Republic of Spain
República Española (Spanish)
Timeline: Napoleon's World
Flag of Spain Coat of Arms of Spain (1931-1939)
Flag Coat of Arms
Spain Global NW
Location of Spain
(and largest city)
  others Arabic
Demonym Spanish
Government Republic
  legislature Parliament of Spain
President Antonio Banderas
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
Population 71,500,000 
Established 1516 (de facto)

1713 (de jure)
1986 (current constitution)

Currency Spanish peso
Calling Code +34
Internet TLD .es

Spain, officially called the Republic of Spain, is a European nation located on the Iberian Peninsula and in North Africa, spanning both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar. Long governed by a communist-socialist government and one of the poorest countries in Europe, Spain has emerged in the past twenty years as one of the world's fastest growing economies. The country has a population of approximately 71,500,000. The official language of Spain is Spanish, although Arabic is widely spoken as well. The capital of Spain is Madrid which also sits within its largest metropolitan area, but the largest individual city is Casablanca. Since the 1986 fall of the Communist Worker's Party of Spain, Spain has enjoyed a parliamentary republic system. The current President and head of state of Spain is Antonio Banderas, and the current Prime Minister and head of government is Mariano Rajoy.

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