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Speer realizes that the way of empire will only alienate the people against the Germans. He also realizes that the Germans have been fairly successful, and it is best to quit while they are ahead. He officially dissolves the Nazi party with the assistance of the Army, He requests a peace with the Allies, who agree after seeing Speer's efforts to remove the Nazi Party.

The Allies and the Germans meet at Zurich to discuss a peace treaty. Speer is very willing to compromise with the Allies, but wants to make sure that Germany can still resist any Soviet aggression. The Allies put terms forward that Germany must give up all the land they conquered, and grant Poland independence. Speer agrees to this, and the Wermacht vacates France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. The Allies formally renounce the Versailles treaty and the war-guilt clause.

Stalin is furious by these developments. When he wanted to quietly expand his dominion, the Allies had to go and make peace with the Germans. Now, they would naturally turn to the Soviets act of aggression. And, now there was a restored Polish state to agitate the polish people's under Soviet domination. He has no doubts that the Germans will be eternally on guard against the Soviets. What shall he do?

Invade the Newly Independent Poland

Assassinate Speer

The Soviets develop larger armies and new technology

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