Space Race is the fashion trend replacing Plain White. So-called because it was provoked conceptually and practically by the Second Space Race, it is somewhat reminiscent of the mid-Elizabethan trend of using "space age" styles and materials to give a futuristic impression.


The predecessors of Space Race can be seen in two Elizabethan trends - the '60s trend in Op and Pop Art influenced styles and synthetic fabrics, and the late Elizabethan-early Caroline Space Disco movement. These differed from true Space Race in that unlike the former, the latter used actual clothing and materials worn or manufactured in space. Spacesuits and jumpsuits worn in orbit and elsewhere off-Earth were adapted for use on Earth. The advent of off-the-peg spacewear enabled first the wealthy and later the general population to wear them or imitations of them on the street. This trend has continued.


A number of materials developed for use on the space colonies were also used in clothing on Earth, partly because they could easily be made in space and imported to Earth. These fall into three main categories: amino acid-based, inorganic and carbohydrate-based.

Amino Acid Based

These are attempts to imitate proteins and there are two main materials: polyglutamate and neohooverene.


Garments and Styles

The earliest example of a genuine space garment used widely on Earth was the Mars Suit. and its successor the Venus Suit.

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