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The Nazi Party, with very few other choices, decides to go with Hitler's former Architect, Albert Speer. Although surprised by their decision, Speer accepts, and immediately seeks to reform the German Reich in order to survive this war, for if Germany could make it through the war in one piece, they would win, no matter the cost, and if they have to give up land later, it will be better than losing.
Bundesarchiv Bild 146II-277, Albert Speer

The New Leader of Germany, Albert Speer

The government department's are stream lined, and the SS is ordered to end their persecution of the Jews, and they are given a choice: they can help Germany through this difficult time, through working in the factories and non-combat roles, and after the war, Speer promises them that Germany will help set up a Jewish State in Palestine. Many agree to help, though they didn't know if they could trust the Nazi's, but Speer changes their minds after some commanders still subjected the Jews to brutal treatment, and Speer immediately relieved them of their command and threw them into the justice system, and most went to prison.

The economy is soon turning out thousands of tanks and airplanes a month, and the German people have more freedom than when they were under Hitler. Now, with this force at his Command, what does Speer tell the Wehrmacht to do?

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