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The Germans do not know it, but during this entire process, the Soviets had been secretly redeploying their forces for an attack on Poland. Of course, Germany wasn't totally blind to the movement of troops, but they did not think that it was anything to worry about. Finally, the day came. The Soviet ambassador walked into the conference room, simply stated that "It is my regret to inform you that these proceedings must be terminated, we are at war again." Then left.

Soviet forces drove into Poland, brushing aside the unprepared Polish divisions on the border, and piercing into the country. the Polish were taken aback by the sheer numbers that the Soviets threw into the attack, by the end of the second week, Warsaw had been taken, and Lodz was under siege. The Germans hurriedly redeployed forces into Poland, but they arrived piecemeal and were unable to stem the tide.

The Soviets conquered Poland, although there was significant resistance, and moved on into Germany. By now, the Western Democracies were starting to get worried. If Germany fell, then the Soviets would be on the border of France. They began covertly shipping weapons to Germany, and financing the struggle. The Germans fought hard, and the Soviets started to make slower gains than normal. They were slogging through Prussia, moving toward Berlin, but the Germans were not yielding. The Germans are able to draw Soviets into a large battle, a full out struggle of armies. Who will prevail? The victory may decide the fate of Europe.

Soviet numbers prevail

German ferocity wins the day.

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