Qing Dongfang

The Qing Dinasty Flag

"Once we believed that the Spirit were real, then technology and science told us they weren't ... until they come back"

"The Return" (1839–1854)

Chinese goods, particularly silk, spices and tea were in high demand in European countries. However the market for Western goods in China was virtually non-existent, partly because China was largely self-sufficient and trade laws denied foreigners access to China's interior. In addition the Chinese Emperor banned the trade of most European goods, leaving silver and gold as the only acceptable method of payment. This caused a silver shortage back in Europe and became a significant hindrance to trade. This trade deficit was alleviated when the Europeans found a product the Chinese consumers did want; highly addictive opium. While this too was banned by the Emperor, smuggling of the drug was rampant. After 1820 the market changed reducing China's wealth and combined with the Qing treasury's necessity of financing the suppression of rebellions against them, lead to the Banning of the Opium Sale, however, The British government, although not officially denying China's right to control imports of the drug, objected to this seizure and used its military power to enforce violent redress. Meanwhile, in some regions of the the Qing's Empire, the ancient "Wu" Witches began manifesting strange behavior and supernatural skills, while reports of strange creatures began to multiple, all of this was adduced to the Opium Consuming.

"The Boxer Rebellion" (1854 – 1856)

Yihetuan Flag

The Yihetuan Movement banner

After the defeat in the military terrain by the British and the disruption caused by the growth of foreign spheres of influence and after several months of growing violence against foreign and Christian presence in Shandong and the North China plain, in June 1862 The Yihetuan Order, convinced that they were invulnerable to foreign weapons, converged on Beijing with the slogan "Support the Qing, exterminate the foreigners." While European Powers initially dismissed them, Many of them lead by notorious Kung Fu Masters began exhibiting supernatural resistance to even standard weaponry, according to them, "The Spirit's were Possessing them". It didn't took long enough for the People and the Qing to unite with them and launch a massive response against the Foreign powers. After a cruel but short War, and under the increasing presence of these mysterious forces, the European forces, were expeled out of china, the peace was achieved but the consequences were far from over.

"Brave New World" (1856 - 1900)

In an event currently known as The Great Harmonic Convergence in Qīyuè 15th, 1856 (The Ghost Festival) The World shook and the Sky turned black before displaying massive Auroras all over the world, no one knows why this happened, but after that day Humanity realized it wasn't neither the smartest species on the world nor the most powerful, no more at least.

"The New Powers" (1901-1920)

The Timeline of Events (1839-1920)

List of Nations


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