The Space Race refers to a heated competition between the three Superpowers during the Cold War.

The Space Race began when Japan launched the Sakura 1 satellite in 1960. In 1961, President Kennedy of the United States of New England called upon the North American Federation to compete against the Japanese. In Germany, too, Kaiser Louis called upon the German people to rise to the challenge. The Germans launched their first satellite in 1962, and the North Americans followed a few months later. Initially, North America played catch-up to Japan and Germany, but they eventually surged past the two, landing the first man on the moon in May of 1968. The Japanese followed two years later. The Germans abandoned their moon program, instead choosing to focus on a program of probes.

In 1979, the first simple base, Kōmon City, was built on the moon by the Japanese. The North Americans followed in 1981 with Jefferson City.

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