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This is the splinter level, where I have dropped subsequent POD for the After Ætas ab Brian timeline.

These are not in the Ideas section only because they specifically deal with further deviations from a timeline I already started.

What If

Rome convinced to sue for peace before land losses are extreme
CWoTN demands and is implacable that Rome hand over all of Roman Terranova, perhaps even Totonae
That's ridiculous, they'd never hand it all over and the CW has about as much chance to force occupation as Japan occupying the US, no one cares about the CW either- no one will seriously support their demand
perhaps manage to negotiate the separate independence of all RTN with the intention of getting them one by one
RTN is highly developed, the CW can pull off getting Vendatia but even alone the other provinces would bleed white the CW
TN politics get complicated and everyone gets their hands in everyone's pockets
Rome is worried by the increasingly powerful Commonwealth of Terranova, and directs all of its efforts in colonizing South and Central Terranova (in an effort contain the Commonwealth)
There are few lands left for Nihhon to colonize in South Terranova and the Commonwealth is resistant to influence
as a result they colonise East Asia instead while managing to hinder the Nanchao recovery.
All of Ulterior Australis is colonized before Rome even discovers it
Indo Sinica and the Khmer are conquered and colonized by Nihhonia too
Tensions rise, and eventually Nihonia and Rome go to war
The Commonwealth opts to remain neutral at first, but in the end aids Rome, what about the Nanchao? Are they stable enough to help?
This earlier Amplus Arma is a Roman Pyrrhic Victory, Rome is devastated militarily overseas and economically at home
But Terranova prospers
All of Rome's colonies outside of Evropa, North Africa, and Asia Minor (the Middle East) are given independence
The Concilium Mundi is formed
A Xun type revolution in Sinica likely before OATL, and ~Xun Sinica is formed
The Cold War is between Terranova and Xun Sinica.
India (a former Roman colony), Mahana, and Srivijaya (former Nihonian colonies/vassals) join a much larger Pan-Asia Bloc
All of the Terranovan nations, most of Africa, and the still weakening Roman Empire take Terranova's side
The Muscovite Empire is on the Sinican side at first, but later joins the Concilum Mundi
Muscovy peacefully and slowly becomes the Muscovite Republic.
In the beginning of the 22nd century, Xun Sinica collapses from unresolved internal issues and the stresses of leading the PAB
The world is led by the sole superpower, Terranova, through to the Crisis of the 23rd Century.
  • During the Nihonian War2047(1294)-2064(1311) Nihhon had invaded Sinica before Roman South America, to counter Rome's strategy to invade the home islands from the Sinican coast?
Would Rome declare war to defend Sinica?
Would Dai Ön Yeke immediately join with Nihhon in its invasion of Sinica?
Would Sinican lands prove to be much harder to take, even with Dai Ön Yeke aid?
Perhaps the war would fizzle out after a few years, global tensions continue.
or still escalated, only then centered in Asia instead of the Americas.
Perhaps with less damage and direct war effort, Terranova demands more independence.

  • The fierceness of Nihhon's soldiers and populations during the war had convinced Rome that the Nihonian people had to be eliminated.
Would Rome make Honshu a desert?
or would they colonise and replace them?
A more powerful Roman presence in Asia may prevent the Sinican revolution.

  • WWI had been even bloodier and stressful for the empire?
Violent empire breakup as early as 50 years
Increasing interior unrest led to development of concentration camps, contributing to unrest

  • Sinica had been the one to manage a pre-emptive strike against Nihhon's empire after the Miasmata? 1718(965)-1744(991)

a costly war, more like 30-Years War + Seven-Years War than WWI + Vietnam

  • Rebellious Persia had aroused more allies in 1057(304)-1105(352) and spread gunpowder and rail technologies more to help allies?
  • Temüjin (Genghis) 1938(1185)-1986(1233) had died later (retired from the battlefield) or earlier (from an earlier accident/wound)?
  • Rome pushed successfully for a Germania border on the river Vistula?

  • at some point (still possible) incursions/skirmishes in the off-planet colonies, whether accidental, exaggerated, or intentional trigger WWII on Earth?

