers.
  • Brazil: All plans continue as planned. President Neves leaves after his successful eight years at the presidency. His successor is elected in November. His name is Felipe Scarmagna and was Neves' vice president for eight years, he holds all of Neves' virtues and strongly believes in his predecesor's "Second United States" plan.The sweeps begin as planned. President Scarmagna visits Germany in December to confirm Brazil's relationship with them is still positive.


  1. (A year later, but whatever) The Emperor of Ethiopia is overthrown. The Federal Republic of Ethiopia is born (they are Communists, OTL event) BTW They are NEUTRAL!

To Mexico: What are you talking about? The US has not been aggressive at all so your posts make no sense.

I said people would be worried about US Aggression in Mexico. I didn't say the US was aggressive. It made perfect sense. Ianian58 (talk) 15:46, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

  • France is enraged that Mexico has betrayed us and breaks all ties with that nation and establishes total economic sanctions. They realize that Ethiopia is now taken over by Communists and breaks all the remaining ties to that nation. They begin sending troops to Somalia to help the government prevent anarchy and Communism.
  • Mexican D: There was never any betrayl, Mexico priorly taking a neutral stance until now.
  • Romania: A alliance is offer to the Red China and to the new Ethiopian government (don't know why they would deline it but if you want to make a RNG...). A trade deal is also proposed to Saudi Arabia for oil (Romania oil reserves are almost down at this stage) and to the neutral German confederation for metal. The military grow with the industry and the MiG-29B begun to be sold to the small Communist nation across the world including Ethiopia. Support to the Somali Communist begun to be send.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia agrees.
    • Ethiopia automatically declines, they are a neutral Communist nation.
    • I was thinking that with the ATL situation it could had change but OK.
    • Thank you for understanding, Rdv. I appreciate your respect for mods, which is something a lot of players here and all over the wiki could learn from.
  • Chinese R: China accepts the offer of Romania.
  • China: to counter the French forces in Somalia, troops are sent to Commnist Ethiopia. Military equipment and aid are given to the nation, and support to Coummunist countries throughout the world are given aid by China to prevent them from falling Ethiopia did.
  • Ethiopia hates all big Communist nations and if they had to choose, it would be the Soviet Union anyway.
  • Saudi Arabia: The Saudi King, feeling that nothing is being done about the UN, peacefully removes Saudi Arabia from the United Nations, and will not return. Saudi Arabia agrees to the Germany's proposal about a neutral organization. Meanwhile, Arabia's first nuclear power plant begins construction, making it a successful step forward for the Saudi's. Research begins into space research (CAN I?), so that Saudi Arabia can establish better communications. The sixth skyscraper is finished, and Riydah is the now called the "Manhattan of the Middle East". Meanwhile, infrastructure improvement in its surrounding Arab neighbors continues, and Saudi Arabia proposes a Two Nation Solution between Israel and Palestine, and the formation of Palestine in the Gaza Strip and East Bank (I believe that is what it is). Saudi Arabia condemns France for its intervention into France and Mexico, and now shows why Saudi Arabia left the UN, because the nations do whatever they want, with no repercussions from the International Community.
  • People nothing is done because there is no UN page or anything so don't blame them. And that's a little too far, Saudi Arabian space program? Not even possible today, your skyscrapers were a bit over the border that will be all. And it's Riyadh not Riydah.
  • I don't care if there's a UN Page or not, do mod events, that always fixes issues. I didn't know if it could be done or not. And you don't know what size the skyscrapers are, they can be 10 stories they can be 50 stories, so its not at all over the border. And I'm not good with spelling, espically foreign capitals.
  • Brazil: President Scarmagna travels throughout the country to show that he is just as serious as Neves was about the "Second United States" plan. Former president Neves is appointed Minister of Defense. All plans continue, nuclear arsenals expand. The sweeps turned out well with more crime being put down especially drugs. After years of planning and through the use of Saudi and Indonesian oil, Brazil's industries rise to second best in the Americas.
