Timeline: Allied World

OTL equivalent: Southern and Eastern Spain
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Madrid
Largest city Madrid
Other cities Barcelona, Granada
  others Garian, Portuguese, Italian
Population 47,600,000 
Independence 1184AD from Muslims, Spaniards
Currency Garvendi

Spain is a kingdom in Iberia and Central America founded in 1180 by the Garians. It achieved a golden age from the 1250s until the 1550s, when power shifted to Sicily, France, and Prussia. Spain is a member of the Iraklion Alliance.


The Garian tribe lived in an early Spanish kingdom around Madrid in the 800s AD. Islamic occupants had enslaved many of them, so the Garians revolted and were defeated. The tribe fled eastward to Armenia thereafter, establishing a kingdom at Adana.

In 1180, the Garians had created a powerful empire in the east Mediterrannean and they wanted to achieve their ancient goal: to reconquer and rule Spain. They did just that. A massive army of up to 500,000 Garians invaded Spain, defeating Christians and Muslims alike, and establishing the Spanish Kingdom at Madrid in 1184.

During the period of 1180-1270, Garians throughout Europe and Asia flocked to Spain to live in their ancient homeland. By 1270 the massive migrations ended and Spain was the most powerful nation in the Iraklion Alliance, having half of the population of all of the nations in the alliance (4,000,000 out of 8,000,000 people).

Through 1550, Spain enjoyed dominance amongst its allies and over the rest of Europe. But in 1561, 63, and 79-80, rebellions in the south of Spain (specifically in the Muslim areas) rocked the kingdom. The Spanish relied on support from a growing Sicily to send troops and put down the rebellions. Most historians agree that Spanish power officially receded in 1585, when the Iraklion Alliance went to war with Prussia and France and the Spanish were unable to send the largest army to war.

Spain was still relatively powerful through the 1600s and 1700s, settling colonies in Yucutania, Cuba, and Domenica in Central America. After its colonies revolted in the early 1800s the Spanish lost power once again.


Today Spain is still a member of the Iraklion Alliance. It is a deeply religious nation, with its people contributing much money to the Garian Church. 60% of Spaniards live within 50 miles of Madrid, and thus live an urban lifestyle with industrial and commercial jobs. The other 40% live on farms or fishing villages, which attract much tourism as well. Wealthy Spaniards from Madrid own beach homes and usually take vacations to oceanic towns.


A majority of Spaniards are Garians. In a 2000 census, 21,000,000 Spaniards claimed to be completely Garian and another 20,000,000 said they were partially Garian. Other major ethnic groups include Arabic (9,000,000), French (4,500,000), Armenian (2,000,000), and Indian (900,000).

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