  • Joanna Mars Arcleo and/or Soyoung Kaneda were not part of the international political scene for whatever reason?
escalation of Muscovite Succession Wars?
PAB invasion due to Rome's weakening after the Ice Age?

  • instead of calling each other in 2100(1347)-2114(1361) and declaring their invention of the nuclear bomb, Rome and Sinica worked ASAP in secret to build production level bombs for an intended and immediate nuclear strike?
Rome and/or Sinica destroyed, other nations gain dominance, forming great/world powers but not super powers, dark ages for Europe (and perhaps oversea colonies) and Sinican Asia?

  • A second Miasmata in the 1800's due to the urban population explosion?

  • Any number of revolts/rebellions were successful or at least a big deal?
specifically during the Amplus Arma?

Germanicus wins and creates an isolationist and more democratic Rome? or after the war is over, Rome abandons its policy of expansion indefinitely?
Parthia becomes Rome's rival again?
Octavius wins and encourages greater Roman expansion and aggression?
Empire soon collapses from over-extension and military costs while economic problems mount
Empire manages to use constant expansion, tribute, and looting to continue to develop and address problems at home?
The G/O Civil War ultimately leads to a quick Roman collapse?
A stalemate
if tension remains - cold war
arms race accelerates technology further
the legitimate roman empire cannot maintain its position
G and O gang up on Rome and partition it
cold war actually escalates, tension over spoils/territory
resurgent Parthia because of Germanicus' empire isolationism
Germanicus' East empire cultivates or conquers NE Europe
bog down
weakened, becomes isolationist again
Octavius' Western empire victory over the east
or success
take on Persia; too strong
take on India; conquer to squeeze Persia
Persia reduced to tribute state but independent
take on Sinica
a number of Sinican wars; fail
treaty peace; Sinica introspective; Nihhon takes advantage
Nihhon-East empire alliance against Sinica
marginal victory; conflict over spoils, territory, and spheres of influence
Nihhon/East skirmishes
East allies with Terranova; Nihhon allies with Western empire
World War; Pacific, Australia, Central Europe, SE Asia, Africa, Atlantic
Persia/Sinica/NE Europe/India/Australia revolt against East
Persia, India, NE Europe all independent
Nihhon conquers Australia
Sinica revolts against Nihhon
Eastern/Western Sinica internecine wars; unition fail; truce
West weakest power; East territory gains in Europe
East empire first to develop nuclear weapons; destroys independent Persia; tactical/strategic use in Europe
West devastated but East too weakened; West broken up into pro-East states, TN territories enter TN sphere as semi-autonomous
East forms European Alliance; eventual strengthening
WW Devolves into long distance war between TN and Nihhon
West/Nihhon incite rebellions in central/southern TN
Nihhon/TN truce
Nihhon deal with Sinica rebellions
reach to East for aid; no can do East too weakened
Nihhon second to develop nuclear weapons; all Sinica turned to desert; more nukes used than by E in Europe
Nihhon consolidates Australia and remaining Asia territories
ambitions in India; EA intervention
both Nihhon and EA comparable strengths; large nuclear arsenals
tension; skirmishes in India; lengthy/destructive proxy war; civil war start
divide India into EA northwest and Nihhon southeast
tension; talks between EA,N,and TN for nuclear restrictions
N:no; Nihhon loves nukes/nuclear power; leader of space exploration, expansion, and armament
Nihhon develops secretly missile shield stealth missiles all before EA or TN
Nihhon undeclared war; mass land/sea/orbital strikes against TN and EA
why do this? devastation and nuclear winter!
"We will survive, the white devils must be eradicated"
"2xDoomsday 1983"
EA exp influence in Africa; TN and N tension/posturing
TN deal with C/S terranova rebellions
stabilises; develops nuclear weapons
Germanicus' empire expansionism looks to terranova and N Europe
fight terranova later than OATL
TN stronger?
TN war bog down more likely than E bog down in NE Europe
W gets some northern and Carib islands; truce with TN
TN centralises; strengthens
expands into S terranova; belligerent against Nihhonian interests
TN weaker from over expansion?

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