  • Greece: Follows France and cuts off all diplomatic relations with Mexico and Ethiopia and strongly encourages the rest of the GUD to do the same. Continuing protests over the so-called "fascist dictatorship" has led to restriction of freedom of speech, under the National Preservation Initiative (Διατήρηση Εθνική Πρωτοβουλία). However, a group of rebels calling themselves the Liberators have taken over Heraklion on Crete and are using it as a base of operations. The military is being withdrawn from foreign battlefields in preparation of an attack on mainland Greece, and forces are being moved into Heraklion to take back the city.
  • For those who would like to join an active game that has been running successfully for 61 years, join Vive La Revolution Reloaded. Contact me if you're interested!AP (talk) 02:52, July 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • So long as we don't have a Soviet player, i will take over the USSR.
  • And who are you?
  • UK: Nuclear arsenals expand. Trade, aid, and diplomats are withdrawn from Mexico and Ethiopia. Sigilum Nova's foundations are completed. The first military satellite is put up. Calls on the US to cut ties with Mexico (1-4 yes, 5-9 no. 3).
  • Doesn't the US have a player? And the US would take a more diplomatic approach due to being in the same continent. Ianian58 (talk) 15:46, July 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • It does but Scraw is taking a break from SOCr (at least he says he is). And remember Cuba?
  • Mexico: The Government criticizes western reaction, pointing out that if they would cut off trade with all the Communist/non-friendly western nations they probably would not be able to make commerce in half of the world. And it calls GUD Members reckless for rejecting diplomatic ideas, and demands for re-establishment of diplomatic relationship or there would be minimum contact between Democratic Nations and Mexico which would make misunderstanding. Due to closing of diplomatic ties, the government mobilizes it's military, setting up defences in the north, and the Gulf Cost mainly.
  • Hungary: Sickened at not only Mexico's pro-Communist ways, but the fact they are threatening the United States, declares Mexico's diplomat persona non grata, and recalls our diplomats in Mexico City, and suggests towards the GUD that economic sanctions be sent towards Mexico for their aggression. We wish to continue to have economic ties with Germany and Saudi Arabia, in spite of recent disagreements, even should the two nations leave the UN, we want to maintain ties. We don't want them to leave, but we don't want to force two neutral nations into something. Diplomatic relations with Ethiopia is also cut, due to them aligning with Communists. (If we could trust Neutral Communists, we would've been talking to Yugoslavia and China by now.)


  1. No mod events this year
  • Greece: The Liberation of Hellas Movement has captured the entire island of Crete. Aggressive military force is being deployed across the island to retake it, though it is mostly unsuccessful. Riots have started in Athens as well as reports of arson. Many cities in the Peloponnese are falling to the rebels. The government begs the GUD for help.
  • France agrees to help its fellow friend Greece destroy the rebellion that threatens the state of its stability. Realizing Mexico's aggressiveness towards America, they send troops, ships, and aircraft to its Caribbean possessions in case of war. They ask Saudi Arabia to encourage the growth of other industries as oil will not last forever. They support Indonesia and Brazil in their plans to become one of the greatest second-world nations form third world ones.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia begins to follow France's advice, and begins to work on the tourism industry: beaches, motels, golf courses - use irrigation - and other attactions. They ask Disney to build Disneyland Arabia within Riydah, and architects from areas around the globe to construct achitecture buildings. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia hopes to be a second-world country by the end of 1980 of 1990, and asks Germany if the alliance of neutral nations is going to be formed.
    • Second world refers to the Communist bloc.
  • How many are still playing? If it is fewer than five, then I guess the game is close to dead. It started with 21.
  • UK: The Sigilum Nova is continued. A breakthrough in laser technology causes estimates of space station launch to be changed down to 1978. Sends 10,000 troops to Greece to aid it.
