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Democratic Republic of Spain
República Democrática de España
Timeline: A House Divided

OTL equivalent: Spain, Portugal
Flag of Soviet España (Shattered Into Pieces) Escudo de España (mazonado)
Flag Coat of Arms

Plus Ultra (Spanish)
("Further Beyond")

Capital Madrid
Largest city Madrid
Other cities Barcelona
  others Portuguese
Religion Catholicism, Protestantism
Ethnic Group 76% Spanish
Demonym Spanish
Government Socialist one party state
  legislature People's Congress
President Jose Centella
Area 225,000 square miles
Population 52 million 
Independence from Kingdom of Spain
Currency Spanish Peseta
Time Zone (UTC+0)
Calling Code +34
Internet TLD .es



The Third Spanish Republic, Democratic Republic of Spain, or simply, Spain, is a western European nation that exists in the Iberian Peninsula. The third republic was founded in 1945 after the Fifth Red War, when communist revolutionaries overthrew the existing dictatorship of Francisco Franco and established a new republic. Although Spain is more authoritarian than many democratic republics, it has typically been aligned with other western democracies and supported the overthrow of oppressive governments, most notably that of North France and that of Great Britain.

In 1972, the Spanish intervened in the Portuguese Revolution, during which communism began to take hold in the country, and the existing government harshly fought back and tried to crush the revolution. So, the Russians and Spanish entered the conflict and quickly disposed of the current regime. Following this, the Portuguese people voted to join Spain through a popular referendum, and Spain merged with Portugal.

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