Splatagories is a game hugely popular in the 1960 in Sydney leading to the mass depopulation of the city. Although the original game that it was based on, scattergories which was discovered a few years back, was not originally deadly, this variation of the well known game is one of the most deadly in the world.


The rules for splatagories are simple. It is simply playing scattergories at the top of a high building and the goal is to win by both scribbling answers and trying to shove other person off the roof of the building at the same time. The game ends when there is only one or less of the players remain or that someone has successfully filled out all the answers. Very rarely does that game end with someone writing all the answers down and it is only so when the other players are struggling to not fall off. However, a special tournament rule was created to stop the players purposefully pushing other players off. After this, masses of people abandoned the tournaments and the rule was overruled in a special session of National Splatagories Association.


The name 'splatagories' came from the original game scattergories and the sound made when someone hits the pavement. Certain professors also thought that the last part of the name describes the streets around the block after a match. Of course, those fun hating professors has and will never participate in a game and does not know what the streets looked like, which is a shame because the streets were not indeed gory, but looked a bloody mess.


No one is sure where splatagories came from but it is generally agreed that the game originated in Europe in WWII when captured spies played it as a way to be entertained and a way to ensure that they would never be interrogated for information. It spread to Sydney with the immigrants and became an instant success in the city, and people started playing it in the streets, at work and even at school. However, due to the deadly nature of the game, Sydney was quickly depopulated and a royal inquiry held to determine the relationship between splatagories and the depopulation of Sydney. After one notable game involving around a hundred people The city council was forced to send in 185 street cleaners and 32 fire trucks to hose and clean the area up. However, due to the fact that all the street cleaners died playing splatagories a few days earlier at the state street cleaner's party, the city council was forced to clean up the mess themselves. To add to this disaster, the fire engines' hose was left on due to the fact that the firemen died playing scatagories. Although the street was clean, Sydney's sewers were flooded with water and many a fish was spotted swimming up the s-bend of toilets for weeks afterwards. The royal inquiry ended in 1976 and as a result, splatagories were banned nationally. There was not a game of splatagories for weeks after the ruling, but this was not due to the new laws themselves. In fact, the last policeman in Sydney died a few weeks back, but instead, it was because there was no one to play splatagories with for the city was bereft of life.

Acclaimed professors in 1975 calculated that the human race would be wiped out by splatagories in the year 1990 if new legislations were not introduced to parliament. Not soon after, the university that the professors worked in was demolished and a new multi-level state-of-the-art splatagories arena was built above the ruins of the university.

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