Previous Reich in Upheaval! (CYOAH)

With the Red Army prepared for an attack, the Union in need of an expansion, and riots breaking out all over Germany, Stalin decides invading them would be the only viable option. Thousands of soldiers, and hundreds of war vehicles march across the border of Germany and the USSR. With the Wehrmach busy attempting to suppress local rebellions, the soviets easily brush through the German border defenses and move into Germany. Protesters cheer as the Red Army sweeps into Germany, taking out the German forces attempting to defend the country, and the Reichstag is burned to the ground. A new capital building is established, one which houses the Soviet figurehead in charge of Germany, and the leaders of the rebellion that made the annexation of Germany possible.

Unfortunately for the Soviets, p1eople took the fall of the Nazis to mean that they can re-establish their nations as they existed before annexation, including Poland. This is problematic for the Soviets, as Stalin had decided that if Poland was to exist, then it would have a Communist government at the head. But now Poland has returned as a democracy. Fortunately, the Red Army is still in Germany, and could fix this problem if Stalin wished it.

Now Stalin is faced with another choice; the Red Army cannot dilly dally indefinitely in Germany; they must either come home, or use the opportunity before them, and take over Europe, which will it be?

Return to the USSR

Invade Poland thereby establishing a connection to the motherland

Invade France as it is the closest major threat

Jazon Naparleon 20:45, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

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