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In this world, Japan wins the Second World War and remains as a global superpower now, leading its sphere, the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Japanese citizens have one of the highest quality of life, but there is also sacrifice of the Sphere workers and citizens under military dictatorship...


The POD of Sphere of the Sun is June 4th, 1942 at Midway, the battle of Midway.

In Our timeline, US naval bomber squadron commander C. Wade McClusky decided to continue to search for the Japanese fleet, though his squadrons from Enterprise were running low on fuel because of the time spent searching. The squadron spotted the wake of the Japanese destroyer Arashi and started attacking Japanese fleet. Soon, all three American dive-bomber squadrons arrived at the perfect time, locations and altitudes to attack. Within six minutes, Soryu and Kaga were ablaze from stem to stern, as fires continued to spread through the ships. Akagi, having been struck by only one bomb, too was eventually consumed by the flames and had to be abandoned. All three carriers were eventually abandoned and scuttled. Hiryu, the sole surviving Japanese aircraft carrier, counterattacked to US navy, but it was too late to stop Americans winning the battle.

This timeline supposes the result after C. Wade McClusky decided not to search for Japanese fleet, due to the lack of fuel.










List of Nations

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