Spiro Agnew

President Agnew

Spiro Theodore Agnew
(November 9, 1918 – September 17, 1996) was the thirty-sixth President of the United States (1965-1969). He served during the last four years of the Cuban-American Conflict.

Despite his unpopularity because of the war efforts, he is remembered as a progressive president in terms of economics, civil rights and educational reforms. Although much more conservative than the preceding Welles administration, he was still regarded as being caught by the "spirit of the '60s".

Agnew was unpopular by both the Democrat and the Republican sides. Many orthodox Republicans criticized his moderate image, immigrant background, and liberal-oriented politics.

Much of Agnew's reign was however shadowed by the ongoing Cuban conflict. Soon after Agnew was elected, Ernesto "Che" Guevara became the leader of Cuba, and engaged in a much more heated and open conflict against the United States. Agnew had no other alternative than ordering more troops against Cuba, and continue the fights.

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