  • Romania: we begun to send support and troops to the rebel movement in Greece and offer a trade deal to Mexico and SECRETLY offer our support to free Nation America from American puppets if you want by making weapon pass through your nation or sell you weapons to protect yourself, who know where could it go, the ¨good guy¨ defend a fascist. The modernisation if the country side enter in it final stage and the industry is now build enough that almost everyone have a job. Propaganda to discredited the GUD begun with several message showing that the ¨great democatic nation¨ help the fascist enemy. The military research continue.
  • Czechoslovakia: President Ludvik Svoboda, who has been shown to slowly begin to open up to the GUD, has been in ill health for some time and forced to resign due to acts in the Czechoslovakian constitution.(All OTL if plausibility is a concern here) In his place, longtime opponent Gustáv Husák is appointed, who makes it clear that the nation will remain Communist. Some military officials begin to propose a new offshoot of the MiG-29, but they struggle to obtain funding. The nation begins to send support to Communists in Greece via Romania.
    • Romania Dip: we would like to invest in your MiG-29 improvement research.
    • Czechoslovakia Dip: We accept.
  • Brazil: Sends a portion of the navy to bombard rebel strongholds in Greece and to aid the Greek government against the rebels. Brazil moves two nuclear submarines off the coast of Government-held Greece to threaten Romania and Czechoslovakia into submission as our subs are armed with launchable ballistic missiles capable of reaching the Communists in no time. All other internal plans go as planned. President Scarmagna travels to Naples (in a secret meeting) with the Greek President to discuss tactics and whatnot.
    • Romania D: Remove your submarine or we will deploy our destroyer. Greece is Fascist, the fall of the regime is the best thing for the Communist and the democratie, people are suffering there.( to Greece: what kind of rebel it is? democratic or Communist?)
    • Brazil: No. That's funny because Romania is pitiful and weak and any 'destroyers' you send will be blown up to bits by Brazil.


  1. There is a rebel movement in Greece but not a full scale revolution.
  • Soviet Union: Declares neutrality in any conflicts. Romania and Czechoslovakia, although Communist brothers, are foolish and think they can influence world affairs - which they can't. The only strong,influential Communist nations are us and Red China. The Soviet government considers annexing the incompetent nations of Romania and Czechoslovakia and converting them into soviet republics if they keep their antics up. Things proceed normally otherwise.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We are appalled at how Romania and Czechoslovakia are being treated by their Soviet "brothers". Though the two countries are still considered enemy, they shouldn't have to be threatened by their "benevolent" master. The GUD wouldn't tolerate this if the U.S. or U.K. performed this action. We really suggest that the Soviets back off from bossing around its satellites
    • Honestly, the Soviets wouldn't give a crap about what Hungary says. They're small and weak so you're wasting your time.
  • Brazil: After a successful meeting with Greece's president, President Scarmagna unveils the military plans to the Congress. Bombardment of rebel strongholds continue with some faltering on part of the rebels. Submarines remain in the area with both icbms and conventional missiles in case of the necessity to retaliate on Romania and the Czechs. Crete is liberated by Coalition forces.
  • Romania: Back downs after the Soviet warning and declare neutrality after recalling our troops to calm down the situation, the military force grow and the internal security is increased. The government decide to take the wise decision to align itself with the Soviet policies. We ask the USSR if we could buy them some oil.
  • Czechoslovakia withdraws from combat in Greece after the Soviets' ultimatum. Hope for the development of the "MiG-33" increases among several circles. The nation begins to shop around for oil as well, as the only oil reserves in the nation are pitiful compared to elsewhere and technology to extract them is unavailable.
  • China: the Chinese government requests the Soviets stay their hand. They are reminded of the fact that Romania and Czechoslovakia did most of its work during the 60s, and states that hostile attacks toward fellow Communists will result is just action. Regardless, China consolidates it hold in Tibet, and sends troops to the People's Republic of the Congo to protect it from Coalition forces, fearing another Ethiopia in the future.
