Spartacus, the Thracian slave gladiator, sparked a rebellion against the mighty Roman Republic, igniting "The Third Servile War", with his fellow slaves they defeat legion after legion. By the year, they are the most feared in Rome shaking the ranks of all Romans. They begin to march on Rome, vowing to kill every Roman within the city, abolish human slavery, and make Rome tremble....


Sold into slavery with his wife and then separated, Spartacus' actions and fierce character won him the chance to be a gladiator in the school of Batiatus, and be on the battlefield fighting for the sick amusement of the Roman people. Although serving the Romans, he yearned for freedom, revenge, and to find and free his beloved wife. Months went by until he planned with his fellow gladiators Crixus Oneomaus, Castus Gannicus, and many more to break free and seek vengeance against Rome itself.

Storming the school

So it began, while Roman troops were either resting or eating, the slaves crept up, killed them, and began to fight their way out of the school. Now almost 200 of them fled into the nearby mountains awaiting and planning their next moves. A militia force was dispatched, forcing the former slaves into a siege. However, Spartacus, a brilliant tactician, orders his men to land directly onto the Roman camp and massacre the militia force, also killing a significant Roman consul. Roman deserters now offered their allegiance to the gladiators, which is accepted, adding another 51 men into the gladiator-slave force.


Spartacus and his men taught gladiators, and Spartacus ,himself a former soldier, teaches military combat and training to the newly made recruits, and their numbers continue to grow. Now with Roman tools and weapons at their disposal, they are now once again able to go into the offensive against the Romans. The praetorian forces are dispatched against Spartacus. However, these forces are split and then are attacked, divided. and conquered by Spartacus.

Numbers grow

The rebels' numbers were ever growing

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