In the alternate history Sports History, several PODs create a different sports world than the one we know today.


Michael Jordan

While growing up, Michael Jordan played baseball, football, and basketball. Jordan decided to try for his high school's varsity basketball team during his sophomore year. But, what if he tried out for baseball instead? In this timeline, he does, and becomes a star. He is drafted by the Cleveland Indians, where he leads them to several World Series.

Aaron Rodgers

In OTL, Mike Nolan became coach of the San Francisco 49ers in 2005. While evaluating quarterbacks, he chose Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers because he thought Rodgers' attitude could not co-exist with his. But what if Mike Singletary became coach of the 49ers instead in 2005, and drafted Aaron Rodgers instead of Smith? While with the 49ers, Rodgers leads them to two Super Bowls.

New York Rangers

In 1994, the New York Rangers ended their 54 year championship drought by defeating the Vancouver Canucks in seven games. But, what if Nathan Lafayette's scored, tying the game for the Canucks and forcing the game into overtime? What if the Canucks won?

2010 World Cup Qualificaction - France vs Ireland

In the 2010 World Cup Qualifications, France and Ireland played each other in a playoff to see which team would get in. Thierry Henry of France illegally used his left hand to handle the ball, which led to a French goal and victory in the playoff. What if Henry was caught, and Ireland eventually won the playoff? What would happen if Ireland was in the World Cup?

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