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The Weimar and Soviet armies engage each other on the outskirts of Berlin. The fighting rages for three days, with the fight going back and forth. In the end, Soviet numbers win the day, and the German army is shattered. the Soviets march triumphantly into Berlin. However, the German government had already evacuated to Hannover, and vowed to continue the fight. The Soviets triumphantly march through Berlin, and continue westward.

They encounter soft resistance, as the main German armies had been crushed in the Battle of Berlin. However, partisans are playing hell on the supply lines, and the Soviet High Command starts to worry that if they cannot win the war soon, then they will lose. They start pulling troops from parts of the country, such as Siberia, in order to protect the suppy lines.

The Western Democracies are truly scared now. They had hoped that Germany would have been able to defeat the Soviets, but instead they were defeated in detail. Time is running out If Gertmany falls, then the Soviets will be on the border of France. Who knows what they would do then! Shall we join the war and help Germany?



Created by: Azecreth 18:28, November 5, 2010 (UTC)

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