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Regenetech Empire

Main Article: Regenetech Empire

The Empire has existed for 45 Million years and consists of seven species: the Genrethites, Zahntims, Lukz'abs, Illbanks, Kazorians, Najdans, and Dookons. The Empire was plagued with seventeen civil war throughout the entirety of its history and has extremely advanced technology. Perhaps the only thing the Empire cannot do is travel intergalactically. The current Emperor is Byslank III.

Terran Empire

Azaranian Empire

Insectus Empire

See also Insectus Empire (Battle for Earth Revised)

The Insectus Empire is relatively new to the game. They began as a small, insect-like race about as advanced as humans at the time of Egypt and Babylon. But when their queens discovered how to create hive minds and make their soldiers extensions of themselves, the queens grew in power. Three civil wars between the hive queens and the angry citizens, who didn't want to become an extension of their queen, ended with five queens taking power, one for each of the continents on their homeworld of Talloke. The most powerful, Queen Isis the Great, who ruled from the capital of Andbar and the continent of Andabarra, attempted to conquerthe other queendoms, sparking the First Hive Wars. They ended five hundred years later when Queen Horus came into power over the Andbaran throne and brought together the warring nations of Talloke to form the Great Insectus Queendom. Soon, space travel began and the Insectus Queendom became the Galactic Insectus Queendom. This era of peace and prosperity lasted two hundred years and is heraled as the Golden Age of the Insectus. But when Queen Horus died, her daughter, Queen Horus II, had other plans for the Queendom. She began a spree of conquering and the borders of the great queendom expanded rapidly. But she was poisoned by her daughter, Alladar, who was unableto hold together the queendom. After seventy years of unrest, she was killed by Queen Ana, a rogue from one of the four fallen queendoms. Talloke collapsed into a thousand year long war between queendoms, and the galactic queendom was forgotten. Four times, Andbaran Queens have attempted to rebuild the shattered remnants of the queendom, most recenty Queen Illiad I. After her death and the death of her daughter, Illiad II, Queen Embris came into power and rebuilt her mother's empire. She established a smal colony on the moon Ganymede, where a new queen hatched from one of her eggs by mistake. For the first time in a thousand years, Embris didn't kill the child, but embraced it, and together they created the greatest hive mind ever seen since the reign of Horus. The rogue queendoms fell one by one and their hive minds were absorbed, the last queen being Sevirus the Terrible, who bombed the city of Paris. She was tortured to death in exchange for information about a mysterious Artefact somewhere in the Sol System. To be precise, on Earth. The Artefact contains a cold fusion engine with the power of a star that can create or destroy planets. Any race that owns the Artefact could hold galactic sovereignty. The Insectus are currently searching for the Artefact with the help of the remains of a race called the Rojlokki, once a powerful empire that was destroyed in a war for the Artefact that they created. The Regentech Empire has offered assistance in finding the Artefact. The search is now focused on Canada, particularly the region that will become Wood Bufallo National Park, where an ancient Chinese tomb may hold the Artefact. Stay tuned...

Thalmor Dominion

see main aricle Thalmor Dominion (Battle for Earth Revised)

Novan Empire

See Main Article: Novan

Dravimosian Empire

See main Article: Dravimosian Empire

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