  • Soviet D: What the Chinese government says means nothing to the Soviets. China needs to worry about itself and read up on 1960s world history.
  • France doubles up its efforts on Greece to destroy the rebel movement. They wonder what is with the USSR, but thinks it would be a good time to try to reduce tensions. It calls for any nuclear nations with bombs to end production to prevent world destruction. They SECRETLY aid anti-Communist groups in Zaire to prevent full Communist control.
  • Saudi Arabia continues to work on the tourism industry. Meanwhile, the Saudi King calls for the end of violence in Greece to end. Meanwhile, infrastructure improvement in its fellow Arab neighbors continues, and Saudi Arabia proposes to form the Arab League (RNG, please) to all Arab nations, including North Africa, but minus Israel. Saudi Arabia construction on its second nuclear power plant contines, and the military is reformed into the Saudi Defense Force.
  • Hungary: Hearing of the rebellion in Greece, 5000 soldiers are called to fight against the rebel forces, to help out fellow GUD nations. We are shocked and appalled at yet another act of hosility of the Soviets, threatening it's own sateilite nations. In order to protect Europe from nuclear destruction that could ensue, we wish to join France and other Nuclear powers as an observer to end production of Weapons of Mass Destruction worldwide. We give support to Saudi Arabia to form an Arab League, and ask if Israel can join, and become a joint Muslim/Jewish state, to end all tensions between Israel and any remaining opponents.
  • Mexico: Due to the overreaction of nations, it is intimidated to raise its defences in the north and Gulf Coast even more. Tourism lowers. Mexico worries of its economy suffering a setback. A decade plan is set to make more money in Latin America.


  1. No mod events this turn
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union ignores any critics especially small and insignificant nations like Hungary or the pitiful Chinese. All other things proceed normally, nuclear stockpiles increase.
    • You do realise that China was nearly as strong as the Soviets by this time, and had nukes too right? Calling China insignificant is a bad move man.
    • In this game the Chinese did not get nuclear weapons.
  • Brazil: The campaign in Greece is going well, with Crete secured and the rest of our forces move on remaining rebel strongholds. The Second US plan continues greatly and will finish sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. Sweeps are performed as scheduled.
  • China: The Chinese government expands its railroad, energy, and mining systems are part of its five year plans. The military continues to modernize and develop its arsenal as well as its nuclear missile supply. The government also demands that the world recognize its control over Taiwan, threatening to regain the territory by force if need be. China offers military aid to Romania and Hungary in the event the Soviet try anything stupid.
    • Those nations hate you. You don't have nuclear weapons seeing as how another country beat you to them and UN regulations cap nuke nations at six. Taiwan is not yours nor will it ever be. There is, however, the Two China Rule: Either you have relations with the PRC or the ROC but not both. Most countries tend to formally have relations with the PRC because it is better trade wise but often have informal relations with Taiwan for trade-related reasons too.
    • That makes little sense at all. Just forget it, this is too stupid. I'm resigning. This game makes no sense anymore. Best of luck to the Communist world.
  • Romania: we begun to research a new tank with a small initial fund as most of the military research funds are going to the development of the MiG-33 in Czechoslovakia. We ask from the Soviet Union some oil in order to feed our small industry.
  • Czechoslovakia begins to take more interest in the MiG-33 with Romanian funding. The nation continues to search for a stable oil supply.
  • France continues to make successes against the rebel group in Greece. Realizing the Chinese-Soviet tensions, they SECRETLY ask the Chinese if they would like to defect its alliance with the rest of the non-Communist world.
    • China Response (Last Move): China politely declines the French offer. We are all too aware of your treachery toward Ethiopia during its time of need. How can we be sure that you won't turn on us like you did with the Ethiopians? China will stand on its own before that happens.


