Special Roman Province
Specialis provinciae Romae
— Special Province of Kingdom and Papacy of Italy
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy

OTL equivalent: Italian Lazio region
RomanFlag PapacyFlag
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Special Roman Province

For the Pope and Rome! (Latim)
("Pro Papa et Romam!")

(and largest city)
  others Italian
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Parlamentary Special Province
  legislature The Cardinal Concil
The Pope of Rome Doge Vittorio V
  The great house ruler of Italy and Venice Pastore Emanuelle
The Cardinal Chief The Royal Prince Nicolae III
Admission 1515
Currency Italian Lire
Abbreviations Papal State
The Special Province of Rome is a province of the Kingdom and Papacy of Italy. It's the current Doge/Pope's home and together with Venice is the only other province with special laws.

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