Spirit of the Country
Spirit of the Country sheet.png
 •  April 2, 1885 Composed by Han National History Institute 
 •  April 5, 1885 Adopted 
Spirit of the Country (Han: Diwa nyo Goku, tr. 精神ニソオ国) is a song that serves as both the national and royal anthem of Hani.

It was composed on April 2, 1885 by the Han National History Institute, a now defunct government body which had formerly dictated the proper usage of the anthem. The anthem was officially adopted on April 5, 1885 during the proclamation of the Empire. During Hani's time as an American protectorate under its suzerainty, the anthem, along with other Han nationalist symbolism, were prohibited from being shown in public, though its background music and lyrics served the basis for the Han Hymn, the protectorate's regional anthem.

The anthem contains a total of twenty lines, with these lines being arranged into five stanzas containing four lines each. While its lyrics had never been changed since its composition, its tempo has been slowed down to allow people to sing allow with it with more ease.


Han language (Mixed script) Han language (tr.) English translation

Land that is blessed,
that is Pearl of the East;
Nation in union
with [the whole of] nature.

The life and riches
Of the Han people
Taken and reclaimed
From foreign hands.

In thy skies, mountains,
Springs, seas that were conquered
Buried already is the darkness
Of yesterday's suffering.

Pain and tears, hardship,
Difficulty and curse of oppression
Are all gone and [we] are saved
From those who wish to be cruel [to us].

Come, let us celebrate, my beloved people,
Thy flag shall be our guiding light;
And should thou be once more threatened,
Our corpses shall block the way.

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