  1. No mod events again.
  • France SECRETLY tells China that it only declared war on Ethiopia because of its aggressiveness and its war threatened trade between Europe and Asia. They don't want over expansion and trusts China they do not become too expansionist. They continue to make successes in Greece.
  • Hungary: Continues developing the M-72 Vihar jet planes, and offers to send them to the Hellenic Air Force of Greece, to allow them to fight back against Communist rebels. Industry continues developing, with fast economic growth, thanks to deals with German businesses outsourcing manufacturing jobs to factories in Budapest and all over Hungary. (All right, I offer to play as the U.K. or China, considering that two of the five most important countries have quit, and offer to be a Mod as well. I'm cool with sticking to Hungary, but suddenly, major players are dropping like flies, and also, a lack of mod events make me sad. Can't we do something horrible to Hungary if it makes everyone happy?)
    • Greece Dip: We graciously accept your offer.
  • Soviet Union: Premier Brezhnev declares war on the Afghan Mujahideen movement in conjunction with the legitimate Afghan government. All other things go as planned.
    • Greek Rebels: We ask fellow Communists for supplies and aid.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We strongly suggest that the Rebels do not side with the Soviets, any further requests will result in a declaration of war on the Rebels. (Hopes this brings people back to the game).
  • Brazil: Former President Neves' plan is nearing fruition, success is within grasp. The project is predicted to be finished in 1989.
  • Greece: Several Communists take over the leadership of the Liberation of Hellas Movement. They begin aggressive attacks all across Greece. French forces are beneficial, but aren't enough. A large battle begins over Athens.
  • Czechoslovakia: Continues military development. Requests an oil deal with the Soviet Union. (Is there really much of a point in continuing this? Putting people in charge of USSR/China was supposed to stop the Commies from getting beaten straight out of every single proxy war, but AP has pretty much said "stop fighting proxies or you die" and I can say without exaggeration that China has been barred from doing anything from sending war support to buying an ice cream cone. Things have had the adverse effect, Capitalism has a pretty much guaranteed victory in everything.)
  • Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about. I didn't say any of that. What you didn't understand was the fact that no nation gives a crap about Czechoslovakia and any aid they can send wouldn't make a difference at all. All Warsaw Pact nations were basically Soviet Puppets, Czechoslovakia was no exception. Not to mention you're weak and landlocked. The Communists lost those wars with reason; The way they lost is clear - In Egypt: The UK blockaded the Mediterranean coast, Brazil in the Red Sea coast, and the Sinai by Coalition forces. Tell me, how can Communists send supplies? Oh right, through the magical river that cuts across Africa directly into Egypt. See? Practical and understandable reasons. Many players believe that by writing, "Sends aid to X, Y or Z" it gets there without a hitch. No. Things can happen, like what happened in Egypt. Consider that next time and read up on your facts. I don't think it'll matter because the chances for this game aren't looking too bright but you never know.
  • Romania: We offer the Soviet Union what support we can give in Afghanistan. The military build up continues and the development of a new Romanian tank continues but many funds are frozen in the eventual development of new planes.
  • Soviet Dip: Accepts Czechoslovak and Romanian offers.
  • Polish Dip: We ask to buy 9000 tanks from the USSR and and we will give you support in Afghanistan.
  • Australia: We are pursuing a policy of neutrality, and would rather not have a problem with any nation.  Begin building two aircraft carriers to protect our nation.
  • Canada With our population of 24.28 million people, we start massive wide military recruitment, recruiting about 7% of our population, expecting the army to be around 1,699,600 million men and women. We begin construction of industrial zones to build heavy armored vehicles. We start subsidizing our Petroleum and Automotive industries with .005% of our GDP, which is currently 12,135,000 U.S dollars. We adopt policies which see our neighbor to the south as a threat, so we back away from any political relations with the U.S. We wish to form an alliance and trade agreement with the Soviet Union and its allies. We leave N.A.T.O as we see it as an un-needed for Canada's protection. We also start heavy research into anti-missile weaponry.