The Spanish Empire is the collective territories, colonies, and Viceroyalties of the Kingdom of Spain spread across the Globe. It emerged in the Age of Discovery and became the Foremost Global power as well as one of the first, under the rule of the Spanish Habsburgs. 


Following a period known as the Reconquista in which the various Hispanic kingdoms retook the peninsula from the Muslims, The main kingdoms manages to centralize power to a degree allowing for the eventual unification of the kingdoms into a single contiguous entity. 

Following this and the voyages of Christopher Columbus to the Americas, Spain had officially pushed the point of unification to reality and began a period of heavy exploration which ended in the colonization of the Caribbean and various landing all throughout the nearby mainland.

Contact with the Aztecs

The Spanish under Hernan Cortez first dealt with the Aztecs in 1518 coming over from Cuba on an expedition. By 1519 following some setbacks and other advances he had managed to secure the Immediate Veracruz areas and some other territories.

However the Aztecs with better tactics and some minor technological advancements from the Vinns almost 15 years earlier prevented the full conquest of the Aztecs as territory further north proved to be death traps for Spanish troops and this developed into a Sort of Cold war.

More to come, just currently a sort of placeholder to get stuff down.

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