Space exploration is all that happens in space surrounding the species of humans.

Space Race

The Space Race was between the United Nations Space Agency and the Axis Space Agency. The ASA won all up to the moon. The defecting of von Braun caused the UNSA to win the race to the moon.

Defecting of von Braun

Wernher von Braun defected to the state of Panama from the Nazi colony of Venezuela. The defection was taken out by the Venezuelan socialist rebel Hugo Chavez. Chavez had the whole defection filmed and was able to sneak it onto a few Fascist networks.

Space Organizations

Flag of the UNSA

United Nations Space Agency's flag


The UNSA was made to rival the ASA, so they would have more scientists to rival the Axis. It is headquartered in Panama. It is a part of the United Nations.


The Axis Space Association was founded after WWII when Hitler realized it would be better to use space for war. The unity would give them more money and scientists.


The SSA was founded when the Communist members of the UN left the UN to create the SU. The SU was based at the same place in Venezuela that the Axis used.


In WWIII the Axis and the Allies focused on mainly creating war for space operations.


The Allies and the Axis both found a way to de-orbit stuff into the atmosphere causing meteor-like craters. The main invention was the Artificial Meteor, a meteor with a computer to control it. The AM was able to burn up the sky over Vienna and cause extreme heat and fires before destroying a military base in the Alps. They also used space for very good surveillance satellites that needed to be blown out of the sky.

Space shuttle USSR

The War Shuttle with a large ET because of heavier gun and shield weight

Space battles

About one-quarter of the way through the war the Axis and Allies realized that their space was the fourth setting. They both created space stations to bomb AMs and and destroy other space stations. They also used a modified space shuttle called a War Shuttle.

The Battle of the Cape

The Battle of the Cape happened over the Cape of good hope. The Battle was caused when the RSS (Reich Space Station) was somehow slightly de-orbited to fall onto the path of the UNSS (United Nations Space Station). Both nations sent two war shuttles to defend and try to de-orbit the space stations to stop AMs from falling. It ended with the de-orbit of the RSS and the loss of one UNSA and two ASA shuttles.

War shuttle

The War Shuttle had 33 guns, no payload bay and a crew of 14. Five of the crew members would perform WEVA to attack enemy ships.The fights between enemy ships usually depended on the how good the WEVA members where or good the aim of shields where. Overall, the UNSA made 13 with a casualties of two shuttles. The ASA made 14 with casualties of four shuttles.

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