THE Yellow color its the Spanish Empire in its Current Size

Currently the Most Powerful nation of the world among with the Japanese the Swedish and the Americans nations, its one of the Most Extended Empires as it has domains over most of America From OTL northern British Columbia to the Patagonia, and has most of western and Eastern Argonia OTL Australia, as well it does domains most of the Balkans controlling areas prior held by the Ottomans and prior to them the Byzantines, Bulgars, Serbians and Croatians, and as well, control of several areas from the African continent, such as the once British African Horn and the Colonies from the Canarians islands as well as Spanish Madagascar and Morocco and the Philippines.

Spain "España" Mainland

The central head of Spain, and Neural Center of the Spanish Empire, its the residence to most of the Citizens of Spain and of the Emperor of Spain Currently this one Being Ferdinand I, during the Imperial times it has been divided in five major provinces, and to Imperial Districts Based upon the Ones of the Roman Hispania

  • Tarraconensis - Tarragona
  • Carthaginensis - Cartagena
    • District of Madrid
    • District of Toledo
  • Baetica et Granata - Betica y Granada
  • Lusitania -
  • Gallaecia et Asturias - Galicia y Asturias

Each of these Provinces is divided further into smaller divisions based on the cities

"Praetoriado/Provincia de Nueva España" New Spain "Imperium Mexicanum" "Imperio De Mexico"


Mexican Empire

The most extended colony from the Spanish Empire, As well, it's one of the richest nations of the world. Since 1776 It has been autonomous as part of the Empire after a small uprising, Its extension grew shortly after this reaching twice its size in a 30 year period after the population of the coastal regions. In previous eras, the Mexican Region was the center of the Mesoamerican cultures mostly known as the Aztecs and the Mayans it was the first region of the continent to be heavily settled from the Antiles since in 1521 after the Aztecs were conquered, the Capital city of their empire, Tenochtitlan became The city of Mexico, Currently the Emperor of the Mexicans Is Jose Carlos, citizen of the New Spain colony born in 1769.

The Empire of the Mexican is divided in ten major provinces and two imperial districts:

  • Mexico - Mexico
    • Mexico city - Ciudad de Mexico - Tenochtitlan
    • Monterrey
  • Mayan Counties - Condados Mayas
  • Honduras - Honduras
  • Nicaragua - Nicaragua
  • Texas - Texas
  • Sonora -Sonora
  • Colorado - Colorado
  • Nevada - Nevada
  • New Madrid ( OTL vancouver) - Nueva Madrid
  • Northern Columbia - Columbia Septentrional

This colony has the Unique status of being the First one to Succesfully gain autonomy and execute democracy prior to the reforms of the Emperor Charles II and having self determination without major intrusion from spain in internal Politics

  • Status: Dominion, Part of the Spanish Empire

"Praetoriado/Provincia de California" California


Californian Province

formed in 1775 and originally having most of the northern regions of the New Spain its one of the most recent colonies, and despite the territorial lost its still one of the most organized Provinces since its Creation it has organized the regions of the coastal areas of Western Spanish North america, and extracted Gold from its Soil, as well as one of the Greatest commercial zones of the Spanish Pacific, its centered around San Francisco city of Yerba buena divided in three major Provinces:

  • Baja California
  • Alta California
  • Cascadia
  • Status: Colony, Province of the Spanish Empire

"Praetoriado/Provincia de Florida" Florida



being the Only Possesion from Spain in the Regions of Eastern North america its a rich area mainly a highly populated area for Food Production among the antiles and south regions of florida, it was early colonized in 1550 by the Spanish Travelling from Cuba and Hispaniola to The mainland and like most of the colonies it underwented a heavy process of convertion to christendom and population

like most it has a internal division in this case divided in Five Regions

  • West Florida - Florida Occidental
  • Florida - Florida
  • Cuba
  • Hispaniola
  • Puerto rico
  • Status: Colony, Province of the Spanish Empire

"Praetoriado/Provincia de Nueva Granada" New Granada

Nueva Granada-LLL

Based on the Northern Regions of South America and the Panamanian Isthmus, it's a wealthy colony centered in Santa Fe de Bogota It's a trade point for the entrance of Slaves into the Imperial territories on South America and it's one of the most populated regions of the empire, as well as the greatest producer of Emeralds of South America.

Its population began in 1520 similar to the Conquest of the Inca Empire and it has been under Spanish control ever since.

It's currently divided into three major regions and several provinces:

  • New Granada
    • Antiochia - Antioquia
    • Panama
    • Cartagena
    • Riohacha
    • Popayan
    • Cauca
    • Santander
    • Cundinamarca
  • Venezuela
    • Maracaibo
    • Nueva Sparta
    • Los llanos
    • Amazonia
  • Quito
    • Alto Quito
    • Bajo Quito
    • Status: Colony, Province of the Spanish Empire

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