Spanish–American War

April 25, 1898


August 12, 1898


Cuba, and Puerto Rico (Caribbean) Philippines, and Guam (Asia-Pacific)


Confederate States victory


Confederate States of America

Cuban Rebels

Puerto Rican Rebels




CS:Francis Cockrell

Cuban Rebels:Máximo Gómez

Katipunan:Emilio Aguinaldo

Maria Christina

Práxedes Mateo Sagasta

Patricio Montojo

Pascual Cervera

Arsenio Linares y Pombo

Manuel Macías y Casado

Ramón Blanco y Erenas


Cuban Republic: 30,000 irregulars

Confederate States:

300,000 regulars and volunteers

Spanish Army:

278,447 regulars and militia (Cuba), 10,005 regulars and militia (Puerto Rico), 51,331 regulars and militia(Philippines)

Casualties and Losses

Cuban Republic: 10,665 dead Confederate States Army:

3,045 dead, 1,577 wounded, 2,565 diseased

Confederate States Navy:

16 dead, 68 wounded

Spanish Navy: 560 dead, 300–400 wounded

Spanish Army:

3,000 dead or wounded 6,700 captured,(Philippines) 13,000 diseased (Cuba)

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