The Kingdom of Spain is a Western European Country and member of the European Union. Since the outbreak of the H5N1Z virus, it has hosted the French Government in exile although it plans to return to French territory soon. Spain has also been significantly infected, but not to the same devastation as France, United Kingdom which has a significant number of refugees in Spain and Ireland. This has however been enough to influence national politics, and the Federal Government while still in session is considered weak. Autonomous communities continue to have greater influence on their local regions, and fears of a breakup of the country is widespread.

Terrain, Climate and Population Density have all been listed as possible reasons why the H5N1Z virus is not as strong in Spain as it was in Countries north of it. These theories have been discounted by many professionals unless research that is still ongoing proves otherwise. Given that infected regularly pass through into Spanish territory in small groups or alone, it is labelled as one of the best suited areas to perform research and as such now caters for many international scientists in the north of the Country.

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