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Spanish people

EmpressSanchatheGreat EmperorJaimeI Catalina Lopez Sanchez
Sancha the Great - Jaime I - Catalina Sanchez Valeria Altamira Diego de Trastamara Antonio Vasquez
Valeria Altamira - Diego de Trastamara - Antonio Vasquez

Ruth Lorenzo Alejandro Ramirez Anonymous (band)
Ruth Lorenzo - Alejandro Ramirez - Anonymous
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Espana Spain 98,145,752
Mainly Spanish
Mainly Magdalism and None
Spanish people, also called Spaniards are an ethnic group native to Spain that traditionally speak the Spanish language and share the same culture. The Spanish have been subjugated multiple times in history. A large part of Spain was under the direct or indirect control of the Carthaginian Republic and was later under the heavy influence of the Italian civilization. Spain became a unified nation under the reign of Sancha the Great, the first Empress of Spain.

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