signed and ratified, given access to colonize
  signed only
  given colonization rights to United Dominion of Tilkini
  given colonization rights to United Dominion of Mirkili
  wasn't allowed to sign/objected to due to Selenism
  didn't sign/ not interested in colonizing/ wasn't allowed to sign

The Space Colonization Treaty of 1990 successfully ended the Great Colonization War. It ended the state of war between the Selenic and Pro-Luna Powers. It was signed on 21 May 1990, though prepared several times before but was held back due to constant Selenic protesting.

Along with making the Selenic countries and their allies which had caused the war by paying reparations, it also enabled the top 9 countries with high tide, flooding and tsunami issues to be granted colonization rights on the two poles (Merkili and Tilkini), and let any country that wished to colonize Luna colonize Luna, who agreed to the terms below.

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The United Nations of Luna organization enforces many of these terms.

Countries that were allowed colonization rights had to agree to the following terms:

  • To take in the account of human rights and to assume that all native Lunar inhabitants are humans as well.
  • To ensure the Lunan Reserve doesn't get colonized.
  • To ensure the safety and to send of all Lunans that are not currently living in the reserve to the reserve.
  • To agree to let any safe and non-diseased Lunan live among the humans.
  • To agree to let all colonies have an equal right to conduct research on Luna.
  • To let any ethnic group live in the colony they choose.
  • To in no way enable humans and lunans intervene with each others development of Lunar technology.
  • To keep colonial barriers as they are, unless in the case of annexation. Also, not to colonize more land out of the weather zones (only applies the United Nations of Luna Coastal Issue Reserve.)
  • To ban altering the environment of Luna. (added 19 June, 2001)
  • To ban the use of fossil fuels on Luna and instead use Luna's vehicles that use superconductors. (added 19 June, 2001)

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During and after the treaty was signed in Paris, Selenic countries had criticized the treaty signing by saying that "the Selenics had no say in the treaty and how it affects [their] religion."