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Sports page for the Vikings in the New World Timeline


The Original Olympic games were set up during the high point of the Greek city-states to help ease tensions between the city states by setting up competitive combative and non-combative sports. Each city state would set a representative or team of representatives for said competition. Though after the collapse of the Greek city-states the Olympic games disappeared, though the various sports of the Olympics did make their way into other nations across Europe. In 1896 after decades of planning the first official world-wide Olympic games took place, hosted in Athens, Greece. Inviting nations across the world to come and participate in the games. Today the Olympics are divided into the Summer and Winter Olympics. Only two Summer and Winter Olympic games have been cancelled, due to the Second Great War.

  • Summer Olympics
    • 1896 Summer Olympics
    • 1900 Summer Olympics
    • 1904 Summer Olympics
    • 1908 Summer Olympics
    • 1912 Summer Olympics
    • 1916 Summer Olympics
    • 1920 Summer Olympics
    • 1924 Summer Olympics
    • 1928 Summer Olympics
    • 1932 Summer Olympics
    • 1936 Summer Olympics
    • 1940 Summer Olympics
    • 1944 Summer Olympics
    • 1948 Summer Olympics
    • 1952 Summer Olympics
    • 1956 Summer Olympics
    • 1960 Summer Olympics
    • 1964 Summer Olympics
    • 1976 Summer Olympics
    • 1980 Summer Olympics
    • 1984 Summer Olympics
    • 1988 Summer Olympics
    • 1992 Summer Olympics
    • 1996 Summer Olympics
    • 2000 Summer Olympics
    • 2004 Summer Olympics
    • 2008 Summer Olympics
    • 2012 Summer Olympics
  • Winter Olympics


Football is the most widespread and most played sport in the world. With nearly every nation having its own leagues, and if a nations leagues are too small, they coalesce other smaller leagues into one larger league of various other nations. Football also stages the world's largest sports tournament in the world. The FIFA World Cup. With various men's teams from various nations with their best players competing in the most watched and attended tournament in the world.

  • FIFA World Cup





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