The event

In 1588 the Spanish Armada invaded English shores after they smashed the English due to their superior numbers and seafaring skills. (Francis Drake died in 1542 just before his second birthday, the English lost due to not having his genius at the helm).

Initial response

Catholicism is restored to England after the deposition of Elizabeth the First and the decimation or conversion of the Protestant nobility.

Wars that result

The remaining protestants in the country flee mainly to Scotland. however due to differing beliefs between Anglicans and Presbyterians a civil war breaks out. Meanwhile, the English rebel after 25 years.


England regains independence after 15 years with Edward Seymour (second cousin of Elizabeth the First) as king. Scotland separates into Anglican south with the original king and a Scottish lord is chosen to be king of the north (Hopefully he avoids wedding get it).

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