Imperial Spanish Realm
Anthem"God, Gold and Glory"
CapitalFlag of Spain Madrid, Spain
Largest city Flag of Mexico Mexico City, Mexico
Official languages Spanish
Recognised regional languages Quechua, Filipino
Membership Flag of Argentina Argentina
Flag of Mexico Mexico
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua
Flag of Cuba Cuba
Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
 -  King Flag of Spain Felipe VI
 -  Commander Flag of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto
 -  General Flag of Cuba Raúl Castro
The Imperial Realm of Nations (Spanish: Realm Imperial de Naciones) commonly known as the Spanish Realm or the Imperial Coalition is an inter-governmenmtnal organization, mostly consisting of former territories of the Spanish Empire that remained loyal to Spanish customs and traditions. It is regarded in many respects, as the Spanish counterpart to the English Commonwealth.

The Imperial Coalition dates back to the mid 20th century with the decolonisation of the Spanish Empire through increased self-governance of its territories. It was formally constituted by the Madrid Declaration in 1953, which established the member states as "free and equal". The symbol of this free association is King Felipe VI who is the Head of the Realm. The King is also the monarch of 11 members of the Coalition, known as Spanish Imperial realms.

Member states have no legal obligation to one another. Instead, they are united by Spanish language, history, culture and their shared values of parliamentary democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. These values are enshrined in the Imperial Royal Decree and promoted by the quadrennial Madrid Imperial Games.

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