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The history of Space Exploration.

Early Years 1980-1989

  • January 1st 1980: Launch of the first Ruo Mission in Thailand. The first satellite, Siam 1, is put in orbit. King Bhumibol Adulyadej declares a day of national celebration.
  • January 30th 1980: Second Ruo Mission launched. Siam 2, a satellite containing the flags of the South Asian Union, reaches outer space.
  • February 3rd 1980: Great Russia launches the first Tsar Rocket, the first Russian craft to reach outer space.
  • February 18th 1980: Ruo 3 takes the first pictures of Thailand from orbit.
  • February 27th 1980: Tsar 2 launches Alexei 1, the first Russian Satellite.
  • March 24th 1980: The European Community launches the first Da Vinci rocket, carrying the flags of its member states to space.
  • March 30th 1980: Ruo 4 explodes halfway to low earth orbit.
  • April 17th 1980: Tsar 3 launches Alexei 2. First pictures of Russia from orbit.
  • April 28th 1980: Ruo 5 carries a Chimpanzee to space. The chimp is successfully retrieved.
  • May 10th 1980: The Da Vinci 2 reaches outer space. Samples brought back show space is mostly empty, with very few particles of solar wind.
  • May 31st 1980: Russia launches its first SOM. (Surface to Orbit Missile) Alexei 2, the target, is completely destroyed.
  • June 12th 1980: Thailand and the rest of the SAU form a collaborative space program similar to the European Community's. It takes over the Ruo missions.
  • July 7th 1980: The first American rocket, Roosevelt 1, reaches orbit.
  • July 29th 1980: Da Vinci 3 reaches orbit. Most detailed photos taken from orbit to date.
  • August 15th 1980: The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere launches Shogun 1.
  • September 12th 1980: Russian spies are discovered within the South Asian Space Program. The spies last report before their arrest shows the existence of the "Bangkok Mission".
  • September 29th 1980: Roosevelt 2 reaches orbit, first American satellite.

Space Race 1990-1999

  • May 10th, 1996: Tycho Crater, site of numerous Russian and European landings, has its first permanent structure built. This underground base, officially under the control of the Association of Nations, houses ten astronauts and contains one 'worth of supplies, a nuclear reactor and two functioning craft capable of carrying the ten residents back to earth.
  • December 21st, 1999: Tycho Crater now houses 2,000 people. The Lunar Space Elevator is operational,

Third Decade in Space

  • New Years Eve, 2003: Japanese forces deploy Kinetic Impact Satellites and Laser Satellites against Separatist forces in Korea. Within a day of this bombardment, the Korean separatists have fled their fortifications. The Korean Liberation Front must now rely on guerrilla warfare.
  • July 12th, 2009: The population of Tycho Crater reaches 10,000.

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