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The Red Navy, ON the dark night of April 29, 1939, manage to sneak over 30,000 more men to Iceland, and in days launches a massive counter-offensive, shocking the Americans, and forcing US General Patton to commit suicide than be captured by the Soviets.

In Moscow, Stalin is thrilled. He now has all of Europe in his hands, and America will be easily conquered. That is, except the US Navy stands in the way. Roosevelt knows this, and prepares the navy for an assault unlike any they would have fought before: The French and British navies, now flying the hammer and sickle, easily outnumbers the Atlantic Fleet, because they cannot afford to take any more ships from the Pacific, with Japan quietly taking over the undefended islands of the former European powers.

What does Roosevelt decide to do?

All or nothing: engage the enemy!

Make sure the Red's can't get here.

Throw in the towel: we can't fight them.

Created by Tbguy1992 00:39, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

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