The United Kingdom of Spain or Spanish State (in its short official form) - known also informally as Spain- is a state in South-Western Europe with nearly 50 millions of inhabitants. It is a parliamentary democracy since 1945, marking in 2015 the 70th birthday as a democracy after a long period of instability since the advent of the Liberal Regime in 1812 until the coup d'etat overthrowing general Franco by the pro-democracy king in wait Juan I in 1945.

Following the monarchic restoration, the country enrolled in a project of radical decentralization, diving itself in Kingdoms and Principalities as during the Habsburg ruling over Spain for as the Queen Mother Victoria Eugene said in a visit to Galicia in 1946 "Remake Spain for making it as when it was the greatest country in the world, a country proud of its rich native diversity,a country in which each nationality has its own totally internal self government, a nation that needs the consent of all its home nations, of all the pieces of this engine that Spain is, to do anything" in which:

- The Principality of Catalonia (including Northern Catalonia)

- The Kingdom of Valencia

- The Kingdom of Mallorca ( including Eivissa, Formentera, and smaller Islands, while Menorca continued to be British without being never ceded to Spain due to the strong oppositions of its inhabitants and the good governance of Britain)

- The Kingdom of Navarre

- The Principality of the Basque Country

- Kingdom of Galicia (including the Galician-Speaking towns of Asturias and León and the Galician speaking exclaves in the province of Extremadura (Castile)

A tricameral parliament was instated with the following chambers:

1- Congreso de los Diputados (Deputies Congress) representative, democratically elected chamber, with seat in Madrid.

2- Senado Confederal Español ( Spanish Confederate Senate) democratically elected, territorial chamber, with seat in Barcelona

3- General Court Procurer's Chamber (Unelected, social representative chamber, with seat in Vitoria-Gasteiz and made up of:

- Familiar Representatives: Family Mothers and Fathers, one for province and/or home nation)

- Nobility: Royal family members which are not on the succession line to the throne (infants, dukes, princesses, lords, ladies, both Urban and Rural)

-Trade Unions: Representatives of the syndicates with representation in the syndical posts of any business or profession, including liberal ones (actresses, writers, etc)

- Businessmen-Women

Also, the Home Nations have its own parliament with total internal autonomy and shared responsibilities in the confederal government, kinda, and based in, the dual-system of Austro-Hungary.

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