There are various races and nations within the ASB Belligerence Universe, many of these are spacefaring, while some are barely industrial

Sol System


  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy
  • The Shogunate States of Japan
  • Socialist Commonwealth Republics of Scandinavia and Britain
  • The Gambian Catholic Hippie League
  • The Roman Republic
  • The Union of German States
  • The Communazi Republic of West Russia
  • The United Kingdom of the Caribbean


  • the Iritkisin Empire
  • Ika-Kidla Delai
  • The Great Northern Martian Empire
  • Ertugynavvee
  • Lmvnopp
  • The Genistiwakkan Order
  • The Xunrue Empire
  • The Farlander Tribes


  • the Dominion of Oll'ekda Demaarvys


  • Constructors (Possible race, believed to be responsible for constructing the "Eris Relay")

Glise 436 System


  • Aesmar Kha'l Thenus
  • The Vergotinihlyypoel Horde


  • Great Venusian Empire
  • United Republic of K'aa He'vid (Known as the Old Land by the post-collapse Martian nations)
  • The Great Zimbabwe Empire
  • The Confederate States of America (Under temporary Japanese occupation)

Unknown Home-planet

  • Fraternity of the Formidae

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