Battle of Desmayo the Cuban Balaklava

The Battle of Desmay, CS Soldiers fought alongside Cuban rebels

The Spanish-Confederate War was an armed conflict between the Confederate States of America an the Spanish Empire. The war was an instrumental event, sparking the South American Conquest by the CSA. Of course, the war was catastrophic for Spain and Cuba, but it gave Confederate leaders the audacity to begin what the called "The liberation of Latin America".

Build up to war

The CS and Spain had been at each others throats since the Mexican-Confederate War in 1867. Mexico, a protectorate of the Spanish Empire since 1866, was illegaly invaded by the CSA, and after e year of fighting had been annexed into "Mexico Territory". In 1898, Spanish Admiral Patricio Montojo attacked and sunk the CSS Misissipi, as a protest against the ship holding three ships of the Spanish Merchant Navy captive. After three days of debate in the CS congress, the CSA declared war on the Spanish Empire on Januray 19th, 1898.

Early Battles and Spanish "Invasion"

The first battle of the war was when the CS navy met a Spanish fleet about 35 miles from the shore of Florida. They dueled for three hours, and then the CS navy broke through the attepmted blockade. This was named the "Battle of Miami Shore".

Concentrating their forces in Cuba, the Spanish Army attempted to, along with the navy, invade Florida through the southern coast. Spotting Spanish Naval cruisers, Lieutenenat Commander Davide Heratio of the CSS Arkansas ordered his forces along the beaches of Florida, and blockaded attempts to invade. Although the Spanish deployed, and attempted to land troops near Florida, there never was an invasion.

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