What if the Spanish armada won?

¡Viva España!

8th August, 1:32 AM

A dark night, everyone sleeping on the English coast. When cannon fire explodes, everyone wakes Up. The Spanish attack the coast. Many atrocities are committed. The Spanish take the village in 15 minutes.

A diary is found 418 years later saying this:

The invaders cannon balled my village. I was doomed. My parents and brother woke up. I think I see an axe. Wait, what NOOOdnncdcnd.

9th August, 12:58 PM

Elizabeth hears this. The Spanish were already 402 miles away from the Palace. So she sends the army to control stop the annexation, but it's too late.

11 August, 3:43 PM

London Is captured after a two-days, four hours and 38 minute battle. Elizabeth Is executed. His cousin Ernst becomes King Of England and England Is restored to Catholicism.

King Ernst I of england

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