In this Solar System, there are various new sentient species which would have not appeared if the creation of the Solar System had gone as OTL. Humans are there, of course, yet it has two other intelligent species to live side by side with on its own planet. This can be quite challenging as Homo [Blacki] are on average very tall. Hobbits and Humans are easier to build for as building for a hobbit, sizes for a human are used to make it easier to live in.

Species Home Planet Sentient Level Characteristics
Homo Sapiens (Human) Terramyde Complete Explorers by nature, Good Leaders
Homo Gigantopithecus (Giant) Terramyde Complete Superior Engineers and Workers
Homo floresiensis (Hobbit) Terramyde Complete Logical Philosophers and Master Strategists
Canis Venatoris (Wargs) Greenland Semi Pack Hunters

On Greenland, there is a pack of carnivorous hunters which are usually referred to as Wargs. These animals are vicious and are notorious for causing trouble against Terran species, with the most notable being the Incident of [placename].


The humans are the most widespread of all three species.

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