Μεγάλη Δημοκρατία της Σπάρτης
Great Republic of Sparta
Timeline: Greek World
Preceded by 500 - 1825 Succeeded by
GreekEmpireVexilloidGreek Empire Kingdom of GreeceThessalonikiFlag
SpartaFlag SpartaCoA
Flag of Sparta Coat of Arms of Sparta
Location of Sparta in Red

Ειρήνη επιδιώκεται μέσω του πολέμου (Greek)
("Peace is sought through war")

Capital: Sparta
Language: Greek
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Type of government: Olirgarchy Republic
  Upper Chamber:

Lower Chamber:

Warriors Council

Citizen Council

Currency: Spartan Drachma
The Great Republic of Sparta was a country in central Greece, being one of the most important and military nations util its conquest.

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