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During the entire time that Albert Speer and the reformed Nazi Germany has been struggling to re-unite the state, Britain had been sitting idle, it seems, only sending the occasional supplies to German Rebels, and mounting other raids on occupied France, Norway and the Low Countries. As the Germans were busy, Parliament manages to rein in Churchill, and still military re-armament is months, if not years behind schedule. The British army, with most of its heavy equipment scattered over the Dunkirk beaches (or those that were salvageable, used by both the German's and the Rebels), is still in a sorry state, even into late 1941. This is mostly because the Kriegsmarine, loyal to Speer even in the darkest hours, has been continuing the naval war, sinking vast amounts of shipping in the North Atlantic. This has starved many of the factories, and rationing in Britain is only growing tighter and tighter.

Now with the rebels defeated, Speer is prepared to finish the war with Britain. The Luftwaffe, purged of unloyal and rebellious elements, is now unleashed on Britain, targeting the airplane factories and airfields. The RAF tries to mount a defense, and despite some successes, Fighter Command is being worn down quickly. Churchill orders Bomber Command to mount a raid against Berlin, which succeeds. However, Speer refuses to "stoop to Churchill's level", and the bombing of the airfields and factories continue. The RAF is at the end of its rope, while Germany's losses are soon made up, and the strength is only growing. The combined U-boat and air campaign is achieving its results, Winston Churchill is voted out in a vote of no-confidence, and Lord Halifax is named in his place.

What does the British do now?

Created by Tbguy1992 20:54, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

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