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With little stopping them, the communist juggernaut of Eastern Europe next focuses on Italy, wracked by Civil War sparked by them years before. However, Mussolini has been able to undermine the communist groups and their popular support, and had time to prepare secret fortifications along the Northern half of the nation, with nearly impenetrable defenses along the Alpine border. Diplomatic efforts to England and France are no longer rejected outright as they had been when Poland, Hungary, Romania and the other Eastern and Central European nations were taken over and annexed by the Soviet Union, but little is done to present a strong front against the Communists.

The Communist attack on Italy began in May 1940, but suffered horrendous losses trying to breach the northern defenses. The Italian Navy, unaffected by the Civil War, had been able to repulse an attempt for amphibious landings in the Communist strongholds in central Italy, which allowed the Italian army to crush the Communist insurgents. However, Communist U-Boats have been able to inflict heavy losses on Italian shipping, including much needed materials from Britain and America. British efforts by Prime Minister Chamberlain to end the war were rebuffed by Stalin, until at last Britain was faced with a choice: at last stand up with Italy against the Communists, or give up. What do they do?

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