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The Soviets decide that taking Greece will be most beneficial to them. Since actual military intervention is out of the question, due to the inability of the Soviets to reach Greece, they send thousands of dollars worth of military aid and volunteers to Greece. The extra support allows the Communist guerrillas to seize control of Greece, although the original government relocates to Crete.

With Greece under Soviet control, the Soviets begin turn their focus to Turkey. Fighting a war in the late 1930's the Soviets conquer and annex Turkey, bringing the Dardanelles under Communist control. The Allies are angry about it, but with Germany under Soviet control, they are helpless to do anything. With Soviet access to the Mediterranean assured, they declare war on the Italian government, helping the Communists there to take control. they also finish off the Greek government on Crete.

Finally, the only nations left in Europe not under Soviet control are Ireland, England, and France. In America, communist guerrillas have taken over nations such as Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. With threats this close to home, the Americans decide that the Soviets must be stopped before the entire western hemisphere is subsumed by Communism. It is too late for containment, the Americans must take action before communism can spread further. How will the Americans stop the spread of the USSR?

Fund anti-communist guerrilla's, no matter what kind

Join the Allies

Go to war with the USSR and hope the Allies join in.

Created by: Azecreth 18:10, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

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